Tragic: The Gathering

Any successful trick has to have 3 parts; the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. The pledge is the set up. The turn is the performance of the trick. The prestige is the effect of the trick itself. While there’s infinite ways to go about these stages, one thing is tantamount: the trick while unbelievable on its face must be believed, even if only for a second. People must believe that one man travelled 50 ft in 2 seconds (in one door, out of another) or that the bird and the cage actually vanished with the bird reappearing behind the magician’s back. People must believe the impossible, they must believe the unbelievable. That is called hope.”

Teh Pledge.

Teh Turn.

Teh “Prestige.”


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when one talks about “the stupidest fucking guy on the planet” (by the way, tommy franks, nice legacy, and i’m not sure you should be casting aspersions on anyone else’s intelligence, but let’s set that aside because i’m all about hatin’ on our boy feith) you’ve pretty much started at teh Turn, IMO.

People in LA, i highly recommend the small room at the magic castle for superb examples of pulling off the three steps of magic. it’s extraordinary when someone does a pure card trick and you KNOW you were watching their hands the whole time and there’s no way they slipped that card under the seat of your friend.

as for watching these assholes lead us (and us * 100 iraqis) down the tubes, they mostly had to trick washington and new york elite reporters. it ain’t all that hard.


Further proof that these war-monger neocons will enage in all kinds of mental gymnastics to reduce the cognitive dissonance they experience when they momentarily realize that Bush’s holy war in Iraq was fucked up from day one. If all the convoluted “reasoning” fails, then they invoke the final argument: “Bill Clinton was worse.”


Please don’t make me read flopping aces ever again. I think the gist of the post was that the inspector general didn’t convict Douglas Feith (after all they are judge, jury and executioner) so umm, there were Saddam Al Qaeda connections or something.

Man, it seems every day you can find a wingnut more willing to jam his fingers in his ears and shout “la-la-la Saddam WAS Osama’s BFF” despite their own freaking government concluding the exact opposite.

I sincerely wonder how far around the bend they will be in a years time.


Fresh off his recent success in citizen journalism, Scott Malensek of Flopping Aces tries his hand at citizen gymnastics. Unfortunately, the vaulting horse is not as forgiving as Movable Type.


Teh Turn preemptively does away with the need to carry out any criminal investigation into Feith’s shenanigans. How devilishly sneaky!


Um, that’s about the stupidest trick in human history.

Whaddaya mean it fooled you?!


My name… is Michael Caine.


The Prestige is a vicious maligning of Paintballers, who at least know they’re not fighting a real war.


Oh, come on, there’s no prestige in having written an on-demand-printed paintball book. Though the fact that it’s actually been read by people who aren’t related to the author gives me a bit of a turn…


“one thing is tantamount”?

Paramount. One thing is paramount.

Saying “one thing is tantamount” is tantamount to saying “one thing is catamount.”


…whereas I meant “catamite.” Or maybe I meant “dy-no-mite,” per some
previous thread. Forget I said anything.


While reading Flopping Aces, my stomach did teh turn…


I say one thing is tantamount.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Catamount? Tantamount?
Are these anywhere close to the Miss-Peak that McCain was going on about in an earlier thread?


Easy to read, despite a few grammatical and typographical errors. Definitely reinforces the idea that many paintball players are “average” and not a bunch of loons.

Sadly, No….

Qetesh the Abyssinian

My name… is Michael Caine.

I am…that dude from the Moody Blues. 🙂

I was actually listening to Madness on the weekend. Felt I needed some, what with the death in the family and all. Nothing like a bit of bouncy British ska to brighten up the day.


Welcome to the House of Fun


Great post title Gavin.

Don’t miss the companion book: “50+ Ways to Play with Your Paintballs by Scott Malensek”


I love it when the Flopping Aces/Malkintent Smile-time Family Fun Hour Wingnutty Magic Troupe asks a member of the audience to write their favorite amendment in the Bill of Rights on a sheet of paper. After setting it on fire, one of them taps it quickly on her forearm and says “Look, this is what was written there to begin with” and sure enough on their arms, in very small letters, is “Whatever Bush says.”


I confess i watched the vaulting horse video and laughed … a lot. I’m a bad person.


Flopping Aces? Really? I’d read a reference to that once or twice before, and assumed it was a slighting reference to Ace of Spades. Sure, I suspect from the ginormous graphic that leads the page that it’s a poker reference, but cripes, really? Flopping Aces?

Is it any wonder the contents of the blog are without fail asinine?


Pam’s got a new “vlog” and she’s drunk for like, seven minutes straight. I think this one is the motherload.


I think the problem is teh shrieking harpy isn’t drunk.

Or drunk enough. I made it past Pammalammadingdong singing the Milkshake Song (oh yes she did!), but not too much further.


From the book description on Amazon (presumably supplied by the Scottster himself, or his publisher)

” … from the early days of single-shot breach loading pistols …”.

I swear, some jokes just write themselves.


Concerned commenters at Flopping Aces ask:
“What about Feith and HIS reputation?”

At least two high ranking officials have publically called him the stupidest man alive. How *will* he manage to rise to that level again?


Are you implying that experience in The Paintball Wars does not give the paint Ball Warrior deep insight into military intelligence?

I think the problem was probably that Feith didn’t have surveillance experience on the Paintball battlefields. If he had, maybe he would have been better at interpreting intelligence.


Love, love, love teh sockpuppet reviews on Amazon.


I see yall love my paintball books and have chosen to comment on them, but I also see that no one commented on the article. Wonder why no one could explain Feith’s crime (the crime the DoD determined had not been committed), or how he misled the Admin and/or Congress when the CIA presented theri “Iraqi Support for Terrorism 2002” rpt 48hrs later? Seems all ya wanna do is whine and complain and flame rather than discuss. C’mon, step up. I challenge any and all to explain how Doug Feith misled and tricked the nation into war, but I suggest you read the article first.
-Scott Malensek

The Annoyed Man

So far, what I’ve seen here in the way of responses is to attack the messenger, because you can’t attack the message.

Have any of you actually read Scott’s article, including the referenced links he provides? Do any of you have anything by way of intellectually rigorous comments to specifically that writing? Or, does intellectual laziness prevent you from exercising a little bit of discipline and actually offering some cogent commentary, either Pro or Con?

Geeze, people…. Rise to the challenge and tell us why you think Scott’s article is wrong. Otherwise, if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay under the porch.

Just my 2¢


Read the article above and follow the links. It explains everything.


“Read the article above and follow the links. It explains everything.”

Nothing in the initial article above or the 3 links explains how Feith could have misled the Bush Admin and/or Congress for more than 48hrs between Sept 16, 2002 and Wed, Sept 18, 2002.

Sorry, blame and flame doesn’t stand up.

Congressional Democrats said he acted illegally by drawing his own conclusions even though he wasn’t an intel agency, and then presenting them as though he and his office were an intel agency.

1) the DoD IG said he didn’t act criminally
2) the DoD IG said that he and his office acted inappropriately because forming conclusions was not in the scope of their office’s responsibilities, and they might have been misconstrued as an intelligence agency

Meanwhile, those very same Congressional Democrats who made the accusations (Sen Rockefeller, Sen Levin, etc)sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee, form conclusions on their own as if they were an intelligence agency, and present those false conclusions as though they were from an intelligence agency; the exact same “crime” they accused of Feith…a “crime” that is equally inappropriate for them as it is for him.

So pointing to conclusions presented by the Senate Intelligence Committee are as valid conclusions as those presented by Feith.

That’s why I point to UBL’s words, and to the CONCLUSIONS put forth by the 16 different intelligence agencies from before the war and after (ie, none-all cite a lack of evidence gathered).

UBL’s own words that tie the war with Al Queda to the war with Iraq

Or people can believe that Feith and neocons and a Free Mason cabal cooked it all up 3 years before W took office (as long as they ignore that ABC News was in on it too in 1998)
link to video of ABC News rpt


Mike B the Cajun

While reading these comments, I see a trend…

Make fun of the author… ridicule him and his conclusions… NEVER actually try to rebut the article with such things as links to the original document, as Scott does…

If I may make a suggestion… the tin foil in the hats go shiny-side OUT!!!



Lemmeseenow………Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Defense, and 16 “intelligence” agencies all refuse to investigate further the links between Al-Qaeda and Iraq, despite all the evidence of such links, new and old.

No American intel from inside either entity (Al-Qaeda or Iraq) for all the Clinton years and half of Bush’s first term.

Even so, during those years, Kerry, Clinton, Rockefeller, Levin, et al, ALL warned of the threat of Saddam and his associations with terrorists.

Given that these things are true, exactly how in the name of reason does it make sense to downplay those associations and that threat, POST 9/11??!!!!!???


I forgot.

Bush is a Republican.

The bane of all that is right and good, the harbinger of doom who must be demeaned, ridiculed, and marginalized — lest one be so abused oneself, as is often the requirement of an unruly mob seeking misinformed justice against those who allow their experience to outweigh the peer pressure engendered by media bias, in their consideration of events.

Such partisan manipulations require hypocrisy on the part of Democrats; political and economic ambitions require that reality be distorted to serve their interests; and victory against ANY enemy must fall victim to those interests, since even apparent defeat will ensure that Bush’s legacy will lie prostrate at the feet of history’s disgraced, to be flayed on the media’s whipping post at every opportunity……and at all costs.

Yes, that’s right……..all costs.


Flame and Blame. Seems to be all the folks here can do. Rather google the writer than discuss his comments. Rather cherry pick his booklist (paintball books are only 2/13 that I’ve written as well as hundreds of articles), then discuss the comments.

Amazing, but typical.

no one steps up. Hmm, what words would describe that?


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