No, we don’t think that’s it at all actually

Michael Rubin thinks it was a big mistake to go after Chalabi. Not only that, but he’s figured out why many people in the CIA hate him:

“The CIA hates Chalabi because he comes out with information they do not have and that later gets confirmed,” Rubin says.

Rubin, sadly, did not elaborate on what information Chalabi has provided that was actually confirmed. Presumably, he doesn’t mean any of the juicy New York Times stories written by Judith Miller.

Rubin isn’t just crazy though, he’s batshit fucktard crazy:

“The most virulent hatred of Chalabi comes from those who have never met him,” [Rubin] says. “Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] and U.S. military commanders in Iraq who have worked with the INC have given them stellar reviews.

Stellar? Sadly, No!:

Information from Iraqi defectors made available by Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress before the US invasion was of little or no use, a Pentagon intelligence review shows. […]

But the DIA review, mentioned in a leaked letter to Stephen Cambone, the under secretary of Defense for intelligence, makes clear that no more than a third of the information was potentially useful, and efforts to explore even these leads were generally unproductive.

Round II:

Among several defectors introduced by Chalabi’s organization to U.S. intelligence officials before the war, at least one was formally labeled a fabricator by the DIA. Others were viewed as having been coached by the Iraqi group to provide intelligence critical of Saddam Hussein’s rule. Internal reviews by the Pentagon agency and the National Intelligence Council this year concluded that little of the information from the group had any value.

Three strikes and you are out:

The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded since the invasion that defectors turned over by the Iraqi National Congress provided little worthwhile information and that at least one of them, the source of an allegation that Saddam had mobile biological warfare laboratories, was a fabricator.


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“…”The CIA hates Chalabi because he comes out with information they do not have and that later gets confirmed,” Rubin says…”

The confirmation he’s talking about comes from Judith (Magic 8 Ball) Miller, Wolfowitz and Perle.


My favorite line:

A spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad insisted in a telephone interview with Insight that the raid was not the work of the CPA, but had been ordered by an independent Iraqi judge.

“They wanted six or seven people for questioning,” the spokesman said. “I can’t tell you their names ? I can’t even get one Arab name straight.”

How sad is it that none of our people over there speak even a little Arabic?


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