Althouses Gone Wild!!!

Ann Althouse goes rooty-tooty on camera, and Crooks & Liars takes you there!

Above: The peroxide seeps ever inward.

[Commentary at Lawyers, Guns, and Money, and context chez Bérubé.]


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sadlyno! has been slower than frozen molasses to load since you switched servers. will this be fixed soon?


Hrmph, it seems like the DDOS fairies are also paying a visit to Berube’s new digs tonight too.


Ann forgets she is being recorded doesn’t she?

Ann also seems to not understand terms like ‘archive’ and ‘search’.


One day Ann Althouse will begin screaming and be unable to stop.


I was waiting for that scene from “Scanners” to be re-enacted. She was just about there..maybe next time here head will go all ‘splody and we’ll have heard the last of this harridan.


*her* head….

Where oh where has my Previewie gone?
Oh where oh where can she be?


first, wow.
just…. that was like a 1949 Cantemerle, Haut-Médoc, or a big kalichakra and ethiopian crossed with blueberry duckfeet spleef.

so, ann’s right wing beer goggles let her discern the nasty, offputting libs from the “warm, kind, inclusive” “individuals with eccentricities, who are much freer” at LGF. she likes to search the evil left for comments about herself? man, i will keep that in mind. what the fuck IS our problem anyway?

trex had some funny on this too.

now, what the fuck is up with the servers? they work a bit in the middle of the night, but during the day, not so much.
worse than the atari ever was from here anyway…


“she likes to search the evil left for comments about herself?”

You didn’t know that already?


That is not me! It is an impersonator! An imposter! Doppleganger! Fake! Clone! This is a perfect example of the vile, nasty tactics of the liberal bloggers! You are trying to make me look insane by dressing up Matt Yglesias in a blond wig and forcing him at gunpoint to blither into a webcam about boobs! THE BOOBS ARE AGAINST ME! Villains! Fiends! Rogues! I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE UPON VALENTI AND HER BREASTS OF TERROR!!!! Tremble before the mighty Althouse! Cower, I say! Traitors! ARghaggalfalfacornmuffin!!1!


Althouse above is right. That isn’t her. Rather it’s Honey Huan vs. Pearl Forrester.


Um, wow. I hope the health plan at her Uni covers long-term hospitalization.


Clearly we need an Atlas Pam vs Althouse Bloggingheads.


Clearly we need an Atlas Pam vs Althouse Bloggingheads.

I forget my Greek mythology; what happens when two Gorgons look at one another?


She looks kinda cute.


I believe it was the prominent centrist blogger Fidel Castro who once said, “Inside boob blogging, everything; outside boob blogging, nothing.”


I don’t understand why I, Ann Althouse, am not embraced by the hateful, identity thieves with whom, as a centrist, I, Ann Althouse, have so much in common, while the lovely, warm, and inviting wingnuts with whom I disagree about so much (give me a week and I, Ann Althouse, will come up with something) are so warm and inviting.

I also don’t understand why I, Ann Althouse, have only a temporary gig with the New York Times. Surely I, Ann Althouse, who knows better than to behave in unhinged ways in the blogosphere–which is, I, Ann Althouse, am at pains to add, what the left of the blogosphere does all the time, am worth more than the breast-bearing, Monica-Lewinsky like hordes who attack me, Ann Althouse. How dare Blogging Heads discuss the blogosphere!

Finally, I remain appalled that I, Ann Althouse, am impersonating me, Ann Althouse. Especially with this slower server…and still no preview button!


The below is not a parody of Ann Althouse. If you don’t believe me go see for yourself. It’s more embarassing than anything Pam Atlas has ever posted:

Ugh! There’s a game based on The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. I detest The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. It’s irritating to see the picture that’s “supposed” to have a caption, and then you wait and wait… for what? There’s no good caption. Everyone tries to “get” it, but there’s nothing to get. It might be okay if somehow the contestants transcended the task, but they never do. They just keep trying to get the nonexistent missing caption. It makes me sad. Now I’m okay again.

So she stares at the captionless cartoon waiting and waiting for the caption to just show up all of a sudden? She doesn’t get that magazines don’t have auto refresh features built into the paper they’re printed on?


Pay no attention to the boob behind the curtain!!!!!


Ann Althouse.
Ann Althouse.
Ann Althouse.



Still crazy after all these years…

Ann Althouse's Personality Disorder

On the off chance that any of you Ann Althouses are actually the Ann Althouse, I’d just like to be sure that you’re aware of the generous mental health benefits available to you as an employee of the University of Wisconsin system.

It’s seriously time to recalibrate our meds, Ann!!!

Herr Doktor Bimler

what happens when two Gorgons look at one another?
Don’t know… but when the Large Gorgon Collider in Geneva comes on line, at least we’ll know what happens when you accelerate them up to relativistic speed and bang them into each another.


That was the most seriously awesome thing I have ever witnessed. “Crazier than an Althouse rat” indeed!

One of her students

Ann Althouse is currently teaching at Brooklyn Law School.

I am one of her students.

Her classes are… entertaining. She moves and speaks like the caricature of the vaudeville ringmaster on family guy.

Oh, and she has made us hate the Constitution.


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