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Ok, Lefties: Why Are You so Silent, Now?
By Mark Noonan at 12:38 PM

As Captain Ed points out, Iran says they are going to charge the captured British sailors with espionage…even if they did go deliberately and with malice aforethought into Iranian territorial waters, they went in clearly uniformed as regular military personnel and thus cannot, under the Geneva Convention, be charged with espionage.

So, how about it, lefties – will you gin up some demonstrations? Make demands that Iran adhere to every iota of the Convention? Or are you just going to blame this on us?

Dear Iran,

We demand that you honor the Geneva Conventions, because contempt for these most honorable and civilized of international treaties puts you on a level with Mark Noonan and Ed Morrissey.

We are sending a ginned-up demonstration. Please accommodate the 30,000 2-3,000 or maybe 5,000 patriot-warriors angry Bush supporters who will be arriving to protect the captured sailors curse at people and wave anti-Pelosi placards.

Teh Left

cc: The Gathering of Eagles

PS: We almost forgot about this, and this, and also this.


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Geez, all we did was kidnap a few Iranian diplomats, who’d have thought they’d be getting all pissy about it.


OH Ed, how quaint!


For one thing: we can’t vote in Iran, so I doubt they’d care.

Second, and for the love of god, why does anyone have to mention this: WE are the good guys. THEY are the bad guys. No one expects the Bad Guys to play by the rules. We DO, however, expect the Good Guys to do so.

To bad there’s not some sort of international body that could be used to start some sort of diplomatic process to negotiate this down from crazy-land.

You know, a few weeks back, some Swiss Army guys wandered into Luxomburg or some POS country. THe reason that didn’t trigger WWIII ( an ACTUAL one, not a made up war-boner one) is because Switzerland and Luxomburg (or whichever) are not run by crazy people.

The sad reality is that we can’t trust either government over this. (Again, if only there were some form of international forum with which to bring in some impartial third arty to moderate…)
However, since Britland is in the process of pulling out, I’m more inclined to believe that they’re were not actually trying to start shit with Iran, and if they were in Iran waters (or even water disputed with Iran) then they fucked the pooch hard on that one.


This is very bad. “We are interrogating them”, coming from the Iranians, makes me sick to the stomach with fear for the hostage’s welfare. This is not good at all.

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PS: We almost forgot this.

Yeah, it could be they’re still pissed about those 4 Iranian diplomats picked up in Baghdad back in December.

But I was thinking maybe this was retaliation for the ones we nabbed from the Erbil consulate early this year. Or maybe the one we snatched off the street in February.

Hard to tell.


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I’ll update. This server nonsense should be fixed soon — seems to be DNS transition issues, which is fairly normal…

Herr Doktor Bimler

they went in clearly uniformed as regular military personnel and thus cannot, under the Geneva Convention, be charged with espionage

And here I was, foolishly thinking that because the Geneva Convention deals with “treatment of prisoners of war”, it might not be relevant here. On account of the absence of a war.


“And here I was, foolishly thinking that because the Geneva Convention deals with “treatment of prisoners of warâ€?, it might not be relevant here. On account of the absence of a war.”
I’m not Geneva expert, but I would assume that hinges on the differentiation between “acts of war” and “declarations of war”.
As is, SOMEONE, whether it be invading foreign territory or capture of foreign troops outside your boarders, committed an act of war. I don’t think that automatically means they’re now official at war, and thus the Geneva Convention may not apply. *shrug*

The server is still wonky, but it’s mostly timing out, not 503-ing.


I noticed loadtimes improved dramatically after 12am pst until about 5am yesterday. So far that has been true tonight.


There’s no war. So no prisoners of war. So no Geneva Conventions. Wearing a uniform doesn’t protect you from judicial proceedings or other punitive measures on a charge of espionage in peacetime. Otherwise, we’d simply send soldiers to Natanz and have them walk around with notebooks.


i’m trying to imagine the dissociative state that allows noonan to refer to the geneva conventions.
and failing.

i’m just posting because i can. refresh! refresh! this is great! i wish i understood the propagation of the DNS transition and all. hope it works itself out soon.


Ugh. Me too, I just can’t believe that anyone who supports Bush can criticize another country for not following the Geneva Conventions without their head exploding. I also love people suggesting Iran is not a democracy. Hey, we may not like who they elected, but it’s their country, after all, and their political process seems to be no weirder than ours, at the least.


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My problem with all this is that the US, EU and UN have been treating Iran terribly unfairly for a number of years now. They do have a perfectly legal right to enrich uranium. They do have a nuclear armed hostile state within missile range. They do have not one, but two of their neighbors occupied by a hostile american military. To expect them to sit down and shut up is not only unrealistic, it’s stupid. If you create this kind of an atmosphere with a regional power, you should not be surprised that they will fight you…



hmmm. considering that any US Citizen’s influence in Iran is pretty much NIL – wouldn’t it be somewhat more to the point for us to sign a petition demanding that the United States observe the Geneva Convention?

I mean, despite what the current Administration’s policy is?

also … re elindel’s ““We are interrogating themâ€?, coming from the Iranians, makes me sick to the stomach with fear for the hostage’s welfare.”.

how do you suppose elindel feels hearing “we are interrogating them” from the Administration regarding prisoners in Iraq, or in Gunatanamo, or in any of the various un-named Eastern European prisons to which we “Extraordinarily Rendition” them to avoid adhering to our own laws regarding the treatment of prisoners.

Oh, wait – that doesn’t count. cause, you know, we’re the GOOD GUYS.

I used to go to dance theater a lot, but now I can see more amazing contortions and quick-stepping just by watching the Administration. Aint nothing quite like self-righteous hypocrite- in-denial for fantastic soft shoe and tap-dancing ocne the spotlight’s on them, right?


JTG, check out elendil’s site, s/he’s long been outspoken against torture no matter where it occurs at her own site as well as this one.


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