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By the gods, I love Blogs for Bush. I love it more than I’ve ever loved anything, more than my family, my friends and all the girls I’ve loved before combined. I love it more than baseball, Stanley Kubrick films and Rogue Chocolate Stout. It is a love that is undying, a love that will go down in history of Great Loves, up there with Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, and The Editors and Barack Obama.

If you’re having trouble understanding my passion for this amazing website, look no further than this incredible post, penned by one “princella”:

Sean Hannity is amazing. That is the best word I can think of to describe him right now. I attended the Stars and Stripes Dinner where he was the guest speaker, and I must say that I wish every conservative could have heard his address. He encouraged us to remember that despite the criticism that seems to strike us from the left, we must still keep the faith.

Kiss me, beautiful! Make love to Bradrocket! He lies here waiting for you wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a leather thong!

Incidentally, here is what Sean Hannity said that got princella so excited:

The truth of the matter is that even when you’re right, it is sometimes hard not to loose focus. I am saddened and disappointed by the politics that the left is playing with war, social security, health care, border security, education, and fiscal issues.

My God! Those liberals are playing politics with political issues?? Forsooth, what devilry will they not stoop to?!!

I am disheartened that instead of forming policies that are in the best interest of the people, our fellow Americans on the left are shaping flaky, nonsensical, meaningless ideas that will do nothing to shape our future.

Whereas the Right’s agenda of saving Terri Schiavo, hitting on pages, starting wars with every Middle Eastern country and giving subsidies to oil companies was sending us off to a glorious, Jetsons-like future full of wonder.

Above: If the Republicans were still in charge, the future would look like this, but with more shit blown up. Note the hot man-on-dog luv, just like Rick Santorum would’ve wanted.

Neither our war nor our pocketbooks should be micromanaged. It is the beauty and essence of what makes our party unique and special. People should have choices about what to do with their finances. After all, it is THEIRS! And, they should expect that their homeland protected from international harm.

So basically, Sean’s point is that we should have lots of wars that we never pay for. That sounds about right to me. Anyway, let’s go back to princella:

Sean Hannity reminded us Thursday night of a great man by the name of Ronald Reagan who had the nerve and audacity to call the Soviet Union an evil empire in a time that was much before it would become popular to be a conservative, but he BELIEVED. Reagan believed because he knew he was right, and when you know that you are right, you can stand strong and hold steadfast even when it is not easy.

The crazy bum down the street from me similarly BELIEVES that the FBI is spying on him through a surveillance camera they’ve placed in his one remaining tooth. Sadly, I think he’s a lot saner than the average Blogs for Bush fan.

November 2008 is not here yet, but America seems really concerned about it, and I guess that’s okay. Still, I want to call on the conservative constituency to keep their eye on the ball, and while we need to concern ourselves with the future elections, we must still remember the tasks and issues at hand.

Therefore, I call on all conservatives to remember that our criteria for the 2008 Republican candidate should not simply be: “who can win in 2008?” It should be: “who stands for the same things we stand for?” Who will represent the interests of what is still a mainstream conservative America?

Who can ban gay marriage, give rich people tax cuts and invade Iran? Who, I ask?

It is my opinion that when we lose sight of that, we will open ourselves up to attacks both externally and internally. The question will be: “How can the Republicans have run on “X” issue and “X” moral stance claiming its importance and vitality for America, and now choose a candidate who doesn’t represent these issues and say that it’s now okay?” I don’t want to see our party go through the factionalized infighting that happens within the left.

It may seem unrealistic, but I believe that candidate will emerge.

I sure hope so. It’d mean that y’all bitches gonna lose.

I wouldn’t mind a resurgence of Reagancy. We seem to be searching, and that person I am sure we will find, but in the meantime, we must stay true to ourselves.

Word up, homez. Blogz4Bush gon’ keep it xtra reaaaaaaaaaal.


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Bring back the Reagancy!

(And finally, the Sadly, No! server hamster team has let me back in.)

I think there’s a Pet Sematary somewhere that just might do the trick!



It would be nice if you’d inform us from the start when the subject of the post is quite literally retarded.


No matter how I pronounce “Reagancy”, it doesn’t sound right. I would have chosen “Reaganism”.


I prefer “Reaganocity”.


How about “Reaganasm” or “Reagasm”?

Let’s ask Peggy (aka the other Noonan)!


My money’s on


What kept the Soviet Union going as long as it did was its ability to barely hang on justified by an insanely hawkish external threat.

Had the U.S. war hawks not raged about the world raping & pillaging so much of the 3rd world while blowing off any engagement, the USSR might have had its Gorbachev moment a few decades earlier.

Fuck ’em. Right now people are still doing this shit of crediting Reagan and the maniacs for ‘ending’ the cold war, but in a generation that’ll be gone.

Just like by that time, no one except the standard right wing paranoids will be able to deny that what gave power to Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia was the US carpet bombing from 1965 – 1973 which practically handed the rural peasantry to the guerrillas and drove the rice production down to nearly nothing, not books published by Noam Chomsky after Pol Pot took over.

Few other people in the world watching Reagan’s bloodletting throughout Central America and Southern Africa (and let us not forget, heartily cheered on by the Kinsley’s and Broder’s et al, who yet steadfastly believe that their tepid criticisms that it was a bit too bloody and slightly too illegal somehow counts as ‘opposition’) were fooled by the Saint Reagan crap.

These were the people, after all, who watched Reagan and Cheney try to undercut the ANC and Mandela as communists and terrorists so that their South African fascist friends could stay in power; work with the Israelis on weapons programs; invade and slaughter much of the rest of Southern Africa; and train and supply Reagan’s genocidal maniacs in Central America.

Not counting Reagan & Bush Sr’s brilliant Afghan mujahedeen program which led right to Osama bin Laden’s ascension and without which there would have been a secular Afghanistan and no 9/11.

The entire 1980s were a bloody mafia fest of illegality and murder by Reagan abroad and racist upper class subterfuge.

And these right wing piss bags like Hannity are really, really going to hate it, but it’s not their version which is going to be remembered. It’s not. Not any more than the old fucks which whined about FDR’s “Socialism” were remembered by anyone other than their freaktard network of subsidized liars.


Reagancy—is that like Bradgelina, as in Reagan + Nancy?

In any event, Reagancy is alive and well here in the America. Why, they just opened opened a new movie theater down the road!


Please let the GOP run yet another dim-bulb, feel-good, fake cowboy who can’t tell the difference between policy and slogan. The electoral crater he would leave would be visible from the moon.

Principal Blackman

I find the title of Princella’s post to be quite wrong. Ice Cube directed us to be true to the game, not ourselves. Gol-durn egomaniac!


Damn, I think Jeff Goldstein’s going to be done with his book before this page reloads.


Again with the faux Shakespeare:

“We seem to be searching,
and that person I am sure we will find, but
in the meantime, we must stay true to ourselves.”

Princella, by your leave, a moment, pray.
What “selves” can be upon that which you speakl
‘Midst wing-nut lunacy of highest kook?
Callst thou what Bush has wrought “conservative”?
O silly twat, ye know not ass from arm.

But stay, vile Hannity doth come anon.
To sigh and shed the phony salty tear.
Both sad and disappointed he, enough
To rend the heart of nit-wits such as you.

Come, fellows, gather ’round. We’ll tap a keg and see
What clown they choose to fain restore the Reagancy.

(All drink.)


Why do so many of these third-tier wingnuts write like they’re writing a love note to larry in math class? “Here, pass this over to larry”. Breathless, simplistic, disjointed and thoughtless.

Ok, so I finally get the new site to let me post a comment and I got nothing. We’ll see if this actually even shows up in the next couple hours…



please tell me you meant “Jonah Goldberg” there kingubu. I don’t think the world’s ready for “Faces I Have Cockslapped and Dogs I Have Fucked”. Unless he’s “writing a book” in the same sense that i’m “writing a book”

Innocent Bystander

El Cid-

Don’t forget to mention how Reagan-Bush led the fight to keep us dependent on Saudi Arabia/ME oil. Get rid of those solar panels and hot water heaters on the WH! Laugh at conservation! We were America, dammit. We didn’t need to think about the future. It was “Morning in America”, after all. How were we to know that Bush the Dimmer would bookend things with his “Evening in America” stewardship?


Darling! Of course it’s ‘Reagancy’. What other term is as close to ‘regency’?

If you really must insist, you may use ‘Reaganocracy’ instead! Or any of it’s derivatives: plutocracy, aristocracy…



Because I can’t say “Reagancy” George………

Herr Doktor Bimler

I want to call on the conservative constituency to keep their eye on the ball
Furthermore, they need to keep their noses to the grindstone, and their ears to the ground. Terrible things happen if you mix up your sense organs.

our criteria for the 2008 Republican candidate should … be: “who stands for the same things we stand for?â€?
There is something profoundly non-serious about anyone who uses ‘criteria’ as a singular noun. That is all.


Your site takes forever (like 5 minutes) to load since you did the upgrade. It’s almost impossible to use it. Not sure what happened but just letting you know.


Jeebus Haitch Christmas!!! Don’t Malkin’s Myrmidons have ANY kind of life at all? Oh yeah, silly question. Ever since you posted the bit about their ridiculous “Flock of Starlings,” it has been almost impossible to access this site.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Jillian said,
March 25, 2007 at 19:33

My money’s on

Sadly, Jillian, I fear you may be correct. It continually amazes me how the Reagan legend grows with each telling. I mean, anyone who was conscious at the time knew that Reagan wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box even before the Alzheimer’s set in, and was given to some very alarming statements which he cheerfully repudiated later. It’s not like Preznits need to be accurate or anything.

But these days, he’s worshipped like a combination of Moses, Babe Ruth, and Old Yeller. How can they claim that any of his ideas were any good? I’m fairly sure they White House staff didn’t let him near decision-making most of the time. Give him credit, the man was good at smiling and waving, but let him get involved in policy and all hell would break loose.

And these right wing piss bags like Hannity are really, really going to hate it, but it’s not their version which is going to be remembered.

Sadly, El Cid, I fear you may be incorrect. The US has been shitting from a great height upon other countries now for over a century, yet everyone still believes in the One True Light Of Freedom And Democracy and Keeping The World Safe For Ponies.

Ptchah. I spit them from my mouth.

MrWonderful, that was wonderful. The earth, or at least the blogosphere, moved. I feel I need a cigarette now.

I want to call on the conservative constituency to keep their eye on the ball
Furthermore, they need to keep their noses to the grindstone, and their ears to the ground. Terrible things happen if you mix up your sense organs.

Herr Doktor, terrible things may happen to anyone who has a ball on their eye, their ears pinned to the grind, while simultaneously having their nostrils ground down to a nubbin.


please tell me you meant “Jonah Goldberg� there kingubu.

I did indeed. I’d love to claim that it was confusion based on similar initials, or something, but really, I’m just a moron.

The world still waits for Jeffie’s “What He Really Meant: Authorial Intent, Cockslapping, Hemmingway , and How I’m Not Really A Violent Sublimated Homo (So Stop Asking Already)”.

Thank god.


our criteria for the 2008 Republican candidate should … be: “who stands for the same things we stand for?�
There is something profoundly non-serious about anyone who uses ‘criteria’ as a singular noun.

Ah, but isn’t that the mind-set? The serious wingnuts believe that everyone agrees with their POV. I think it’s a good idea to reinforce that idea because, for starters, it’s so massively unrealistic. Second, none of the GOP frontrunners are at all strong on that singular “criteria”, whatever it is. It’s kinda funny to hear them go on about how the Dems are in disarray when in fact it’s the GOP that can’t agree on much of anything anymore — even their core members on core issues. Be it global warming, Alberto Gonzalez, Walter Reed and the rest of the VA, Katrina recovery, the unitary executive, torture, Gitmo, borrow and spend… there’s no concensus within the GOP. They’re auguring into the ground. Too bad, so sad.


I suspect “Reagancy” is indeed the imagined bastard cousin of ‘regency’, a word beloved of the readers of paperbacks whose covers depict a hero with larger tits than the heroine, because it sounds so klassy. On the other hand, it could be argued that Reagan was a figurehead president, an incompetent in whose name various barons and queens of the permanent Repub kleptocracy wasted America’s people, treasure, and reputation in pursuit of their own ends — so perhaps Reagancy isn’t a bad coinage to sum up that low dishonest era.

I’d also bet that “princella” was a sock puppet, but I refuse to parse the minutiae of Wingnut Welfare Wurlitzer wanking sufficiently to distinguish the exact levels of grammatical error and logical incontinence of each player. As with the ‘nationwide’ vote totals for American Idol, I believe the conservative blogodump consists of a relatively few extremely dedicated “fans” whose fervor (and lack of healthier outlets for their obsessions) make up in volume for what they lack in number (and IQ points).


i know haha and all about the hamster server, but…do you guys literally have a commodore 64 running on solar power copped from a casio watch?


Not only is the Left playing politics with those issues, but they’re actually trying to create policies that might work to better serve people regarding those issues. For shame!


I don’t have time right now to read your whole post, but Blogs for Bush is certainly a great site. I read it every day. It inspired the name of our website.


I wouldn’t mind a resurgence of Reagancy.

Historians favor the term ‘Reagangrene’.


B4B is the Wesley to Brad’s Princess Buttercup.


Some Guy! Darling!

As you wish….




If you check out the most recent post, it’s a bizarre swipe at liberals over the Iran mess. Apparently, that can be politicized. What would Hannity say?


Some people just get starstruck, as pathetic as it looks in print. This Sunday’s Providence (RI) Journal had a piece about our governor being thus stricken by the Shrub.

The moral of that story was, essentially, that at least one of the people watching the naked emperor on the march REALLY DOES see clothing on his frame.


Brad, baby,

You really should check out Psycheout’s blog. It’s just as funny as Blogs for Bush without that distracting veneer of sophistication provided by Margolis’ East Coast education!

But I’m just a liberal who can’t take care of myself no matter how hard I try!


Maybe we can have a Reagancy regency!


Please let the GOP run yet another dim-bulb, feel-good, fake cowboy who can’t tell the difference between policy and slogan.

I believe Fred Thompson has already announced.

Mr. Wonderful, you rule. That totally made my day.


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