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Hello again (for the 10 people or so who saw the new site with a single post) and welcome, for you are now accessing the new site. Ooh, exciting. It can only mean one thing: business.

Or try this.


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This seems very partisan!


Because partisanship has no place in the highly polarized world of political blogging. If this is a new template, then it looks the same as the last one, except there are no graphics at the top. What happened?

On the more serious matters:

I was working on an article about Pfc. LaVena Johnson until about 3:30 this morning, entitled “Unsung.” I’m also trying like hell to get it linked on Buzzflash.com (it hasn’t generated much interest on Buzzflash.net, either).

Like Waveflux says, this isn’t a local issue any more than Iraq. We need to be screaming about this unbelievable miscarriage of justice from the fucking rooftops. I’m not asking people to frontpage it on their blogs (although that would be nice) but to at least read the piece, sign the petitions, watch the videos and read the news stories to which I’d linked. This isn’t about anything as crass as getting hits. I seriously think we need to help put pressure on the Army to reopen this investigation and writing to Sen. McCaskill, the various representatives from Missouri and signing Waveflux’s petition (which still has less than 1460 signatures) is essential.

Think about having to bury your 19 year-old daughter and still not achieving closure because powerful are lying and saying that she committed suicide when the evidence plainly proves otherwise.


Stop the war, and let me off – I’m tired of going round and round.


Some may have to flush their DNS cache in order reach the new site.
You might want to add these instructions to your announcement.

At a command prompt type: ‘ipconfig /flushdns’


I’m here. Who wants gum?



Reason #2,476 why it’s a good thing I’m single….

I did some rearranging of my shelves today, and squeezed out a little more bookshelf space by putting some stuff in storage this afternoon. So I decided to delve into the pile of books that’s built up on the far end of my bed and try to get them shelved. Please note that I’m not talking about the floor at the foot of my bed – I’m talking about on the bed itself, down by where my feet sleep.

I pulled thirty books off the bed. They’ve been there for a few months now – mostly purchases over the last year or so. I’ve reached the point where I can’t share my bed with a person because I’m too busy sharing it with my first true love. I just have NO space left for books left ANYWHERE, so they end up in the bed with me.

No point to this; just thought I’d share one of the weirder personality quirks I’ve developed. I think I’m well on my way to becoming an action figure of some sort or another.


Once again, the Preview Button got lost in the move.
Will no-one (except Gonzales) think of the children?


Oi – There you are!

Does this make me one of the 10?



Better to be that one than this one. My friends gave it to me after I got my last cat.


The “new” site seems very slow to load. Or is it just me, way up here in Canukistan? heee.

Norma Rae Althouse

There, now I’m number 11. YOUR POST IS NO LONGER VALID!

Herr Doktor Bimler

I just have NO space left for books left ANYWHERE, so they end up in the bed with me.

That’s a worrying tendency, if you’ve read Fritz Leiber’s “Our Lady of Darkness”.


Fritz Leiber. Saved my life a number of times. Doesn’t matter how crazy and violent shit is getting all around you, fall back inside and ask yourself “what would the Gray Mouser do?” Maybe nothing more than a mental trick, but the mouser had a way of bobbing and weaving and coming out, well, if not clean, alive. And that was some life’s rules that Leiber gave me when I thought I was just reading stories. Wow!



The “new� site seems very slow to load. Or is it just me, way up here in Canukistan? heee.

Nope, happening here in Salt Lake Citistan, too. Must be something about us living in the backwaters.

No 503s, though! Yay!


I hope that hamster is resting in peace.


Those transputer t800-20 processors are looking mighty impressive compared to the 486s that are supposedly running the new Sadly, No! workstation.


working here in solid blue arkansas, too. why do 503’s hate america?


I’m just gonna offer you this for your listening pleasure while you wait for Sadly, No to resolve. I’m watching the highly unlikely UCLA/KANSAS game on the TV…


a different brad

I had to use a proxy to get anything to load. Tryin to get to the site normal-like gets a cannot connect message. Is that a normal part of dns updating n such?
Seems odd to me.


I’m in Atlanta in the very red state of Georgia, and just had to endure six hours of “quality time” with wingnut relatives. And these are some real wingnuts, let me tell you. Here’s what I learned today:

1. If we do a Dresden-style firebombing of Tehran, it will show Teh Brown People that we mean business.

2. Terrorism is only a problem because it was ignored by two presidents– Clinton and Carter. Carter!!

3. The mainstream media has a liberal bias, except Fox, which is the best and most honest news network.

4. Hurricane Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to New Orleans. This is a direct quote.

5. Europe will soon be overrun by Teh Brown People, because they’re a bunch of pussies who don’t care about terrorism.

6. If you fell down in the street, Hillary Clinton would just as soon step on you as help you get up. George W. Bush, on the other hand, would help you get up.

7. The American people will hate John Edwards for staying in the 2008 race.

8. John Kerry lost in 2004 because of Theresa Heinz Kerry’s big mouth.

9. Rudy is invincible and will be the next president. He’ll carry every state in the Northeast.

10. The American people need to support George W. Bush, because he is the president, and when Teh Terrorists see other Americans attacking Bush, they are emboldened to commit more acts of Teh Terror. It was okay to attack Clinton, because we weren’t “at war,” even though we really were at war and Clinton was just too dumb to know it.

That’s a lot of stupid to have to endure in one day. This is my second cousin, who is 60, and his wife, about the same age. I love them, but God, they are the most cowardly, easily duped lemmings I have ever seen in my life. They live in a big McMansion in hellish, lily-white suburbia. They have two kids: one a sweet but dorky 31-year old son who is presumably a virgin and not coincidentally a big O’Reilly Factor fan. Their daughter, however, is cute, successful and has great social skills, and is a liberal. There may be hope for us all.


There is no Sadly…


There are also other changes going on, some of which y’all might be very happy with.

And these would be…?


oops. don’t want to start a tag problem.


The site’s loading a little slowly for me, too, but that may be due to my 300 baud acoustic coupler.

JK47 – you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you sure can’t pick your relatives, eh?

Reading Bob Altemeyer’s – “The Authoritarians” explains a lot of that behavior/mindset for me.



Are the pages of the spanky new site loading more quickly for me? Sadly, no!


RubDMC, I’m sure you probably saw it, but Dr. Altemeyer and John Dean (who used Dr. Bob’s research extensively for his Conservatives Without Conscience) were hanging out and answering questions earlier today in the comment section of this diary over at dKos.

Good stuff, worth checking out if your didn’t see it.


1. If we do a Dresden-style firebombing of Tehran, it will show Teh Brown People that we mean business.

I think the world appreciates that business is meant, but is also fairly certain that America’s way of doing business will leave it naked wearing suspenders and a barrel.


Ann Elkhouse said,

March 24, 2007 at 18:12

This seems very partisan!

Also, the new server’s Ann Althouse is broken.


To quote Olson John, nevermind that shit. A cat playing the piano.

Little furry bastards will be taking our accordians from us next.


“To quote Olson Johnson”…

Dammit. Blazing Saddles reference. Even double-checked that I had the right Johnson. Dammit.

a different brad

The new server finally let me in.
Now who wants hash?


Thanks for pointing me to that, yer highness. I’d a missed it otherwise.

That dynamic duo also made an appearance at FDL one Sunday a while back. Are they on tour together or something?

Herr Doktor Bimler

Little furry bastards will be taking our accordians from us next.
They’ll get my accordians when they take them from my cold…
Wait, I hate accordian music. Carry on, little furry bastards; confiscate away.


We have an Anne Elk Sighting!

I, too, have a theory.


Man-I took that “Anti-Troll” script out for a little test run, and-

I like pie!

Uh… where was I? Oh, yeah– that “Anti-Troll” script for GreaseMonkey, and-

I like pie!

Er, yeah, right. Well, it’s amusing, but I sure wish Safari had a extendable architecture like Firefox, ‘cos overall, I prefer using Safari.
On to another topic, the new site seems to be loading a bit sluggishly, though more reliably than earlier this afternoon. Presumably, tweaking it is an ongoing project.
So, Good Night, And Good Luckâ„¢… you East German, commie, pinko bastards you!



i’m born again! slowly!

was that cat playing harry partch?

u.s. highball – a musical account of a transcontinental hobo trip”

no sample of “The Cogniscenti Are Plunged into a Demonic Descent While at Cocktails” unfortunately.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I like me some Harry Partch. Bring on Barstow.


herr dok, mister hilter sends his regards.

“i am retired window cleaner/pacifist without doing war crimes”


I’m part Hungarian–does that mean I have to like this?


[…] As Speak the Hungarian Rapper might say, business. […]


Goddamit- So I have your promise that will not happen again?


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