So, are we supposed to feel guilty then?

Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog has the latest from the Every Sperm is Sacred crowd:

Catholic World News Editor Cites Acceptance of Contraception as Leading to Current Gay Unions Situation

Phil Lawler, editor of the Boston based Catholic World News and author of five books and numerous articles, has responded to today’s beginning of legally sanctioned homosexual unions in Massachusetts. In his Phil’s Forum for today, Lawler lays out the case that Christians themselves are to a large degree responsible for this logical outcome of the acceptance of contraception.

You just can’t make that shit up. And he has more!


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Every time you use contraception, God creates a homosexual.

doghouse riley

Phil’s Forum notes that up to the early 20th century, “the practice of contraception was almost universally regarded as an aberration”.

Sadly, No! This is a favorite of the anti-choice crowd, but contraception, abortifacients, and abortion were widely and openly available from the Colonial period to the antebellum era, and the drive for prohibition had little if anything to do with the sanctity of life; it was a backlash against the naiscent women’s rights movement, with an assist from the growing power of the AMA and other professional medical organizations. Abortion and contraception materials and information were banned by the Comstock Act of 1873.


contraceptives go back to the Romans at least. The british term “French Letter” ,is said to be derived from condoms from england where they were legal,sent to Louis of France,( the famous one can’t remember the number}, in the diplomatic pouch, as letters to the king.


Y’know, the statement ain’t quite as crazy as it sounds, although Lawler is an odious toad for the way he means it. But logically, part of the (fortunate) change in attitude that has allowed gays and lesbians to be accepted is the breaking of any necessary connection between sex and procreation — i.e., thankfully, most of us now accept sex as the pleasurable, wonderful gift that it is, without thinking it’s only justified if you’re out to make a baby. And thus, contraception, and the acceptance of it, was one of the first and most tangible manifestations of that change in attitude. Legally speaking, too, the line of privacy decisions that (eventually, and not in an unbroken line) led to the overturning of sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas began with Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court case outlawing restrictions on contraception. And as a gay man, I say hallelujah for the change.


Ooohhh, I like that he calls them “homosexual unions“. No, you odious toad (tm Glenn), they are MARRIAGES.


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