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Iraq Steps Up Anti-Israel Boycotts

  • Whose crazy idea was it to liberate the Iraqi mongrel sand niggers?

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“This doesn’t make any sense. Mike, hand me my calculations. Oh here it is, ‘breach hull, all die.’ I even underlined it.”


‘The single biggest mistake the US made in Iraq was not imposing a government free of shari’a law, and free of this kind of sickening Arab antisemitism. If we had treated imperial Japan with the same lackadaisical, “assume the bestâ€? attitude after World War II, we’d still be enemies today.’

Good thing that back then, the US wasn’t being run by a bunch of hard core right wing lunatic fantasists who imagined that their delusional dreams of how things happen in occupied nations lead to an explosion of ponies and pots o’ gold.

Instead it was led by hard-headed realists who understood that their high-minded proclamations would be completely undercut by ignorant commitment to unreality and failure.

And that’s not to say I don’t disagree with many of the decisions made by this postwar liberal – conservative coalition, just that back then there was some degree of understanding that occupation shouldn’t just be run by the nutbags.


Heh. I hadn’t noticed LGF’s “disclaimer” on their comments before:

Comments are open and unmoderated, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Little Green Footballs. Obscene, abusive, silly, or annoying remarks may be deleted, but the fact that particular comments remain on the site in no way constitutes an endorsement of their views by Little Green Footballs.

I’m sure the legal powerhouses that run the site will feel safer the first time one of their brownshirts sets some homeless minority on fire for laughs…


Yeah, I get it. Anti Semitism. Like Suzette Kelo hates her some New London Development Corporation. Can’t even begin to understand where all this amorphous anger might be coming from. Umm, unless your mind is not only closed, it’s condemned. Huh? Oh yeah, right, it IS…



i know it’s oblique to bring up based on this post, but damnit if i don’t hate howard kurtz more than anyone in the commentariat. what a fucking maroon.

Acme Anvils & Safes, Inc.

“This doesn’t make any sense. Mike, hand me my calculations. Oh here it is, ‘breach hull, all die.’ I even underlined it.�

I just fell off my chair! You, sir, are a GENIUS!

Principal Blackman

an explosion of ponies

Wait a minute…exploding ponies! That’s how we’ll defeat Izlammyfashizm! Lucrative no-bid contracts for all!


LGF probably added the disclaimer after Glenn Greenwald pointed out the hypocrisy of the LGF owner, bitterly complaining about HuffPo commenters wishing Cheney was killed while his own commenters said the same thing about Carter.

Of course the disclaimer doesn’t lessen the hypocrisy at all.


Arab anti-semetism? Every time I go there I die a lttle inside.


Cognitive dissonance is a bitch, isn’t it?


The single biggest mistake the US made in Iraq was not imposing a government free of shari’a law,

Wait a minute. So they’re saying that what we should have done, after invading a country on the pretext of “liberating” the citizens, a majority of whom have been oppressed by a dictator on the basis of their religion – is to outlaw the religious law embraced by all those oppressed citiziens?



Also known as the Coulter Doctrine.


They really love the sound of being “conquerors” and just HATE having to pretend to be “liberators”. (too close to lib?)


Appears as though LGF has redacted the comment. In their defense I can imagine someone trolling over there and posting such sentiment with ironic intent. I don’t believe the random comments of extremists on any blog should be fodder for criticism of the blog itself.

I’m also surprised no one picked up on the cut-and-runnery that led off the article in question:

Why are Americans fighting and dying to support this disgusting behavior?


LGF goes to prove that while you cannot be right all the time, it is possible to be dead wrong on an amazingly consistent basis.


In the case of LGF, the blog itself is sufficiently idiotic.


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