Today is the day we jump to conclusions!

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page finds yesterday’s news sarinific:

The media all but closed the books on the WMD story once it wasn’t found in “stockpiles” quickly enough to vindicate the Bush Administration’s case before the U.N.

When it wasn’t found quickly enough. Because as the President said:

But for those who say we haven’t found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they’re wrong. We found them.

Right. Moving along…

We’d put more stock in Gazi George, a former Iraqi nuclear scientist under Saddam, who told Fox News that he believes the weapons were either buried underground or transported to Syria.

Who is Gazi George? Thanks to Geek Like Me for a summary:

Gazi George has been in exile from Iraq for twenty years. He lives in the Detroit area now. See this link.

Extra Credit to the WSJ for big conspiracy theory 1:

Keep in mind that, before the Iraq War began, U.S. commanders feared Iraqi use of chemical and biological toxins so much that they required chemical suits for their invading troops. To our knowledge, none were ever used.

To their knowledge? WTF are they implying? That the suits were used although no weapons were? Or that the weapons were but that it remains a secret?

Do you like big finishes? Well then, the WSJ has one for you:

But just because we haven’t found everything that the CIA anticipated doesn’t mean it still isn’t a threat.

If by everything you mean very close to nothing then yes, we guess we haven’t found everything.

Bonus points: Gazi George has also appeared on CBS, where he had more tales to tell:

He [George] fears that Saddam will attempt to use some of his illegal weapons stores soon. “On the level of chemical and biological, I believe that these weapons are distributed to his forces in the field,” he says. “This is why I think they’re either going to be used or the U.S. soldiers are going to discover them.”

George is getting upset!


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Chalabi should be punished for all of this!


Is it just me or does Gazi George sound like a strange Iraqi version of George Costanza?

Gazi George: “They’ve got shells, Jerry! SHELLS!”

Chalabi Jerry: “What’s the deal with that? I mean if they have mass destruction inside, isn’t that more important than the shell part? Why aren’t they called ‘insides.'”

Mr. Rumsfeld: “Serenity Now!”

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and Chalabi Jerry opens it to find a pudgy white-haired man.

Chalabi Jerry (clutching fist): “Cheney!”

Cheney: “Hel-ooo Jerry.”

Chalabi Jerry slams the door in his face to wild applause and laughter from the studio audience.


But just because we haven’t found everything that the CIA anticipated doesn’t mean it still isn’t a threat.

Okay, “xenophobia” confirmed as the driving force of the conservative psyche. Any other psychoses we should know about?


In 2005: We took matters to locate Gazi. He was in a Federal Prison for dumping 1 MM of hazardous waste into the Detroit storm sewer system. He should be getting out some time this summer. I spoke with the District Attorney who convicted him and the Assistant Warden where he was held. The Warden explained that he was not under work release and was not allowed phone calls.


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