Can we at least collect $5?

Trying to Grok offers:

Ten bucks you won’t hear about the sarin-filled IEDs or Saddams atrocities at Abu Ghraib on the TV.

As to the former, Sadly, No! offers: CBS News (text and video, ABC News (text) and NBC News (text, with link to video featuring well known hater of freedom and America David Kay.)

Bonus points — Google News:

Results 1 – 10 of about 1,510 for sarin iraq. (0.17 seconds)


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You should get the whole $10. Trying to Grok offered to bet $10 that you wouldn’t hear about A “or” B on the TV. So proof that A was on the TV suffices to win the bet.


Make sure the welching bastard pays you in cash.


You’d have to give it back in two days time when the lab tests come back negative for Sarin, as they have the past fifty times we’ve been down this road.


ten bucks says this Grok person is a moron.


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