Who am I? Where am I?

Last week we commented on something we’d read on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Frankly our visits there are quite rare — we find that reading the incomparable SullyWatch is a much better use of our time instead. But this morning we were bored and made a quick stop at the Daily Dish. Oh my.

Ponder this: If you were asked to guess Sullivan’s (or any other similarly inept rightist blogger out there) “solution” to the recent bombings in Turkey, what would it be? Send more troops to Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban and al-Qaeda? (For real this time, not pretend eliminate like 2 years ago.) Help the Turks apprehend those responsible? Make sure that Iraq gets better sooner rather than later? Or would you say: “Oh I know, the EU should let Turkey in, because that would, uh, well, it would, you know, let Turkey into the EU and that would mean, uh, you know, that Turkey is in the EU.” If you guessed the latter, please go to the service counter to claim your prize:

Now is surely the time to bring Turkey into the EU and to reassure them of our solidarity.

Note the comical use of the pronoun as well — “our” should be taken to mean the EU’s, an organization the right usually considers to be the creature of transnational progressivism, that mythical beast rumored to exist in the hallways of the European Commission. We bet that it would take anyone interested 30 seconds to find countless criticisms of the EU by our American friend Andrew Sullivan. But now, the EU (i.e. them, the Europeans) must let in Turkey into its ranks to show “our” solidarity. Looks to us like someone just hired Rush Limbaugh’s former maid — that Oxycontin is powerful stuff.



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