Moons Over My Pammy

Who, I say who, is responsible for this?!


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Great Flying Spaghetti Monster!

I can’t help but note that the youtube references one “NTodd”. This renders the question of “responsibility” totally moot.



I didn’t do it.


I don’t know who’s responsible either. But that Bolton moustache was itchy. I, uh, imagine. Because it looks itchy.


A good effort, they got in the Bolton luv, and did a good job of mimicking her style of “making up playground doodie-head nicknames” for people.

However, she is CLEARLY not drunk enough to really channel the spirit of Atlas “Social Services Nightmare” Shrugs.

Next time, i would humbly suggest you really focus in on two major aspects of Pam: One, pick a group (preferably political in nature, but just fly with whatever tickles your fancy) and explain, in obtuse and incomplete detail, why they’re secretly helping Al-Qaeda (or mix it up with Hamas or North Korea.) to destroy America. And two, really bring a flavor that every who isn’t you (or John Bolton) is is mentally, spiritually, culturally, physically and genetically inferrior to you.

Oh, and you need better lighting. Over sized cocktail was an excellent touch.


everybody’s a critic.

[reapplies ice pack to forehead]


I admit I was halfway through before I realized it wasn’t her. It wasn’t annoying me enough, so I started to get suspicious.


As long as it isn’t an ice pick, WT.

P.S. I would have subtitled that one, “Sieg Heil, Bushler!”, but then I flunked subtle 101 in college.


Better lighting was one of our self-critiques.


It’s like being in Bogota, New Jersey — but actually not.


I like the crappy lighting. It’s part of the low-rent quality.


NTodd is right, showing how important it is to get the opinion of a completely non-involved, disinterested bystander when dealing with subtle, technical videography issues …


It oozes this Eve 120 menthol cigarette from a Teaneck, New Jersey italian restaurant where the menus have big red velvet tassles vibe ….

I like it !!!


I can’t work under these conditions. I’ll be in my trailer.


Whoever edited this should win an Oscar. Same goes for the cinematographer.


My moustache is falling out. I don’t know why?


Is that Ntodd’s mother?


My moustache brings all the wingnutz to the yard.

That’s right, it’s better than yours…


My electrum gilded Dagny Taggart helmet coiffure would have lit the entire scene, obviating the need for additional lighting …

Smiling Mortician

She’s not insane enough, of course, but “diplomacy out the wazoo” was a nice touch.


Since the real Pam is already a stereotype on steroids, she wouldn’t be hard to mimic. There’s nothing subtle about the real Pam.

That said, perhaps Elaine May emerged from retirement. It’s that good.


Jesus, is that you, watertiger?

What’s the squealing in the background?

A touching tribute to John Bolton, which the real Atlas liked so much that she called Shoe a “mensch.”


That was pretty funny. TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. If she busted out the 6 footer baloney sub with party toothpicks I would have lost my mind.


I mostly can’t watch the Pammy vlogs, but THIS is hilarious. Can you do one weekly? Or with the JB appearance have you used up teh funny?



I’ve seen porn videos with better production values than that one. I’ve learned this through vigorous and extensive scholarly research, and things of that nature.


I am kind of curious about the genesis of Gavin’s recent obsession with breakfast at Denny’s ™…



What’s the squealing in the background?

A bratty child, for the full Atlas effect. We couldn’t pay any of them enough to appear.


Great stuff, but it really needs more disturbing manipulation of small children. Preferably a nine year old being forced to mouth off about the Dhimmicrats.


If any of you had any decency you would all be thanking Ambassador Bolton right now for all of the work he has done to defend you, your families and all of the world from the threat of terrorists. He is one of the greatest if not the greatest ambassador to the United Nations of all time.


the book was better.


Whoever is pretending to be Shoelimpy, stop it! Even he isn’t THAT delusional. It is just not nice at all to put such stupid words in someone else’s mouth like that.

Reveal yourself and apologize.


I’m all for the crappy lighting, and the “aquarium” rules.

Also phat moustache.

I bet you would have a hell of a fun time with a better microphone.

I say this not to criticize, but to encourage. For me to criticize low-rent blog videography… yeah. Not so much.


Freakshow. That’s how I refer to Pam from now on.


I’m afraid Carmella Hayersprai doesn’t do it for me the way Pamela Geller Oshry does. But that’s just me.


Well done! Well done! Brava! Bravo! And bravi, as it were!


Miss Shrugs has respect for Mr. Bolton because he had the balls to stand up to one of the most corrupt organizations on Earth, the United Nations, and fight for truth, justice and the American Way. Miss Shrugs is a good person who is trying to fight against and expose evil forces who are doing everything in their power to destroy you, me, and every person who believes in freedom on the face of the earth. The fact that you would attempt to mock her (and i do mean attempt, here, the video above is so pathetic that even SNL would be ashamed of themselves) just shows how wrong and deluded you are about the state of the world today.


Don’t forget the Martians, Mr. Limpyâ„¢. We forgot Poland once, remember?


Stop it, fake Shoelimpy! You are killing me!

But even though it is funny, it is mean to mock people in such a manner. Real Shoelimpy will come back and he will feel bad that people can think he is that dumb.

On behalf of SNL, I would like to apologize to the real Shoelimpy for the conduct of some of the contributors.


Now THAT’s the real Shoelimpy!

You just can’t fake that kind of pomposity!


Both Shoelimpies like pie, and I support that.


If one believes that the belief in freedom, the belief in truth, the belief in liberty and the belief that one has the right to live as one sees fit is dumb, then Donut one can only conclude that yes, Shoelimpyâ„¢ is dumb because he believes in all of these things, just as our Founding Fathers did, when they made them the founding principles of this great nation that we live in.

As for Saturday Night Live, their lack of humorous content is well known, especially by themselves. On behalf of lovers of good humor everywhere, I would like to apologize to those who have hoisted the above shown video monstrosity for the fact that we think it sucks. We hope that we did not hurt your feelings.


Shoelimpyâ„¢’s views on Mr. Bolton and Miss Shrugs are well known. In fact Shoelimpyâ„¢ made an excellent video in memory of Mr. Bolton’s service which Miss Annie linked to before, featuring Miss Shrugs. That video can be seen here:

Miss Shrugs was so appreciative of the effort that she made a rare appearance off of her own blog to post on Blogging Points thanking Shoelimpyâ„¢ for the wonderful video, as Miss Annie also mentioned above. You can see the link again below. I mean, really.


Oh, man, that’s COMEDY GOLD, fake Shoelimpy! Comparing your beliefs and intellectual contributions to the Founding Fathers, that is hysterical!

But, c’mon, you’re overdoing it. If real Shoelimpy doesn’t think SNL is funny, then he could go to one of the many very humorous conservative blogs, such as the Fox News site. I mean, why would you go to a humor blog if you didn’t think it was funny? It makes no sense.


Why do people watch SNL in the first place? Why does Chewbacca live on Endor? There are many unsolved mysteries of life.

However, I think your understanding of Sadly, No! is sadly, mistaken. Sadly, No! is not intended to be funny but is rather designed to jealously snipe at those more successful than Brad and Gavin.


Sadly, No! is not intended to be funny but is rather designed to jealously snipe at those more successful than Brad and Gavin.

That supports my point. Why would the real Shoelimpy spend so much time at such a place?

It makes no sense.


Shoelimpy is not funny. Everytime he comes on I have to point that out to you people. Saying that Shoelimpy is comedy gold is going against my word, Donut. Why would you post here if you are going to disagree with me?


Little in this world makes sense, Mr. Donut. Once you understand that you will be on your way towards the path of true wisdom.


If it walks like a shoe, talks like a shoe and smells like a shoe, it’s Shoelimpy. So let’s all agree that this is the real Shoelimpy and stop calling him comedy gold. Please.


Little in this world makes sense.

I know that, fake Shoelimpy. It certainly explains all the people pretending to be Shoelimpy. There is only one Shoelimpy. And that is annieangel.


One could ask why you must so continuously ignore the topic of the thread and instead troll those who are seriously trying to comment on the topic of the above post. After all, one would assume that is the purpose of coming to a blog: to make comments about posts made by the bloggers. To act as you are doing, well, it just doesn’t make much sense, does it? Which is the problem with your entire reasoning. While trying to point things out as nonsense you are creating nonsense yourself, thus creating a never-ending spiral of nonsensicality until at some theoretical point (I won’t go into the exact mathematics of determining this point here, it would take days to explain even in laymen’s terms) the universe will burst into a bubble of nonexistence thanks to the virtue of its own incontrovertible contradictory nature.

Since we can also assume that this is not your purpose here, I think it would behoove us best to take in stride the nonsensical nature of human behavior and move past this point so that we can once more discuss the content (or lack thereof) which was provided in the main post of this thread.


One could ask why you must so continuously ignore the topic of the thread and instead troll those who are seriously trying to comment on the topic of the above post. After all, one would assume that is the purpose of coming to a…

Yeah, that really sounds like me, Shlimp.


Gavin, why are you trying to speak for me? I mean, really. Get a life.


It should sound like you, Gavin. Since I mean, it is you, isn’t it?


How many fake Shoelimpys can one thread take? I count at least 16.

And I don’t think any of them are annie.

What are the odds?


What are the odds that a couple of jokels could make a really bad parody of Atlas Shrugs and have everyone thinking they are creative geniuses?

4,281,397,222,859 to 1? Just a ball park estimate.


a really bad parody of Atlas Shrugs

What’s this Atlas Shrugs thing? I never heard of it.


About the video – the character says “champagne,” but the glass screams “Manhattan.”

Which is it, really?


Excuse me…I hate to intrude on the Great Fake Shoe Debate of 2008,
but I think someone upthread mentioned something about pie.

Is there going to be some or was that fake, too?

Fake Pastry

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Shoelimpy does not, however, believe in freedom, truth, liberty, or the right to live as one sees fit: it just believes in the belief of those things.

the universe will burst into a bubble of nonexistence

Technically, that should be “the universe will collapse into a singularity”. Know your physics before you attempt the jump, Limpster.

About the video – the character says “champagne,â€? but the glass screams “Manhattan.â€?

I think that was a cunning and subtle dig at the sort of pinhead who’d put champagne in a martini glass. Problem solvered.


An award must be created and awarded to that video.


About the video – the character says “champagne,â€? but the glass screams “Manhattan.â€?

Well, it’s a martini glass, and Manhattan’s are just as often — if not more frequently — served in a rocks glass. But I agree, drinking champagne from a martini glass would be idiotic, since it would go flat even faster than it does when served in a coupe. But then, if you’re tossing the bubble back as fast as I suspect Pammy does, there’s really no time for it to lose it’s fizz, is there?


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