Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ye Dirty Feckers

This one goes out to the foul-mouthed leprechaun living in Ann Coulter’s neck:

God he has shit teeth.

Also, I’d forgotten until recently that the Smashing Pumpkins were really good before they started sucking. Here’s the evidence:

Discuss. And have a good night. I am about to go out drinkin’.

UPDATE: How could I forget this bit of teh funny:



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Hysterical Woman

Ahem. The Irish are overrated. Discuss.

(I’m just pissed I haven’t gotten any beer yet)


Oh please. Ever been to Ireland? They’re by far the nicest folk in Europe.


I’m drinkin scotch, but the pot I’m smokin is green, and I am gonna roast some potatos later on. Scariest of all, my ancestry is mostly Irish and Welsh. But what the feck. Erin? Go Braless!!

Paddy O’Furniture


Oh, and Bradrocket? I was thinking about you earlier today when I was out running errands in shorts in the 85 degree sunshine. Hang tough out there, m’man…



Speakin’ of Grandma Murphy, Happy Saint Paddy’s Day, alla youse!



Discuss. And have a good night. I am about to go out drinkin’.

Heh. I started that process about 11AM, with the Columbus, Ohio St. Patrick’s Day parade.


If you think those teeth are bad, you obivously haven’t seen what they look like many years later in “the shane macgowan story”.


Heh. I started that process about 11AM, with the Columbus, Ohio St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I was gonna go to the ANSWER SF march, but I had some, well, let’s say intestinal issues that caused me to decide that it was a bad idea. So it’s just me, the music and the NCAA. Somebody kill me now…



tha’s teh Irish Spirid, mikey!! FECK! ARSE!! DRINK!!! GIRLS!!!


Had shit teeth. Shane hasn’t had a tooth in his head since the late nineties.


Obviously you’re not feelin’ the irish–the correct term is SHITE teeth.


Actually, based on my Irish friends, they would likely say “Wee Shite Teeth”..

Just Sayin…


aunt bea traven

ya feckin’ sinners! yer supposed to celebrate the glory of Ireland, not dunk yer feckin’ faces in pints of watery cheap green mass-produced american feckin’ psuedo-beer !!! do ya think the turds at L’il Green Feckrags are swilling feckin’ barley-pops and dancing on a saturday night? no, they are toasting irish history with Big K citrus soda and speaking with feckin’ admiration of episodes of irish bravery. like the time eamon de valera sent birthday greetings to adolph hitler. the L’il Feckrags are surely green…with feckin’ envy! feckin’ begorrah!


Umm, we’re gonna need a couple stretcher bearers for aunt bea. She’s an early casualty, let’s make sure the El Tee writes her up for a bronze star…



Even if you can’t make any of the SXSW shows you can listen to a lot of the starving bands and stuff here.


The only good thing about the Pumpkins is that they finally stopped annoying people with their whiny crap, which freed up James Iha to go rock out with Perfect Circle. Nootch.


Seriously, Billy Corgin is like Eric Cartman doing Shania Twain.


Dear St. Braddy O’McBradrocket,

Delightful! Seeing Shane and his little pointy freak-teeth reminds me of the joint rendition of “Fairytale of New York” we did over New Year’s. Now that was one of the more delightful times on recent record. Very fun indeed, and you and Justin were perfect. You know that I like to come in here occasionally and slightly embarrass you, and today is no exception. Look at the fun:

(deleted picture of me drunkenly singing and playing guitar… sorry, abby, but I’d prefer not to have my image plastered over the Internets)

OK, bout to watch the rest of the vids. SP were awesome for a long, long time.



Ahem. A poem, by Mojo Nixon.

“Shane’s dentist don’t work too hard, always at the pub.
Shane says he ain’t comin’ back till they’re down to a nub.”

I saw him do that for like ten minutes at SXSW once. It was pretty cool.

Any of y’all ever been to Savannah on St. Patrick’s Day? If you like drinking until mental retardation sets in, do check it out. I went once and I’m told I had a helluva good time.

I don’t drink anymore and therefore I’m avoiding the Gaelic-inspired shennanigans going on downtown. However, the Dope Fairy visited this evening, so it’s all gravy. Y’all have fun and be safe.


May all your snakes be driven over the edge by a flute player.


When I was growing up in the part of the Bronx where Paul O’Dwyer was referred to as “City Council Rep for the IRA”, March 17 was regarded as Amateur’s Night. Keep in mind that St. Patrick was actually a Frenchman who’s mostly credited with introducing the idea of religious celibacy to Ireland (possibly the origin of the “driving out the snakes” legend). Not that the Bhoyos stayed out of the pubs that night, but it gave them the annual opportunity to beat up on the tourist instead of each other. (I’m one of the people who watches Rescue Me for the nostalgia value, so YMMV.)


Oh yeah. Mojo Nixon is a one man entertainment machine.

I’ve got a piece of John F. Kennedy’s head
I keep it in a jar beside my bed.

Except when he had Skid Roper with him on the Ozarka water jug. Then they were like a two man entertainment machine.


There needs to be far, far more Father Ted on this blog in general. Ya feckin’ gobshites.


I just wanted to pass on this invitation posted in the comments of the Gathering of Eagles blog, who are reporting 5000 anti-war protesters turned up and 30000 gathered eagles were there to stop them…

“Y’all should go check out the Moonbats whining about today’s STOMPING by the Eagle turn out!!!
It is worth signing up for the blog to witness their implosions!!”


Anne Laurie – I hates to disagree with ya lassie, but Patrick was Welsh – kidnapped as a boy by Irish slave traders and taken there to be raised where he later escaped.

But either way, I think it’s teh funny that Ireland’s most vaunted saint isn’t even Irish! Never you mind, he’s still a great excuse to raise a pint of Guinness (c’mon, that’s what the real boyos are drinkin’).



Most patron saints aren’t from the countries that they patronise. Our St. George was either (modern-day) Syrian or Israeli, depending on whose version you read.

We don’t even celebrate our saint’s day, *pouts*


Oh please. Ever been to Ireland? They’re by far the nicest folk in Europe.

My wife and a friend of ours are in Ireland right now, and they’ve already been robbed three times.


Except when he had Skid Roper with him on the Ozarka water jug. Then they were like a two man entertainment machine



Ever been to Ireland? They’re by far the nicest folk in Europe.

Fuck you, we are! And we’ll kick the shit out of any arsehole that says otherwise.

Scandinavians – the nicest folk in Europe, or else…


Just listened to “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash”…. regarding the comments posted above about Shane’s poor dentition, would rilly like to know (help me out pleez!)

when they say “Shite” is it just spelled that way, or does it rhyme with “blight”?

(in case i ever get over there, don’t want to be considered a murikin baboon)

==>in my perfect world, there would be fake bad-teeth dentures you could wear over your real teeth to test people’s sincerity and depth of character. shane couldn’t get a date on gaydar.co.uk the way things are so shallow now (no matter how much lashing, drinking and buttfucking was involved)


It does indeed rhyme with “blight”.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Scandinavians – the nicest folk in Europe, or else…



What is it with the UK’s obsession with dirty vicars? Not that that’s a BAD thing really.


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