Only slightly less inaccurate than The Onion

Start here. Enter a good friend’s name. Magic follows:

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of Amber Pawlik, but soon people all around the world will be talking about her and watching her naked on the Internet!

Amber Pawlik will be the star of her own all-free / all-the-time adult web site showcasing her wild sexual desires that can no longer be contained, supported only by advertising revenue. Amber Pawlik looks like your average woman, but she says that she’s been living a double life of wild sexual exploration.


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Well she did complain that you didn’t pay atttention to her…


Sent this to a friend with her name in the link. Yeah, dont do that. She didnt appreciate it. But I did make it better by putting my name in the car crash one. She appreciated the vicarious revenge and all.

On the other hand, it works great for a friend who used it on someone who slept with her boyfriend.


does “wild sexual exploration” now mean just having it?


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