I know my calculus…

Tim Lambert finds someone else who needs remedial math tutoring:

So let?s see. We have some coffee at 60 degrees and add an equal amount also at 60 degrees. Georgia tells us that the mixture will have a temperature of 60 degrees. So far so good. And that adding the two temperatures doesn’t give the right answer. Let?s see: 60+60 = 120, which is not the right answer. OK. And that ?dividing that number by two doesn?t give you the average temperature either?. Let?s see: 120/2 = 60, which, err, is the right answer. I don?t want to be too harsh here, but I think your average eight year old could figure out that if you add a number to itself and divide by two you get the original number back again. But this was too much for Georgia.

And where did Tim find this Georgia fellow? Why, Tech Central Station of course!


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Woops! Pretty pathetic. This numbnut was opining on the nonexistence of global warming. This brings to mind the idiot Republicans who were making fun of Al Gore for the supposed gaffe of giving a speech on global warming on the coldest day of the year! Obviously, the occurrence at any time of a very cold day proves that global warming is bunk! Funny how these folks won’t even entertain the possibility of global warming unless it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet they are absolutely certain about the existence of their invisible friend in the sky despite the absence of any evidence for Him.


Wht the hell is Tech Central and why should I care?


Tech Central is part of a special preferences program for wingnuts. If you put “free market solution” in anything you write, they’ll publish it.


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