Well then, the Cardassians will just have to watch out!

As we returned to the offices of Sadly, No! on Thursday, we promised to resume mocking mentally retarded Canadians. (Note: Try searching for that on Google.) Well, we deliver what we promise. The internet’s most beloved mentally retarded Canadian, one Adam Yoshida, never disappoints. Let’s stop by for a visit today as he has words of warnings for the universe’s savages and primitives:

Yes, Indian cultures were “destroyed” by the arrival of Europeans. To this I say: so what? Of what practical use were they to humanity?

Sure you think — this is par for the course for our fellow Canadian (the horror!) Adam. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

This is an important point to consider because we are on the verge of an age of great space exploration. The cult of Indian victimhood, if it is allowed to endure, is very likely to deter our descendents from simply displacing by force alien primitives they might encounter on some far away and Earth-like world. It is only though the re-interpretation of our history (or, more accurately, the re-re-interpretation of our history) that we can make it clear to those who come after us that they have a sacred duty to conquer and civilize the lands of primitives. It would be the height of folly to abandon useful land for the sake of a few scattered tribes. [Emphasis added]

His name is Adam of Borg…


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This is what Orson Scott Card’s “Ender” books are about. Ender, as a child, wipes out some extragalactic “bugs.” Then, hundreds of years later, he helps reestablish them in a new planet. Card, when talking about his personal politics in today’s world (particularly the Iraq war), sounds uncomfortably like Yoshida?full of rage at anyone who disagrees with him. But his fiction is highly nuanced. Sometimes I wonder that Card can manage the dissonance.


Of what practical use were they to humanity?

“Humanity” includes all humans, so by elementary logic, it includes Indians. So Indian cultures are of use to humanity because they are part of humanity. Yoshida, being illogical as well as moronic and racist, doesn’t realize his question only has meaning if one assumes Indians aren’t human. I doubt even he is as moronic and racist as to believe that.


He is, Dr. BDH, HE IS!


He is, Dr. BDH, HE IS!

Maybe he is… and maybe he is!


Is it too strong to hope Adam gets scalped sometime soon? I mean, what practical use is he to humanity?


When my people first arrived in North America they bought their land from the Dutch government which had purchased it from the Iroquois. The Iroquois had a confederation and understood about land ownership. They sold the bottom land along rivers because of the periodic flooding, and the Dutch understood about managing floods so everyone was happy.

The life of the Iroquois was better than the Europeans who settled in the same area because they had more understanding of local farming techniques.

They had language, culture, art forms, all of the hallmarks of civilization.

The Europeans were coming to the end of a period of religious warfare that had killed a significant portion of the population, central Europe had been devastated, and spending had been focused on warfare.

After the Europeans landed there were a whole series of wars, rampant disease, and widespred acts of outlawery that had been absent. The Europeans just didn’t seem to undertand how to honor their agreements.

Given the facts, Adam’s conclusion seems an odd departure from reality,


It’s somewhat comforting to know that not all of the whacked-out right-wing retards are relegated to the ‘red’ states!!! Or is it???


Jesus H. Christ.


Wow. Where do you guys find these people?


Wow. Where do you guys find these people?



Adam’s conclusion seems an odd departure from reality

Adam’s entire blogging output seems an odd departure from reality.

The Mind Bomber

This fuckrag needs to read Jared Diamond’s The Third Chimpanzee. Not only does he give a capsule summary of what would become the thesis of his Pulitzer-winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel – the explanation of how geographical luck through history is what allowed Europeans to conquer the Americas, and not vice-versa* – but he has some warning words of wisdom for all the fools who think it would invariably be a good thing should we meet up with aliens from a different planet. Of course, Mr. Touched By A Retarded Angel seems to assume that we will always have the edge in technology…

*so perhaps one shouldn’t be too cocky in assuming that one’s own culture is naturally superior, and that others are worthless.


Scroll down:

“The only thing worse than the whining of subversives, seditionists, and traitors about the treatment of Iraqi detainees and al-Qaeda prisoners is the hand-wringing that we?ve got coming from various weak-kneed and limp-wristed commentators on the right who express their pathetic fears that America has lost its ?moral credibility? as a result of a few pictures of activities no worse than those carried out by many high school football teams.”

“The second option is total war. This, in fact, is the option that I would prefer, even today. The President orders a total mobilization of all American forces (combined with a draft) and begins a systematic campaign to physically destroy the sources of our enemies? power. Nuclear weapons are used freely against targets of convenience.”

“A vote for John Kerry is a vote for al-Qaeda. A vote for John Kerry is an expression of support for the killers of innocents and the murderers of thousands. That?s what a vote for John Forbes Kerry means.”

(below a picture of a naked Iraqi prisoner about to be set upon by dogs)
“To this I say: so what? He certianly looks like an adult and is almost certianly a member of the resistance. I hope he died.”


Iceman, George Bush is the best thing to ever happen to Al-Quada, asshole.


gus – I don’t agree with him, you fucking idiot, I’m quoting Yoshida’s blog.


To point out that he’s sick and unhinged, not just clueless like someone like Amber Pawlik.


OK, you have my vote. Primitive alien species in remote worlds? Is that, like pygmies or something? Mentally retarded Canadian indeed!


Wow, the moral development of this guy is impressively low.

“they have a sacred duty to conquer and civilize the lands of primitives. It would be the height of folly to abandon useful land for the sake of a few scattered tribes.”

I wonder if this justifies China’s invasion of Tibet?


Your frequently expressed contempt for Yoshida and the mentally challenged would have more zing if you used the word “retard” instead of the formal term “mentally retarded.” You know, why say “Joe Liberman is as two faced as an infant with a cleft lip” when you can say “Joe Liberman is as two faced as a freak with a cleft lip?”


So, if Adam isnt using his property in a ‘productive’ way, we have the right to force him out of it and use it in a better way. According to his rules.

I say we strip mine his living room.


While I think it could argued humanity as a whole may have benefited from manifest destiny I don’t think that conquering makes a culture manifestly superior in any way other than militarily, I mean there were uncivilized native american tribes with slavery and human sacrifice (particulary prevalent in what became the American Northwest) but slavery as an istitution became far more widespread after the Invasion not before, in addition it is not logically appropriate to argue tht something which occured in the past is superior because of the consequences today- a logical fallacy in arguments such as Slavery isn’t all that bad after today’s African-Americans have a much higher standard of living then native Africans, in effect one could be saying that a completed Holocaust would have been a noble goal because it would have elimated a current source of ethnic tension.


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