Dan Riehl’s Prurient Interests

Uhh, is Dan nostalgic? Bitter? Did he watch too many times and take too seriously that Van Halen video?


Marcia Amsterdam: Teacher Of The Day

It’s sure starting to look that way, given the arrest of Emily Streb yesterday.

Marcia Amsterdam, 30, has been charged with raping a 13 year-old male student in her Brooklyn class.


Emily Streb Special Educator Extraordinaire

That’s the word, though I’d let this one play out, owing to any possible issues with the 16 yr-old special education student.

However it does look like the police did their homework … along with everyone else in this case.

She’s a music teacher … let me guess, not a soloist – organ? or skin flute?


Let’s See …

Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Auto Shop, Print Shop or Meat Shop … take your pick. Things sure have changed. Sixth grade? We didn’t get to take a shop until 7th grade when I was in school.

Indianapolis – For months it’s been a well-kept secret. But now Warren Township Schools confirm a disturbing case of sex in the classroom. The illicit activity has parents concerned and a district at a loss for words.

We link, snicker, and blockquote; you decide.


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dalton periphery

“skin flute”?!? does he sub out writing his crap to 6th grade special-ed
students, or is he one himself? Damn, that is some cherse arrested-
development there.


Is there a political angle to this or does Dan track sex predators in his spare time for fun?


Did he watch too many times and take too seriously that Van Halen video?

I didn’t know Van Halen made a video for “Eruption.”


One imagines high pitched giggles coming from Dan’s room as his mother walks by the door, stops, and softly knocks. “Dan?….Dan?…what are you doing in there?”

Furious rustling of clothes….



Oh, so that was Dan Riehl I saw in a white pickup at the school bus stop…


hot for teacher


So, for the record, Riehl is just like Fark, only with less-developed foreign policy ideas?


Notice the NY Post article on Streb leads with a “A beautiful blond” teacher, i.e. “Oh my God how has a WHITE woman descended into such barbarism?” Must have been the special ed student’s fault. I’ll give $10,000 to the person who finds a Post article that mentions “A beautiful brunette teacher”…


Not one word from Dan about Male teachers diddling their charges. Also, the WNBC page gives us a slideshow of 21 teachers found guilty of sex crimes— 21 female teachers.

Is it just not considered newsworthy these days when a male teacher fucks his students?


One imagines high pitched giggles…

No, no, no I don’t, nagannagodere…


So the geek kid in “Hot For Teacher” grew up to be Dan Riehl? Who knew?


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