Johann Hari thoroughly annihilates Mark Steyn, exposes him as a racist paranoid who hates Muslims but has a powerful penis envy of Islamist authoritarianism’s methods. He also demonstrates Steyn’s atrocious record at prognostication, which is important since the Wingnutien’s America Alone is marketed as a prediction.

What a beat-down. Read it.


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Good Lord….some of the things Steyn is saying sound like they came straight out of one of Mein Kampf’s jeremiads about teh Jews and the failure of Liberal Germany to stand up to them.

Max Boot’s latest deep thoughts in the LA Times are a riff off this “America Alone” theme, too – only not set in the future. You see, we are fighting the GWOT alone, because none of our supposed allies have the will to fight it.

Poor wingnuts are feeling sooooo alone lately. I think we should give them a hug, or possibly a Care Bear or a Teddy Ruxpin doll. Something to fill the void inside them.


Mark “Rhymes with Whine, Not with Stain” Steyn is the journalistic equivalent of a gay-basher: He desperately wants to enjoy the “perversities” he attributes to all followers of Islam — the unchecked license to sideline women, abuse political enemies, murder or intern anybody who disagrees with his slightest whim — and yet his upbringing leaves him incapable of admitting his own desires. The reality that the vast majority of Muslims have nothing in common with the bogeyMusselmen populating Steyn’s fevered imagination is as unimportant as the fact that the vast majority of gay men don’t spend all their time humping each other indiscriminately when not stalking tender little children to rape and murder.

My prediction is that by 2020 Mark Steyn will be a Koran-carrying member of the most anti-modern “traditional” Islamicist group he can find. Or that will have him. But he’ll have plenty of old friends, including at least one of the current top-ten fundamentalist preachers, a handful of Townhall apostates, and either Antonin Scalia or Rudy Giuliani.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Wow, I thought Steyn was just a bit of a git, but looking at some of these quotes, I think you’re right, Jillian.

There are three strategies Islam deploys against a dying West: first, demography; second, conversion; and third, the murky ‘intertwining’ of modern technology and ancient hatreds.”

I didn’t realise Islam was a creature. Cunning beast, it must be, if it’s doing all those things. Fiendishly cunning.

[Removes alien antenna headband] Honestly, what the buggeryfuck is wrong with these people? I’ve actually met folks who believe this sort of shit, as though humans who believe in Islam are not quite human. What do these people think, that Muslims hatch their young out of eggs and eat white babies, or something? What is wrong with these people?!?

[Collapses onto chaise longue, fanning self]

“The Muslim critique of the West – that we’re decadent vulgar narcissist fornicating sodomites – is not without more than a grain of truth,” he writes, saying that the destruction of Europe’s feminist and gay rights advances wouldn’t especially bother him.

Oh, of course. So the Muslims are right about everything else, but they’re Muslim, which is a problem? Farking right wing religious nutcases.

“The state has gradually annexed all the responsibilities of adulthood – healthcare, childcare, care of the elderly – the point that it’s effectively severed its citizens from humanity’s primal instincts, not least the survival instinct.”

Jesus wept. Adulthood? This tit talks about adulthood? Wanker. Complete and total, unadulterated, distilled tosspottage.

Hmm. Let me just check my primal instincts: Food? Yep. Shelter? Yep. Fear of big toothy things? Got. Sex? Sadly, not got, but got instinct. Hmmm. Anything missing?

Jesus, what a plonker. Honestly. These people sometimes make me so mad I’d like to grab them by the collar and shake them, delivering a tirade such as I once delivered to an undergrad student who was a total tosspot (engineering. What more need be said?). Oh, I didn’t grab and shake the student. Turned out not to be necessary: he was quiet as a wee mouse from then on. Sometimes the Gods Of Rant give one gifts.

Sorry for all this rantfest. Sometimes they just get to me, y’know?



Jillian said:
I think we should give them […] Something to fill the void inside them.


Nah, too easy.

Ok, now I got to the actual column:
Alcohol is already banned in the Netherlands and Denmark.

Europe’s “white” population (a label he initially shies away from, but later embraces) is having fewer and fewer children.
Our (conservative) Minister for Family and Consumer Affairs went on record this week saying people should be birthin’ mo’ babies. Our administration’s parliamentary support, OTOH, the racist fuckwits in the Danish People’s Party, have been claiming for years that the reason “real” Danes don’t have more children is that they’re bled dry by taxes to provide for the swarthy, heathen layabouts and their burkaclad birthmachines.

Enough of this shit, I’ll go get drunk now. Toodles!


Only another hundred or so articles like that and Hari might make up for his pro-war wankery.


“Sorry for all this rantfest. Sometimes they just get to me, y’know?”

You don’t understand, Planet Steyn is just so different and weird that normal rules don’t apply. It’s still beyond me that anyone takes him seriously.


A good substantive beatdown is a wonderful thing to behold.

I’m also a fan of the “fuck you, you fucking fuck!” style of book reviews.

Incontinentia Buttocks

And remember that noted moderate® Joe Lieberman has been touting Steyn’s America Alone recently.


I think it’s great that some people are calling elements of the left on their lack of adherence to humanist principles in the face of Islamist bellicose rethoric, and argumenting that Europe needs to reform and effectivize its sluggish and obsolete economical status quo… No one needs those weak-willed, naive elitists that run away from issues regarding the political influence of a religion that has not evolved sufficiently since its beginnings.

But no one needs Steyn, except those addicted to dichotomy, struggle, masculinity, moral fervor/conviction and supreme smugness – not surprisingly most people embracing his latest, em, leavings are objectivists, conservatives, militarists and the “I get off on screaming ‘bitches’ about powerful women when they are not around”-phalanx of the LP.

What I find most disgusting is that Steyn arguments that the problem is secularism, since this obviously spoils the women rotten (or unfertile,but to people like Steyn rotten and childless are synonyms as descriptors of women) with equality and pluck. In short, they get uppity. However, birth rates in Northern Africa (where the insidious scimitar-wielders hail from) have gone down lately, as has natality in socially conservative but capitalist countries in Southeast Asia…

All sociologists that are looking at European demographics are optimistic but recognize potential factors that could deepen the divide – people like Steyn and his ilk in Poland, Great Britain and so forth are one such factor.

Steyn, who once recommended ‘doing the math’ in one of his global warming-denying pieces, could enjoy this exercise…

Sweden – decent birth rates, women are not hopelessly locked down in christian mores and unpaid labor when giving birth, immigrants vote for the more individualist, anti-welfare center/right alliance and are employed at high rates. As such, our decadent social programs can continue.

Germany – One evil socialist daycare center position for every 10 children, 4 out of 10 women enjoy their god/nature-given position outside of the job market. Yet, aryan women in Germany do not breed as well as scandic women! What the coitus!?

Could Steyn do the math for me? I can’t do basic logic after 18 years in the Swedish socialist school system. I asked Steynin person and all I received was the incessant, loud insistence that a muslim stood right behind me, wielding a flaming sabre, having wrapped my mother in cloth, stoned my father, impregnated half the girls in my class and taken my job while I was busy looking at the facts. Can’t argue with that.

verplanck colvin

Shorter Mark Steyn:

I’m pissed at the mulsamofasicts because they are carrying out their plans for makin’ lots o’ babies, enacting prohibition, eliminating the welfare state, homosexuality and feminism before we could…


I’m starting to think that all passionate belief or action that presents itself (even to the person promoting it, let alone others) as based on *principle*, begins in projection.

That’s a lot of p’s, but still. Why care about something at all? The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. So what hooks these people in in the first place?

Steyn (if Hari is right, and I’m happy to think he is) “hates” the Islam he warns against because he’s half in love with its rigor, its “seriousness,” its “unslatternly” standards for women, etc. Hence Anne Laurie’s astute prediction, above. Not to mention homophobia, etc., blah.

Every wingnut rant about “the left” working to subvert “our liberty” comes from people who can’t wait to subvert the liberty of others.

Which, okay, isn’t news.

But then what in me, or others here, hates these people? Which I so do. What do I secretly or unconsciously love, or maybe envy, in them?

Well, I dislike their…you know–“values” and stuff. But “dislike” doesn’t inspire one to read and write like we all do here. I dislike lima beans, too.

But I hate their lying. I hate their deliberate, witting falsification of things in the service of themselves. I hate what I take to be their conscious bad faith.

Why? I think because I wish I were that aggressively self-asserting. A part of me thinks that it doesn’t matter what you do, that you can behave badly and be a complete self-promoting liar and, at the end of the day, sleep like a baby. George W Bush will probably never suffer a moment’s remorse at his completely wretched life–so why can’t I take advantage of THAT principle and…you know…Get More?

Obviously there’s an answer to this, and it starts with, “Because I’m made of more than that. Whereas that’s basically all of what Bush, and Steyn, are
made of.” This is, after all, why we go into therapy and learn what we learn.

I see we have to stop. Same time next week?

Herr Doktor Bimler

Our (conservative) Minister for Family and Consumer Affairs went on record this week saying people should be birthin’ mo’ babies.

The people most vocal about the need to pump out the babies often turn out to be childless themselves. I’m thinking of Oriana Fallaci, for instance. We need more aryan babies… preferably borne by someone else; my own time is better spent writing propaganda than serving in the trenches of demographic warfare. Is there a term for this?

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Is there a term for this?

Hypocrisy, good Doktor?

Herr Doktor Bimler

There should be a more specific word for wanting to narrow the Reproduction Gap by enlisting other people’s uteri… something analogous to Chickenhawk. “Cuckoo” comes to mind.



WOW is right.

The image of Steyn created by this review is very strange. He is like some kind of crazy personified contradiction. Hating the Muslims that he feels threaten his society. But hating the liberalism of his society, and united with many of the people he hates in that hatred of liberalism. His type of person is practically designed to sow chaos.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

I think ‘wasp’ might be better. Don’t they lay their eggs inside the bodies of other living creatures? Some species, at least?


The people I know who are Steynites have always hated liberal institutions like Medicare, Social Security, and government schools. Now Steyn comes along and they pick up his ideas hoping to use the “crescent peril” to scare people into demolishing those features of our society. That’s the crux of his argument: that stuff about Muslims having more children than non-Muslims is, though silly, at least in the same ballpark as reality, as is worrying about what might happen in a society taken over by religious zealots. The part that tips his hand is the (especially) absurd notion that social liberalism causes a drop in birth rates, which is a total non-sequiter.

Shorter me: Dig a little and you’ll see the only thing a Steynite has more contempt for than the Muslim is the “nanny-state”.


There should be a more specific word for wanting to narrow the Reproduction Gap by enlisting other people’s uteri… something analogous to Chickenhawk. “Cuckoo� comes to mind.

Good idea, but perhaps that noun is already welded too firmly to the concept of simple insanity to be re-shaped. In North America, the birds that lay their eggs in other’s nests are known as “cowbirds”. Baby cowbirds not only starve their foster parents’ rightful offspring by out-eating them, they also push the smaller fledglings out of the nest. They are not only loud and greedy, they are deliberate murderers of the weak and innocent. And their parents have developed their nasty habits so that they can continue to “follow the herd” — their professional success as parasites to large ungulate flocks are dependent upon dumping their fledgling-raising duties upon smaller, more family-oriented birds.

Also, the great Walt Kelly included a duo of doctrinaire cowbirds among the minor denizens of Pogo’s swamp… Walt’s birds were loyal Stalinist beatniks, but then so was David Horowitz during the same time period. I suspect many of Walt’s cowbird commentaries could be used to illustrate our current Reichtwing’s antics without changing more than a proper noun or two. So: Ann Coulter is a pro-natalist-for-other-women Cowbird.

Herr Doktor Bimler

pro-natalist-for-other-women Cowbird


“The part that tips his hand is the (especially) absurd notion that social liberalism causes a drop in birth rates, which is a total non-sequiter.”

Why is this a non sequitur? Social liberalism and widespread sex education, contraception and access to abortion go pretty much hand in hand. Whereas social conservatism and breeding for Jesus/Allah/Brahman/the Motherland go together pretty well too. Obviously it’s not the only factor in birth rates, but it plays an important part.


Hari shows the zeal of someone who realises he was conned.

Still, at least we can sit back and enjoy Patrick Fitzgerald prosecute Conrad Black, among whose greatest crimes can be counted the publication of Steyn.


Why is Steyn claiming that Europe needs to return to Christianity, when the most ruthless self-proclaimed defenders of the white race were the atheist Social Darwinist Nazis?


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