Huzzah, The Adults Have Arrived

Mark Levin, legal expert and bestselling author, dissects the Libby verdict for the keen and demanding readership of the National Review:

Above: ‘Shorter’ is a mere decriptor

I think the Cooper counts were flimsy. I think the whole case was flimsy. I think the witnesses were flimsy. I think the judge’s rulings, in certain respects, were flimsy. I think Fitzgerald’s closing argument was flimsy. I’ve written and talked about these points at length. This case doesn’t stand for the truth when jurors are confused about instructions and basic concepts like “reasonable doubt” days and hours before handing down their verdict, after 9-10 days of deliberation. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later.

We can count on that! And Mark “Klinton Konspiracy” Levin knows from flimsy — this bit of emboldened stupidity is, believe it or not, from July of 2006:

To the extent possible, through depositions and document production, Cheney and Lewis’s lawyers should get to the bottom of the real scandal, e.g., who exactly is Valerie Plame, what was her role in sending her husband to Niger, who were all of her contacts, what media sources did she speak to, what politicians did she speak to, and on and on. And the same with her husband.

Coming up from Levin, circa April 2007:

We need to get to the bottom of the real Walter Reed scandal, e.g., who is Walter Reed? What is his obsession with wounded soldiers? Who are all his contacts and what media sources has he spoken to, and on and on. And the same with his wife.


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Juries usually vote guilty when they’re not really convinced, right?

Remember that scene in Space Balls, where everyone is running around trying to get to an escape pod?

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

Coulter seyz: I’m the bearded lady. Who are you, one of the freaks?


Hey Levin, I got just the thing for that recurring rash you picked up at from the Madame‘s girls…


Wait… It was flimsy? All of it? Flimsy? Wow. Hard to argue with such evidence backed by such tight reasoning. Flimsy, you say? Huh.


That’s been one of the weirdest aspects of the entire Plame/Wilson affair – the unshakable belief in a number of wingnut circles that the Wilsons are the ones guilty of enormous, treason-level crimes here. On Fitzmas Eve, just before the indictments were handed down, I seem to recall all of wingnutistan in a tizzy with the likelihood that Joe Wilson was about to be perp-walked before an judge for arreignment. It’s just a pure schoolyard reaction – “I’m not an X, you’re an X!” – and another reason why we’ll have to come up with a new term for projection once this is all over.


‘Shorter Mark Levin’ is an oxymoron

Well. I certainly hope you’re not making fun of Mr. Levin’s height.


enough about Fitzmas… have you seen Vox Day’s article about science in World Nut Daily? It beats Blogs for Bush’s “Science is Dead” post for brain-dead stupidity! See PZ Meyer’s site for links to teh burnign stoopidness!


Where’d you get the photo of Vladimir Lenin?


Walter Reed’s wife? Who? Donna? (Not Pamela. She’s mine. Keep your hands off her.)


Plus (speaking of Shorter Levin) here’s how he closes his comment:

“I must say I am extremely distressed by what has occurred here.”

Strong words, yes. And he means them to sting.


Scooter Libby is not long for this world. They won’t pardon him anytime soon because it is not in Bush/Cheney’s interests to do so before the end of their term. They don’t want to grease the skids for their own slide into the infamy of impeachment. So they’ll tell Scooter he’s going to have to chill until Xmas eve 2008. This won’t be good enough for Scooter who knows better than anyone that these guys can’t be trusted so he’ll start making noises about cutting a deal. Very next day Scooter’s found dead in his cell. Cause of death? Autoerotic asphxyiation with gay midget porn strewn about his cell. That last bit courtesy of Karl Rove who is no doubt pissed that Scooter’s lawyer said in court that Scooter was just a fall guy for Rove and Bush.

Cross posted at Ace’s place to rub it in but I don’t see it lasting for long.


No, I think autoerotic asphyxyiation with child-bear porn. But other than that – a very astute analysis, Lawnguylander.


I dunno, if Bush gets him into Club Fed with a promise to give him a last second pardon in 2009, Scooter may decide to sit it out. Of course, Cheney will probably arrange for him to die of a heart attack anyway. For laughs.


Wouldn’t that be ironic? Scooter going of a heart attack before Cheney?

Although, if you believe that Cheney is the UnDead with ichor sluggishly flowing through his veins, it makes more sense.


Poor Scooter. Oh well, at least his vacation to Club Fed will give him plenty of time to practice his guitar.


Liberal idiots. You think you have won?


America won. The justice system worked.

I find it kind of interesting, in a sadly ironic way, that according to one of the jurors, they mostly felt sympathy for scooter, that the lack of appearances by Cheney and Rove really pointed to Libby being the fall guy.

But even so, the evidence was so plain that they couldn’t find a way to let him off the hook. That’s pretty severe.


I’ve had the misfortune to hear Levin’s radio show a few times. It’s like sitting next to a surly, bitter drunk at a bar. The man is just mad at the world.


Anyone make the requisite Billy Joel joke yet?

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

So flimsy, even the flimsies were flimsy. I luurrrve that word. Flimsy flimsy flimsy.


Oops. That’s what overindulgence does, kiddies. Messes up your flimsies.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

No, I think autoerotic asphyxyiation with child-bear porn.

Or how about a tragic accident with his plushies? I mean, it’s obviously a dangerous sport:

“It would be nice if you could keep the head on, but sometimes it’s just as good with the head off,” he tells me. “It’s generally preferable to have all the parts on, though.”


Levin sure has the word “flimsy” seared into his mind. Freudians — make of that what you will.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Flimsy (n). a thin strong light-weight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies.
That’s why the word is repeated so often.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I suppose I should thank Qetesh for that link, with its insight into hot mascot uniform sex. I can only hope that someone is making a documentary about plushy paraphilia.


I can only hope that someone is making a documentary about plushy paraphilia.

It must be more popular than we know — almost half the voters chose a Beanie Baby knock-off to occupy the Oval Office.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I only wish that Qetesh had waited a bit longer to mention it after Gavin posted his last Noonan thread. That photograph of Warner Todd Huston, and links to plushy sex, well. Not the ideal combination.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Flimsy (n). a thin strong light-weight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies.
That’s why the word is repeated so often.

And that’s why I used it in my post, Herr Doktor. One should never miss the opportunity to expand one’s vocabulary.

As, indeed, one did, or several ones, with the informative plushy link. With regards to Warner Toddy Huston, though, remember the comment of the plushy in the interview, to the effect that plushies don’t like to have sex with human people, at least without plushy involvement. So if we stay away from all things plush, we’re safe. Lucky I’m shaved. Phew!

Anne, Bush isn’t so much a Beanie Baby knock-off as a plushy lushy. Or a lushy plushy. Clagged up fur, smells of booze, and totally fucked.


Anne, Bush isn’t so much a Beanie Baby knock-off as a plushy lushy. Or a lushy plushy. Clagged up fur, smells of booze, and totally fucked.

During the height of the Beanie craze, another novelty company did a collection of tongue-in-cheek Garbage-Pail-Kid-type knockoffs. I’m thinking “Lushy the Chimpy”, in pre-distressed pale-pink panne velvet, two embroidered Xs for eyes, a shite-eating grin, and ears bigger than its head. For a small additional fee, an extensive wardrobe will be available — the Mission Accomplished Flightsuit, the Warm-up Jacket of Concern, the Giant Transparent Goggles of Scienterrificism, the Faux Cowboy Boots & Hat, the Blue Debate Suit with Built-In Back Bulge — each piece plastered with the Preznidential Seal. And a line of teensy plastic Reichtards and MSM Pundits, each with a velcro mouth so it can stick to Lushy’s flabby butt…


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