Introducing the Iraqi people to our peculiar brand of Freedom?

Some patriots want to impose a more emphatic form of liberation on our Iraqi friends held in Abu Ghraib prison by mistake. (A Red Cross report estimates that between 70-90% of the prisoners shouldn’t be there at all.) Michael Savage Wiener reminds us what freedom from tyranny is all about:

“[T]ake their deepest fear, the pig, the dog, the woman with the leash, and use it on them to break them!”

“Use … [l]ittle, ugly women. And let ’em take big strapping Iraqis and put ’em on leashes naked.”

“Instead of putting joysticks, I would have liked to have seen dynamite put in their orifices.”

That’ll teach ’em to fail to dance and cheer when we invaded and brutally occupied them for what has now proven to be no apparent reason! Sitting on new photographic evidence of torture temporarily allows the deluded to cling to the idea that this is a case of six or seven “bad apples”, and psychopaths like Savage Wiener to work his bloodlust. But Abu Ghraib is just the tip of the gulag. Bush has created a global network of extra-legal and secret us prisons with thousands of inmates, and the world outside the snoozy confines of the domestic Press Corpse has already seen substantial “images” of Bush-style freedom at work.

(Savage Wiener audio and more extensive quotes available at Media Matters).

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That’s just the tip of the iceberg this week when it comes to the Wiener. I had the good fortune to start a new job this week out of town and the only radio crackhead to listen to on the drive home is Mister Savage. Needless to say I’m pretty worked up and furious by the time I stop listening. Does anyone out there actually take this guy seriously? I truly can’t believe half of the drivel he spouts.

My question is, if the FCC can levy fines and cause the unemployment of Howard Stern over sex talk, why wouldn’t they do the same to Savage over his labeling of all Islamic peoples as “untermenschen”? And it wasn’t simply one instance. I recall at least 6 or 7 times within a single hour of listening to his show. I’m pretty sure most people would agree that a comment so completely racist, something that recalls the nazi hatred of the jews so vividly, would deserve his getting canned. Or maybe simply no one has complained?


Shouldn’t that be Michael Savage Whiner?

Miss Authoritiva

Which is more likely to prompt an Iraqi to improvise an explosive device: schmoopie liberal Americans horrified by the abuse of Iraqi prisoners or the racist rants of the Savage Wiener? If I were an Iraqi fluent enough in English to grasp what Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, et al were saying, I’d join the resistance too.


I think wiener is funnier. Have you ever seen this guy? sheeesh


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