‘Wah! Waaaaaaaaah!’

Already the Fitzmas-related tantrum activities are beginning. Mark R. Levin whines. And whines more. K-Lo blubbers sarcastically. But David Frum’s, so far, are the loudest sobs to be heard through my whiskey tumbler held on the other side here of the WingNet wailing wall: ‘Perjury?! What about the Clenis???’

Heehee. Wait. Lemme adjust… Get my ear against the glass. Ahh:

‘Blargh! BLARGH!!! DC is full of idiot liberals! This jury never would have convicted were it convened in Indianapolis! Pardon them all, Dear Leader, Pardon them all, now!!! Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!’

Mmmm, the heavenly flavor of wingnut tears. Lemme taste ’em, wingnuts! Oh yes, they’re so delicious!


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‘Perjury?! What about the Clenis???’

Would “blow me” be the appropriate response?


Your subpoenas won’t find me while I’m running around looking for anticoagulants!


You mean brains to eat, Mr. Vice President?


I dunno… I am looking forward to seeing “Pardon Scooter Now” bumper stickers. Just the idea that the Republicans will be rallying around a guy named “Scooter” makes me giggle. I just get an image of the Beaver and Larry Mondello putting up a lemonade stand to raise money for one of their pals.

not the senator

Check out this article in Vanity Fair by Michael Wolff explaining why Libby lied. It’s the most coherent explanation of Plamegate I’ve seen.


Lying to an investigation of the President getting an adulterous blowjob: impeach!!!

Lying to an investigation of the Administration leaking the name of a covert CIA agent for political retaliation: pardon!!!

Wingnuts never cease to amaze me.


No, no, that’s straight down the line wingnut. Wingnuts by definition don’t care about the truth, justice, the law, the constitution, their country, the troops, democracy or people. Wingnuts only care that their side has power, and the other side does not…



This is just a practice lap.

Wait until David’s dear Conrad Black goes down.


DF: It’s insane! 30 years for perjury? When Black Bill Clinton walked away with a fine and a slap on the wrist? I’ll KILL! I’ll KILL!
::pops admantium claws from back of his hands::

ML: From a legal standpoint, there is a difference between lying about your sex life and blowing the cover of a working intelligence agent for political purposes…

::blasts ML with her INSANE TELEKINETIC POWERS!!!::

ML: Augggghhh I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry there is no difference it’s wrong wrong wrong! Oh God it’s so wrong!

JG: Professor Pod, cleanse his mind for his perfidy!

JP: It shall be done, old friend. ::wipes ML’s mind with his AMAZING BRAIN POWERS::

ML: Ah ha ha ha! Progressive taxation is cool! Gun control rocks! The War On Terror is immoral! BUSH SUXXXXX!!!!!!

DF: Judas H. Priest, you’ve turned him — LIBERAL! I must kill him before he destroys us all!

JP: No, Daveverine, an X-servative never KILLS —

ML: I’m off to join Atriosio and his Brotherhood of Evil Liberals! Ah ha ha HA!

JP: — before the Supreme Executive pronounces Enemy Combatant status. ::waves hands: Okay, he’s an Enemy Combatant. Kill him.

ML: I… wait! What about habeus corpus? Civil rights? The Constitution? My right to counsel? I demand a LAWYER! Scooter Libby got a lawyer!

AC: Jesus. I’d call him a faggot but then I’d have to go into therapy.

JG: I’m the Jonahnaut, bitch!

JLO: No, he’s a villain. You have to be, like, Cyjonah, or Nightjonah, or Icejonah.

JG: No, I wanna be the Jonahnaut. He’s the cool guy from SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

JLO: But he’s evil. You can’t be evil! We’re hated and feared by a world we are sworn to protect!

JP: We sound very liberal.

::mad frenzy of claws, power beams, and psionic blasts ensues::

ML: Uh… guys? Guys? I feel better now. I… say… why are you all dead…?


I cannot BELIEVE that you used the word “blubbering” in conjunction with K-Lo’s name. That is so INSENSITIVE!! I am thoroughly offended, incensed, disgusted! Why don’t you just come out and say she “cried like a big fat lazy fatty?” Clearly, that’s what you really mean.

Your stubborn insistence on making fun of the overweight shows you true contempt for true liberal values. People like you are going to DESTROY Our Movement.

I hate you.


My 13 year old daughter whines less than these people…


“they turn in clusters, because their roots connect them.”

Let’s hope so, Scooter. Let’s hope so.


Poor Frum. Still, we wouldn’t mind seeing Armitage go down too.


Your subpoenas won’t find me while I’m running around looking for anticoagulants!

Yeah, that dodge worked for your O.G. Master, the original Tricky Dick, but that was 30 years ago. Medical science has improved even as the mainstream media has decayed, and you haven’t been able to buy, distract, or bury Fitzgerald yet.


As long as nobody had to eat a bowl of p**** h***.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Anal warts?


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