Why does Jeff Jacoby hate America?

According to The Washington Times:

Some in the press and Congress ? repeating the propaganda line of the terrorists ? assert that Mr. Berg’s killing was committed in revenge for the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees by American guards that has dominated the news in recent weeks. This is absurd.

Our pal Jeff:

We are at war with a vicious enemy, and propaganda in wartime is a weapon whose consequences can be deadly. Nick Berg lost his life because the Abu Ghraib pictures were turned into a worldwide media event.

Jeff Jacoby is an absurd America hater. QED.

Update: It turns out that Jonah Goldberg is also an absurd America hater:

Well, CBS’s scoop has gotten someone killed and there will be more deaths, on both sides, as a result of this story before it becomes history.


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Unfrozen Caveman Reactionary Columnist strikes again! (http://www.bigeye.com/images/jacoby.jpg)


Unfrozen Caveman Reactionary Columnist strikes again! (http://www.bigeye.com/images/jacoby.jpg)


I love it. I love it when they can’t get on message.

Karl? Please come here a minute, please.


Seen any true Schadenfreude on the left lately? I’ve seen disgust, shame, an urgent need to put this evil to rest–across the ideological spectrum–but not the ‘relish’ Jacoby cites.
Anyone who’s ever been to an AA meeting knows about denial. If you say you can handle it, you can’t. If you think you’re disguising your problem well from others, you’re not. Above all, if you say you don’t have a problem, you’re wrong. How can they possibly still be in denial? What more could it possibly take?


What more could it possibly take?

If your old enough to remember the Viet Nam war, you know they’ll never stop. 20 years from now they’ll still be blaming “the press”, “the protesters” etc. We can watch as they start to blame the soldiers. If the right wing wants it done right, they should do it themselves.


Concluding cutting-edge research on international law, our quest for a successful interrogation model utilizes 360-degree feedback to gauge de-evolutionary not revolutionary game plans. Our regrets are regrettable.

Don Rumsfeld



Problem: Wrong thread!

Solution: More Coffee!


Hi Mooser:
I’m 54 and remember Vietnam well. For that matter, I remember some of the song lyrics:

We didn’t know, said my next-door neighbor
Watching the president on TV
Guess we’ve gotta drop those bombs
If we’re gonna make South Asia free
The president’s such a peaceful man
I guess he’s got some kind of plan
They say we’re torturing prisoners of war
But I don’t believe that stuff no more
Torturing prisoners is a Communist game
And you can bet they’re doing the same
I wish this war were over and through
But what do you expect me to do?

We didn’t know at all, we didn’t see a thing
You can’t hold us to blame, what could we do
It was a terrible shame, but we can’t bear the blame
Oh no not us, we didn’t know

We’ve come a long way since then. It’s American as apple pie.


Aznd then, there’s the Draft Dodger Rag:

I hate Chou En-lai, and I hope he dies
But I think you gotta see
That someone’s gotta go over there
And that someone isn’t me
So I wish you well–sarge, give ’em hell;
Kill me a thousand or so,
And if you ever get a war without blood and gore
I’ll be the first to go.

Seems not at all dated, doesn’t it?

Melissa Weintraub

“Jeff Jacoby is an absurd America hater”
“Jonah Goldberg is also an America hater”

Wow, you people are nuts. These two a absolutely right wing, but its the NYT and those who take their marching orders from them, who want nothing more than the US to lose in Iraq. Thats America Hater


Mike, you’re a moron. read between the lines an eensy weensy bit, jackass.


Mike, I don’t mean you.
I meant melissa, and I should probably just stop posting now.
But she is a moron.


The only big difference between Iraq and the Vietnam Era is that, today, we have seen this movie and we know how it ends. Insurgencies that confront an illegitimate government just get stronger, nearby countries are destabilized, and the under-manned and under-equipped American forces can’t hold conquered territory temporarily, let alone permanently. The battle for hearts and minds runs into the thirst for revenge and daily fear of death. Discipline meets fragging. Rumsfeld meets the guy with the Humvee deathtrap, but not the guy who was tortured. He can’t solve either one’s problem. Let’s get out of this before we create another generation of Americans that are as disillusioned as us Boomers.


oh poor misguded Ms Weintraub….

calling them an amarica hater doesn’t mean they hate america.. it means they have played into the hands of thos who hate america…. have spread their propaganda for them.. and for free.

it means that the point of cutting off a misguided americans head on the internet was not to get revenge… the guy who did it wasn’t an Iraqi, there’s a good chance that he has done worse things himself… actually, he clearly has…

Assuming though, as clearly stated he wishes for you to assume, and you clearly do, that he did do it as revenge for our (you and I both) torturing iraqis is very much like thinking that an apology to the king of jordan behind closed doors that you ention later ius the same as apologising to the american people for lowering our collective standards.

insofar as it’s BS.

He cut off a misguided americans head because he wants us to send 500,000 troops into iraq and start WWIII… which we, here, in blogistan, are trying to avoid.

you’d do well to get on board, defending these shenanigans is unbecoming, and i suspect you’ll hate yourself for it the morning after.

thanks for listening

That would be like


and 10 points to oldguy


So many comments about Nick Berg’s death are based on the ASSUMPTION that we are being told the straight story.

Was he killed by Iraqis, Jordanians, terrorists? Fat bunch of guys there, hands all white, and not even bloody.

I hate that I can’t believe anything anymore that comes from “official sources.”

Nick Berg’s apparent death (did he die? was that him in the video?) may well have been perpetrated in response to the torture scandal… but who got the benefit by the switch in global news coverage?


Is it worse to be cluster bombed or to be beheaded?

Or does it depend on how brown you are?

Charles S. Gerlach

Given the current definition, please place my name amongst the “absurd American haters”. Thank you.

First we defile the right not to be held without probable cause and guarantees of due process, because someone in the government thinks you might be dangerous (terrorist).

Then we squelch democracy by saying that anyone who is not Republican, doesn’t support America.

Then we say the First Amendment should be abrogated because bringing bad news about or government’s bad behavior might be good for our enemies.

Our enemies have already one. Celebrate your victiory, boys.


Enneaphyte is right: qui bono?

Who really did behead Berg? Moslem insurgents? Civilian contractors? Is this our Gulf of Tonkin?


re: the Nick Berg thing…

What are the chances of this one American loner in Iraq having even a “6 degrees of separation” connection with Zacarias Moussaoui?

About the same as winning PowerBall, I suspect.

Methinks we haven’t heard the last of this story, even though, from the beginning, it hasn’t really spun the way that Karl Rove wanted it to.



United Statesian

The term “I am / They are an American” is technically wrong. America is not one country but two continents, 39 countries and 850 million people.

There exists no singular term for a citizen of the USA, untill I, Shane T. Hanson invented it yesterday, while fighting with “Americans” online, about their attitudes to the people in the rest of the world and their foreign policy.

The term “United Statesian” defines that person or the creed or foreign policy as being from a distinct person, culture or country within the American Continents; as opposed to defining the person or creed or foreign policy as “American”; which is both morally incorrect and technically wrong.

1. Wrong use. “Hi I am an American.”; Right Use. “Hi I am a United Statesian.”

2. Wrong Use. America has declared war on 5 more countries this week; Right Use. The United Statesians have declared war on 5 more coutnries this week.

3. Wrong Use. American Christians and their foreign policies are helping spread aids in Africa and the rest of the world by refusing food and money, by forcing the these governments into only buying expensive American Drugs that treat 1000 people, instead of buying 500,000,000 condoms for 50,000,000 people which significantly curb the spreading of aids, at 1/100th the cost of the American Drugs.

Right Use.The United Statesian Christians and their foreign policies are helping spread aids in Africa and the rest of the world by refusing food and money, by forcing these governments to only buy expensive United Statesian Drugs that treat 1000 people, instead of buying 500,000,000 condoms for 50,000,000 people which significantly curb the spreading of aids, at 1/100th the cost of the United Statesian Drugs.


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