Ye Sundaye Caste of Splaushe

It would’ve been a fine show indeed with nothing but Marc Riley and the Creepers’ ‘Jumper Clown’ on infinite, recursive loop, because then you could feel my torment — what with the song having been stuck in my head for the past, oh, pretty much eight months now.

As usual, the uploady-thing likes some files while finding others not to its taste. The Eastern Dark’s ‘Julie Is A Junkie’ went back into the ‘fridge, as did a Wipers B-side, some cool old hardcore, and Billy Bragg doing the Smiths’ ‘Panic.’

There might be an algorithm there that determines the raw interestingness of a song, and then thwarts you. For instance, Splashcast seems to especially dislike Tenpole Tudor. Imagine Adam and the Ants, except with less of a Gary Glitter/Drummers of Barumba thing going on, and sporting medieval getups instead of pirate costumes.


See? Way Too Interesting.

But the Marc Riley track came through, thank God. I was starting to worry that only I could hear it.


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Yeah. I get chain mail alot. I find it’s best not to respond…



Man, I love the Flamin’ Groovies, particularly the Flamingo and Teenage Head albums. I think this is like the first time any of you yayhoos posted something I liked. Run out of prog rock?

Every band I’ve been in, I’ve tried like hell to get ’em to cover “Shake Some Action”. Closest we come was a drunken run-through at hour 3:45 of a four-hour gig where free liquor was provided for the band’s benefit. Didn’t come out well, but it was a lot of fun.

luminous beauty

I saw the Flamin’ Groovies at the Berkeley Civic Theater c. 1968 with Jerry Rubin and Eldridge Cleaver. They were awful.


Which Wipers b-side?


‘Up In Flames’ from the first single.


That would have been nice to hear.


I think it’s on the rarities compilation that came out awhile ago, but the overlapping reissues have gotten confusing. The other B-side on that single was ‘Does It Hurt’…


We have some Wipers on CD at home (my SO probably has the vinyl somewhere too), but right now I’m stuck in the office. Your splashcast is making it more bearable.


Good Good Goodness…

man, jumper clown. sticky.

i gots this bootleg somewhere of MoBurma at the paradise, with pics. i wish i’d post it.
truly, keep jousting at the algorithum of interestingness, it must be defeated!
now i’ve got jumper clown and helicopter competing with the droning bees in my head… great


I can try to add some Wipers. Or something else, if you want to hear anything in particular.

Which track(s)?


I leave it in your capable hands!!! Goody!!!!


Not to launch any judgmental 500 900 comment or so flame-war threads, but Gavin….

Good God, y’all!


must ..resist…got.. to .. move

i was going to post something about how all this useless time at the computer was making my ass fatter than hillary’s alinsky thesis, but i won’t enable our allies’ divisive rhetoric of ism-specific criticism.

qetesh, are you still asleep? honestly, it’s like you’re in the next day or something.

i’m going surfing

Herr Doktor Bimler

Tenpole Tudor, hey? You’re halfway down the slippery slope, gathering speed, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re playing Peter and the Test-tube Babies. This is giving me cider flashbacks.


Well, the uploady-thing certainly seems to hate Wipers songs, but I managed to get one to work. Check now — it should be at the end.


Y’know, having just learned recently from the Cult of Eternal Victimization that the entire world is oppressing me and my oppressed friends, I’m begining to believe that you guys are all making up these band names just to make me feel like an outsider.



You’re halfway down the slippery slope, gathering speed, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re playing Peter and the Test-tube Babies.

Uh, thanks, dude. Now I’ve got the filestealing program searching for ‘Banned From The Pubs’….


Hot diggety, there it is!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my little bourgeois lawyer heart 😉


I’m begining to believe that you guys are all making up these band names just to make me feel like an outsider.

The Wipers were the band that Nirvana was all into as teenagers — the ‘grandfathers of grunge.’

Portland, Oregon. Headed by an audio kook named Greg Sage, who built a home studio out of spare parts and released a bunch of records in the late ’70s – early ’90s.

The songwriting is often really good. The homemade quality only adds to it.


The Wipers “Youth of America” album was the first one I heard. Excellent proto-grungy goodness.


Uh, ahem.


Hey! I like the hell outta that. Something about it makes me think of triplefastaction. My neighbors are going to be unhappy with you, gavin…



Gavin – have you got Zaireeka by the Flaming Lips. Splashcast allows you to listen to several instances simultaneously – it would sure beat having to use four cd players together.


This is supposed to be a utoob link to iggy in 1970.
TV broadcast with local weartherman/furniture chain store spokesman.
iggy goes into crowd, cut to commercial.
also the best proto crowd surfing i’ve ever seen.


Now I’ve got the filestealing program searching for ‘Banned From The Pubs’….

Gah. I have that on vinyl. I mean, it’s down in the basement and probably hasn’t seen a turntable in 10 years . . . and only then on those over-served occasions where I have also felt the need to bust out the sandpaper-encased Feederz album.


Ok, here’s one:

Rubber City Rebels, circa 1978. Video’s crappy, but hey.


Dude, Tenpole could make a comeback!

If you haven’t danced in the shower at the gym to “Swords of a Thousand Men”, then you just haven’t lived.


And another:

0DFX, another Cleveland/Akron legend. I met Brad Warner when we both signed up for a class on Zen Buddhism at Kent State. Brad went on to work on Japanese monster movies and is now an ordained Soto Zen priest, which just goes to show . . . something. I’m not sure what.


Excellent Birthday Party. Hard to believe Nick Cave didn’t self-destruct.


nolo. i likee.
but you try walking through the mall singing “child eaters” and see how you get …


holy shit! i think i saw prussian blue in that zero defects vid.


I’m begining to believe that you guys are all making up these band names just to make me feel like an outsider.

Mikey, you read my mind.

So I am giong to head over to Amoeba records tomorrow. Any “must have” albums I should look for? Anyone? (and nothing super obvious like the The White Album, I’m not super into music, but I’m not a moron).



kathleen. i’m no expert. but i do have ‘unassailable opinions’.
what kind of music do you like?


Assclowns of the Week #61: “He’s a Wifebeater But I Love Him!� Edition is fresh and steaming.

In the spit:
Condi Rice
George W. Bush (natch)
The US Army
Ann Coulter
The Tennessee Center For Policy Research
and much, much more!


I’m listening to The Sprites right now because it’s almost impossible to be in a completely bitch bad mood while listening to the Sprites.


I almost posted the Child Eaters video.


w00t! I made a link work.


The Epoxies are my go-to-c’mon-get-happy music of late.


Who here wants to be really, really depressed?

One of my high school students came up to me the other day and told me that he was in his grandmother’s closet, and he found the neatest thing ever in there.

He was all excited because he found a record player and a copy of Kilroy Was Here. On vinyl.

In his grandmother’s closet.

Feel old yet? Because if you find that a bit alarming or depressing, then you probably are.


nolo, nick always looks like he’s going to explode. it would seem that that level of, um, angst, would be fatal, but no. he puts on one of the most intense shows i’ve ever seen, and don’t get me started about the guy with the pointy shoes and violin..


Kilroy Was Here: another, more fully-realized concept album.

Set in a future where music itself has been outlawed, Dennis DeYoung portrayed Kilroy, an unjustly imprisoned rock star
whoa. styx.



I like your typical white girl 90’s music:
Tori Amos
Beastie Boys
Pearl Jam
311 (just the early stuff, to save my street cred)
A Tribe Called Quest
Kanye West
The Rugburns
Smashing Pumpkins
The Roots
Jeff Buckley
Indigo Girls
Ani DiFranco
Dance Hall Crashers
The White Stripes

a different brad

I wish there was a Laswell, Zorn, or Buckethead fan here to geek out with.
You kids and yer skifflepop bands.


Jillian, I felt old back in my old post-grad restaurant-work days, when I got stuck with a kid working salad prep (and an obnoxious one at that) who refused to believe that a band other than Motley Crue had ever done “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room.”

On that note, I’m out of here. Goodnight, all, and thanks to Gavin and everyone else for the excellent tunes.


Belly!!! Yes yes oh yes! I am so deeply in love with Tanya Donnelly I’m practically a stalker. I saw her post-belly at slims in SF and actually got to talk to her. Managed to convince her to do a little bit of “slow dog”. The weird thing was, the guy next to me at the bar that I was talking to the whole night turned out to be the singer from black lab. Seemed like a normal fella…



Ragtime will never die!


mikey! before i go build a shed, i carried tanya’s amp once when she was in throwing muses, such a big amp for such a tiny thing..


OMG! Stop me before I build another shed!!



Kathleen –

I’m sure the cooler kids will make fun of me, but you might keep an eye out for Crowded House – Together Alone. It’s one of my favorites from the ’90s.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Managed to convince her to do a little bit of “slow dog�
You kids and your euphemisms.


Anyone else seen the Buzzcocks “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” featured in the AARP commercial yet? Unbelievable, nearly gave me a heart attack.

Throwing Muses still rules my world, Kristen is an open, unapologetic noticer of experience, she writes the way women used to be able to express themselves–no denouement, logic or “point”, sheer swirly visceral intuitive mystique. And she
has a quirky little blog/tour diary/family/coffee talking thing, here, free music, no fucking feminism, just sweet funny and charming chitchat.


man, that was a quick shed.. i used to be able to build a shed for hours..

from kristen’s blog..

Now I’m 15 minutes late for the in-store, but nobody cares. They feed me blueberry beer (ack). I say it tastes like alcoholic pop tarts and the guy who gave it to me says, “Yeah, I like it, too�.


New Years Day. Moving day. We’re cleaning out the apartment, throwing away unopened bottles of beer (ouch), calming the dogs and kids and

she likes beer.
i still love her..

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Awww, all that old-timer fun. I actually remember seeing a clip of Tenpole Tudor on telly once. Only the English, is all I can say. Bless their little cotton socks.

Kathleen, I’m a bit of a dark music junkie, but you might like some of my recommendations. If you can get a Nick Cave collection, that’s great: he’s got some damn fine stuff from anything but his weird early days. Good tracks are Mercy Seat (hypnotic, brutal, excellent), Tupelo (ditto), The Ship Song (one of the finest love songs ever), Henry Lee (a faux-ballad duet with PJ Harvey), and of course Red Right Hand, possibly the most widely sampled song ever.

Or there’s Joy Division, for the ultimate I-wanna-slice-my-wrists post-punk Manchester goodness. Ian Curtis was a genius with a surprisingly deep voice and a lotta issues.

For more recent, less black, music, you might try Sneaker Pimps: their album Bloodsport is excellent. If you like things like Massive Attack, but with more beat and less electronica, give them a go. They write great melody stuff, not all piano and violin, but melody supporting lyrics, rather than just words and a backbeat.

If you fancy absolutely gorgeous, perky, bouncy, British ska, then Madness is a must. London boys, about 7 or 8 of ’em, and just irresistable. They’re the Red Shoes music (remember that fairy tale? Gotta dance?): if you don’t find yourself shaking your funky groove thayng (or anyone else’s, for that matter) to Baggy Trousers, or Night Boat To Cairo, then you is dead.

Or if you fancy a similar transatlantic item, with more regular beats and more irregular guys, there’s Devo. Whip It! is one of the iconic songs of the decade (any decade, really), and they have mucho other robotic spudboy goodness. A friend of mine once performed Workin’ In A Coal Mine using only my faulty car aerial and his thigh (ah, those were the days).

If you like high drama, and your Tori Amos hints that you might, have a listen to the Dresden Dolls. Coin-Operated Boy is probably my favourite, although Girl Anachronism comes close. Can’t listen to too much at once, though, or your eyeballs will start to spin.

Or you might like Split Enz, which was the band before Crowded House. They’re more edgy and less mainstream, and their first album is superb (although weird, in a way that only Japanese and New Zealanders can be).

Speaking of Japanese, if you can get hold of the All About Lily Chou-Chou soundtrack that contains Lily, you’ll love it. That’s the Lily one, mind, not the one that contains lots of Debussy (piano stuff). The sound is ethereal and haunting, but it’s bloody hard to find. If anyone ever finds it, actually, please let me know. I’ll give you lots of crunchy dried fish treats as a thank-you.


thanks Q – those sound really awesome.

Love the Tanya Donnelly stories. and I do like Throwing Muses, but I always liked Belly better, and usually think “I should just be listening to Belly” when I was listening to TM. My hipper college friends thought I was nuts.


you friggin whipper snappers!
why, i was in the KISS army when you were all just…

oh, nick..mmmm.

Brompton Oratory

in the spirit of fatties, the Falla

*couldn’t find “spoilt victorian child”…


please refer to the end of the fall video.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

judeanpeoplesfront, I reckon that guy at the end was one of the stars of Eat The Rich! Alan/Lana Pellay, perhaps?


I once woke my sister up at 5:30am on a Saturday because Wunderbar was on MTV.

So let me just second what Marmoset said and point out that I have, indeed, lived. (Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, yeah!)

I don’t know if it’s still available but Stiff records put out a 4 CD collection a while back with the best cuts from all of their artists (Tenpole, Kirstya MacColl, early Pogues, early Madness, Ian Dury, etc…) Brilliant.

Qetesh the Shaved Abyssinian

Ahhh, Ian Dury: I’d forgotten hiim! I remember going to a party, sitting with a friend near the record player (yes, kiddies, that’s right. Vinyl!) and playing Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick over and over and over until we were carried from the room.

And the mass drunken singalongs with I Wanna Be Straight…magic.


Hey Mikey,

Well, in a game of Tanya Donnelley one-upmanship, I worked on and appeared in her video “The Bright Light” and got to hang around with her for 2 days. She turned me on to Echinacea. She is as nice and down to earth as she is beautiful.


Oh crap, I had forgotten Ian Drury!

Anybody remember “Headbutts” by John Otway?

Herr Doktor Bimler

Very uncivil lyrics, that Ian Dury.


I’m in something of a Lil Johnson mood lately.

But I worry that when she says “My stove’s automatic/You don’t have to burn wood or coal/You just strike your match, daddy/And put it right in the hole”, I worry that she may be objectifying women, and by liking the song, I fear I am secretly a sexist.

Oh, wait – no I don’t. I’m not in Bizarroland right now.


Wunderbar is one of those pub songs *everybody* sings along to.


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