Glenn Reynolds, 2095

All right, Bradrocket’s done it now. The bed has been shit, the can of worms opened…

Oh yes, Ludds, it’s Glenn Reynolds’s theme song set to anime:

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly…

I sent a message to another time
But as the days unwind, this I just cant believe
I sent a note across another plane
Maybe its all a game, but this I just cant conceive.

Can you hear me?

I drive the very latest hovercar
I dont know where you are
But I miss you so much till then
I met someone who looks a lot like you
She does the things you do
But she is an IBM.

2095, 2095, 2095, 2095
I love you, sincerely
Yours truly, yours truly…

Shes only programmed to be very nice
But shes as cold as ice
Whenever I get too near
She tells me that she likes me very much
But when I try to touch
She makes it all too clear.

She is the latest in technology
Almost mythology
But she has a heart stone
She has an i.q. of 1001
She has a jumpsuit on
And shes also a telephone.


I realize that it must seem so strange
That time has rearranged
But time has the final word
She knows I think of you, she reads my mind
She tries to be unkind
She knows nothing of our world

Although her memory banks overflow
No one would ever know
For all she says: is that what you want?
Maybe one day Ill feel her cold embrace
And kiss her interface
til then, Ill leave her alone.


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A WordPress/YouTube fix that worked for me – go to Users/Profile and uncheck ‘use the visual rich text editor’ at the bottom of the page. Once you’re in the stone-axe editor, you may be able to paste the embed link in successfully…


This is one of those times when I truly wish George Soros was all powerful and he could get a building named after himself at the Law School on the condition that Glenn Reynolds be deported, to space, with robots.


More verse at Sadly, Poet!


If anyone is up for it, we’re sort of discussing the anime Metropolis over at Crooked Timber


Wow. inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.
would someone be so kind as to suggest a clearinghouse of info for idiots on blog construction, wordpress in blogger, shortcuts to imbedding and renaming links etc.
i know i should just figure this out on my own, but i’m too lazy.
i have many toys i’d share if i could just figure out how to open the fucking box..

if you don’t know about it already, check out pandora, a ” music genome” website, give them a band or song, and they return a playlist of related material. very deep database, lots of obscure material. very cool



Mainstream, fashionable, or not, this is a great musical performance from ELO from the 2001 Zoom tour. Sometimes really good musicians do matter.


Nice. But the lyrics on your post are only from “Yours Truly, 2095” and the anime is set to “Twilight” as well…

YT, 2095 is one of my favorite songs. What young male sci-fi geek didn’t at some point fantasize about having a robot girlfriend.

But really, for Glenn Reynolds you stopped one song short. “Ticket to the Moon” starts out so wonderfully for him:

“Gone were the good old 1980’s
When things were so uncomplicated
I wish I could go back there again
And everything could be the same”

That’s the neocon theme song right there.


I have to admit it’s one of my favorites as well. ELO is one of the first bands I can remember listening to and liking. We’re talking early, early childhood here. IIt was probably the catchy melodies that made it stick in my head, but what stayed with me was the texture — it wasn’t just the vocal harmonies, but the whole tapestry schtick; Lynne was to 70s pop what Stevie Wonder was to r&b and what Jimmy Page was to proto-heavy metal — a genius at orchestration.

I can close my eyes and listen to the first three songs off ‘Time’ and be six or seven again, with that sci-fi imagination a boy that age has. I think you hit on why, generally, Reynolds’s nano- techno- singularity, immortality bullshit so bothers me: it’s because he hasn’t grown up, hasn’t accepted the fact that he will die as everything does, is in a child’s state of denial except his can only be sustained by willful naivete. I mean, I used to want to be uploaded into a computer too. Reading, too impressionably, that damn 3001: A Final Odyssey allowed me to cling to the belief for too long, even. But I’m a lot younger than Reynolds and I grew up; why can’t he?

Another thing that bothers me is that this is one anime I might like to watch, something that profoundly embarasses me. Geekiness should embarass people. Roy and TBOGG, I think, are too hard on geek art, but geeks themselves are proper fodder for ridicule.

Anyway, posting this entry made me wish, for the thousandth time, that I had the Moroder version of Metropolis on dvd. Meh.


ELO is one of the first bands I can remember listening to and liking.

The very first single I ever bought by myself was from a more-or-less hardware store that had a small rack of them. It was ELO’s Telephone Line, which I still love.

Another thing that bothers me is that this is one anime I might like to watch, something that profoundly embarasses me.

It’s actually not good.


But it’s pretty! (Haven’t seen it)


But it’s pretty! (Haven’t seen it)

Up on the big screen it was surprisingly cheap-looking. While I can recall lots of stuff from things like Miyazaki films, I’ve almost completely forgotten this one, and that’s something I don’t usually do with cartoons, being completely immature and all.


Geekiness should embarass people.

No, a thousand times no. Geekiness is just an enthusiasm for things our cultures have judged not cool, or not adult or whatever. It shouldn’t be embarassing that you like anime, or comics, or science fiction, or spent your time fixing computers or whatever.

What should be embarassing is the number of Instapundits that crop up in geek culture, smart (debatable in his case I know), seemingly pleasant but rabidly wingnutty and with no empathy for people not “one of them”.

And dammit, don’t make me identify Your’s Truly 2095 with Reynolds.
I love that song, man.


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