The British are Leaving! The British are Leaving!

The supremely vile Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, whose ‘loyal citizen’ fanbase seems to have dwindled down to Lord Spatula and the rotting crumbs from Dan Riehl’s eliminationist buffet, offers his gratitude for the efforts of the withdrawing Brits in Iraq:

Oh, and His Majesty would like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank Tony Blair (who is otherwise an odious socialist fuckwit that we wouldn’t piss on if his nose was on fire) for standing up for us in SPITE of his own party.

Two if by land, one if by sea (anti-psychotic pills, that is).


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Yer either fer us or yer agin’ us . . . and even if yer fer us, you might still be agin’ us!


Turns out that this “sudden reversal� was announced back on January 11 and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the prospects of success elsewhere in Iraq, it’s simply a phased withdrawal initiated because of the relative peacefulness of the British sector, in other words what everybody, ourselves included, have been planning all along.

The Pentagon can mark it as “Not ready for transition.” and the remaining British forces can be hiding out at the airport, but Danny boy says everything is alright so that means everything is “Peaceful” in Southern Iraq.

Its no wonder Bushies always act the ‘Victim’.

They ARE!

Of their own stupidity.




Well it’s a good thing the Rottweiler won’t piss on Tony Blair. That is quite a disgusting thing to do to anyone, including the Prime Minister.


Wow, it’s been a long time since I looked at that site. You want to laugh, but then you think about the kind of person who took the time to design a header that includes Crusader-style shields and makes up words like “journaljizzmic,” believing this counts as “good writing.” You think about the kind of guy who wins “loyal servitude” from people with names like Lord Spatula or Denita Two Dragons or calls himself the “Jack Bauer of the Blogosphere.” You briefly imagine that kind of person. Then you see this phrase: “right-of-center” . . . Then you quietly click the tab closed.

If that’s “right-of-center” . . . Wow.


This just goes to show what an ignorant little oik the Ant-idiotarian Shih Tzu is. The Poodle is not a socialist, never has been, never will be.


There’s no better definition of an idiot than someone who uses the phrase, “anti-idiotarian,” it was stupid then, it’s just pathetic now.


This just goes to show what an ignorant little oik the Ant-idiotarian Shih Tzu is. The Poodle is not a socialist, never has been, never will be.

These people do not know what the word “socialism” actually means. They just know it’s bad, so they apply it indiscriminately to everything they don’t like.


These guys crack me up. Their solution to everything is killing. Makes me wonder how they approach everyday tasks, like cleaning house, washing the car, grocery shopping, gardening.

“OK, lets see, Saturday Morning, I gotta do something about the front lawn. I know! I’ll kill the Andersons, burn down their house and rape their dog. Yep, that’ll take care of it. And y’know, I really could use a haircut. I’ll go down the block and kill everybody in the 7-11. Ok, wow, we’re really making progress today”…



mikey – Their solution to everything is killing.


They think that torture and rape are also good problem-solvers.


If anything he’s the David Hasselhoff of the right center blogosphere; or maybe the Vinnie Vincent Invasion of the right center right blogosphere.

He does need some logo help, me thinks.


“…for standing up for us in SPITE of his own party.”

So yet another country has backed down from “standing up for us”.

Am I the only who kinda feels like wingnuts are the last “Guilty” voter in 12 Angry Men?
Which is a damn awesome movie, btw. The original, anyways, I haven’t seen the remake.


Let this be the annual mocking of the fact that “The Emperor” still calls his blog “anti-idiotarian”


Right, Bas. Check back next year for an update on Misha’s japes.



When I first read that (well, i had to read it a couple of times), my first thought was “Why doesn’t he like Alaskan sled dog races?”


Or it’s cousin, the Idiotarod; a race through the boroughs of New York in Costumes and shopping carts.

I wish I could claim credit for that one…


anymore defections and the keyboard kommandos might have to fight their own battles. that’s what pisses the cowards off.


“Whereas SN’s fanbase never was anything more than a bunch of limp-wristed pussies who suck Mykki Chickenshit’s flaccid excuse-for-manhood.”

word for word.

So admit it, which of you limp pussies would suck Mykki to enhance your manhood?

and who is Mykki Chickenshit?


All right, now I may need to come up with a new contest at Mostly Harmless–best parody of dead-ender pro-Bushite trying to spin bad news for Bush in Iraq….


Tony Blair SUCKS AND IS A CUNT but thanks for standing up for us BUT YOU STILL SUCK YOU FUCKING CUNT


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