The Glenn Reynolds Photoshop Contest is ON!!!!

Since the Atlas Pam photoshop contest was such a rousing success, I think it’s time to do another one, this time featuring Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a.k.a. The Ole Dirty Perfesser.

Your assignment is to photoshop the Perf’s head onto the body of a famous robot or cyborg. Feel free to include pics of any other wingnuts as well. Here is the first entry, submitted by our friend Scott of World O’Crap fame.


Send all entries to I will take the best ones and put them up fer judgin’ in a couple of weeks.


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Like the Geico Cavemen, I feel the humble robot is being besmirched by this activity. What did robots ever do that was so wrong (other than Hal) that could make one want to merge it with a jackass lawyer?


Glenn wants to have his brain downloaded into a robot body. Read his article on The Singularity if you want to positively laugh your ass off


Just so everyone can see my future last-place submission, here’s less than meets the eye.

Do I have to e-mail it too?


Crap, I can just picture students getting stupider taking Robo Law 100 with Prof Cyborg Reynolds in the year 2835. IIsn’t our generation suffering enough with his presence?


I liked it, the Leftâ„¢.

P.S. I’m using Do I have to e-mail it in, too? as an excuse next time I’m being b*tched at in the office (i.e., very soon).


Trifecta, I’m wondering if anyone who still supports the Cheney Administration at this late date in history is even qualified to teach law.

Especially the bits about the Constitution.


Does it matter how dated the famous robot is?


Do you even really NEED to Photoshop Glenn Reynolds to make him look like a douchebag?


Good God! Now it’s even more horrifying than an actual Cylon!


Lesley- old and campy is very welcome. I’m hoping someone will use that robot from LOST IN SPACE, personally.

PS- Norb, that’s a pretty damn funny entry, actually…

Smiling Mortician

Dammit, Brad! I already started working on my “Danger, Will Robinson!” entry, and now everybody else will be doing it too . . .


Does a dagget count as a robot?


Brad, you gave away my plan. Damn you!

It’s hard to find an appropriate sized shot of the goofy conservative online.


Was Pammy flashing her tits at Glen in the original photo too, or is that a bit of S.N magic?


Here’s my submission.


Omigosh. You exist again.


Yes, you exist again, but you look funny. Kind of white.


Does anybody have an image of Gregg Easterbrook’s body so’s I can get started with the photoshopping of Glenn’s head?


D. Aristophanes, you asked for it:

Now I have to go bleach my eyeballs . . . .

Hate Encrusted Eyes

Pam just has violate me now big boy, written all over her body, don’tch’a think?


I will leave my entry on this dead thread. Fitting, sort of.


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