Latest BushCo attempt to dodge accountability (TV, Radio listings)

mini_pop_sn.jpgThere will be a meeting of the Committee on ARMED SERVICES
Friday, May 7, 2004 starting at 11:45 AM

To receive testimony on allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners from:

Hon Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
Gen Richard B. Myers, USAF, Chmn, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Hon Les Brownlee, Acting Secretary of the Army
Gen Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff of the Army
Lt Gen Lance L. Smith, USAF, Dep’y Commander, CentCom

Live TV coverage on:

Update: I haven’t found audio links to the hearings (they’ll likely appear on the CNN and CSPAN sites when they’re updated). Here are some links to reports and articles on the events:

The Agonist has archived the Taguba Report online:

The report was prepared by Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba on alleged abuse of prisoners by members of the 800th Military Police Brigade at the Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad. It was ordered by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, commander of Joint Task Force-7, the senior U.S. military official in Iraq, following persistent allegations of human rights abuses at the prison. Editor?s note: The report includes graphic descriptions of events some readers may find objectionable.

MSNBC has key excerpts from the report.
Read Torture at Abu Ghraib by Seymour M. Hersch, The New Yorker magazine (Issue of 2004-05-10)

The story exploded on CBS News 60 Minutes II. Updates, online video and other resources are available at the main site.

MoJo’s RumMeter has some key links
Alternet links to various background material on the story
US officials ignored reports about Abu Ghaibri prison from the International Red Cross
The Daily Mirror (UK) reports on British forces’ alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners
Were contractors hired to circumvent accountability to human rights codes of behavior?
The CPA/occupation routinely blames foreigners for violence in Iraq, but the presence of outside fighters may have been exaggerated.


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Resign, Rumsfeld!

Impeach Bush!


Buck This

Truman: The buck stops here.
Bush: The buck stops anywhere but here.
Rumsfeld: The buck never made it to my desk.
Rice: The buck had no silver bullet.
Perle: The buck is the closest thing American politics has to a terrorist.
Ashcroft: The buck is under surveillance and may be seized at any time, without right to an attorney nor the right to hear the evidence against it.
Cheney: The buck is in a secure, undisclosed location.
Hughes: The buck, like the terrorists, does not value human life.
Powell: Where would you like me to put this buck, massuh?
Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News, et al: The buck stops with Clinton.
Little Green Fascists: Why does the buck hate America?
Ann Coulter: The buck is a traitor.
Michael Kelly: The buck is objectively pro-terrorist.
Ahmad Chalabi: The buck? So what? We are in Baghdad now.
Adam Yoshida: The buck should be nuked. Many may die but it will be worth it in the end.


Bush: the buck stops on Clinton’s desk.


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