Be Cool! Listen to What Bradrocket Listens to!

Teh awesome:

Thanks to TBogg for the tip.

UPDATE: Some of the songs already aren’t working. Oh well. I’ll have to work on this later.


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What? No Boston? Pssshhhh….



Love Radiohead. And The Shins are teh shit!

My top three right now are The Shins, Modest Mouse, and the Raconteurs. “Broken Boy Soldier” – the song is so good it gives me chills.

I’m still listening to the latest Pearl Jam quite a bit, too. What? I’ve gotta keep my heart in Seattle. They’re the last of my beautiful boys, really.

Gotta run errands. Just when the bands come on, I’ve gotta leave the club. That’s always the way…


Pearl Jam are very good. V.S. was the album that formed my angsty teenage years…


Actually, I do listen to what Bradrocket listens to. At least in the case of rh, sigur ros, n the beeeeeta band


Ok, wait, pearl jam?
You’re lucky you’re few years younger than me, Bradrocket.

And if anyone mentions stone temple pilots I’m gonna sick Jack Black on them.

Incontinentia Buttocks

Ever since Sifu Tweety set the bar on this kind of thing incredibly low with his infamous drunken post last year over at TPMI, it’s pretty safe to try to impose your musical tastes on your readership. Worst case response: at least it’s better than what ST listens to!


C’mon diffbrad. STP had a whole lot of metoo about them, but “Still Remains” is a GREAT song that is never removed from my ipod…



Less snootily, the problem with this site is obvious to me after a couple searches. It’s almost only commercial stuff. Praxis or John Zorn or the like turn up few if any results. For someone like me it’d look like all I listen to is radiohead, pavement, r.e.m., the beatles, the pixies, miles davis, pink floyd, and they might be giants, the b-52’s, and violent femmes for nostalgia. Probably 2/3rds of what I listen to I wouldn’t be able to share.
I’m not trying to be elitist or a music snob or blahblah, just saying in terms of sharing this doesn’t serve my type well. I miss the glory days of napster so much sometimes. Geh.


The Shins song is working, which is what matters. I love The Shins.

That Sifu Tweety post was soooooo funny. He’s just now back from his Walk of Shame. I’m glad, I missed him, even if he does like some sucky music. Well, so do I, I just don’t post mine on the internets.


mikey, my problem with stp is they’re studio hacks, basically. They know how to play, but there’s nothing creative in them, nothing original, nothing that speaks to me. And they started off by blatantly ripping off pearl jam, which is like starting off an acting career by stealing from travolta or summin.


“interstate love song” is a definite guilty pleasure of mine. They have some other catchy bubblegrunge tunes that I enjoy as well. I don’t listen to ’em unless someone else is playin’ ’em though.


Stone Pimple Toilets, mikey? Oh, that’s right, you like that hair metal shit, too.

Pearl Jam was a good band. I played the shit out the disc that had the cranky sheep on the cover.

Its just hard to get too excited about the bands on Bradrocket’s little listie when shit like this is going around.


Oh hey, “22 Twos” is working now! Yay! Check it out, even if you’re sick of Jay-Z. His first album, before he got all bling-bling all the time, is effin’ awesome.


I’m a big-time music-geek snob, and I have to say that Stone Temple Pilots are easily my favorite “guilty pleasure.” I had the pleasure of watching them from the side of stage in Atlanta four or five years ago, and they were incredible. No backing tracks, no gimmicks, just no-frills guitar-bass-drums rock and roll with a great frontman, playing an hour and twenty minutes of hits. They played right after the odious Bush, who sucked quite mightily. STP blew their fucking doors off, and I’ve been a fan ever since.


The music you love is the music that saved you, or at least felt like it did. I loved the rock n roll. They shipped my skinny ass off to war, and I got thru it with tommy james, james taylor, three dog night, creedence, janis, marvin gaye. I got home, janis and jimi were dead, and we rocked all night to War, Curtis Mayfield, BTO, Journey, Heart, Boston, like that all thru the seventies. I liked a lot of the early nineties alterno, but you’re always stuck with the music you NEEDED, not the music you liked.

Also, we didn’t have a lot of the access. You basically listened to the radio, waiting for your song. Like the old Sammy line “we been pushing buttons all night long”. After I got home there started to be FM radio, which had been the home of classical music, but now they started to play more than just the top forty. Most of us wouldn’t take our records out of the house, so it wasn’t until the 8 track that you could bring your music to a party. And if you went to the beach or even up to the headlands or something, other than the car radio there wasn’t portable music. There was the dood with the guitar, and that cat got a LOT of action.

If I was in my thirties, I’d most likely be seriously punk, but I’m stuck with whats in my heart, not in my head. Although, Rancid and DHC are in my heart with tommy james….



That was interesting enough for me to find a gogol bordello torrent, kingubu. Definite hint of mr bungle in there.
Maybe I’m giving stp short shrift. I’d just rather listen to zorn n patton twig out in weird ways than most standard 4-5 minute tunes, I guess.


Also, I need to tell you that living in an asian community on Lunar New Year, it sounds a little like a company-sized firefight outside right now. I reckon the local cats n dogs are not digging it…



Get with the program , Screwston is where it’s at.


OK, you can totally use that thing to not pay for music. I predict it will not last very long.


mikey, punk’s a state of mind. But if you didn’t need it during Reagan’s years, you were in a good place. Nice to see another Dand Hall Crashers fan.

I’ve got a soft spot for stp too; it’s like Pearl Jam on a Cheap Trick bender.


This is funny:

Below is the site ( containing the music file. Some music files located in this site may be subject to copyright. To be safe, don’t download from this site. If you like it, click here to download from itunes.

1. All of the music files would be subject to copyright. The holder of the copyright may however be more or less inclined to pursue legal action if the copyright is violated.

2. The person downloading the file isn’t really the person in danger of having the RIAA coming down on them. Sure, they are violating the copyright by downloading the file to their computer. But they are also violating the copyright merely by “playing” the file (since a copy of the file is downloaded anyway and this, according to the courts, still violates the copyright). At any rate, the people who the RIAA would go after would be the people who are a) making the files available for download and b) the people (at least potentially) facilitatiing copyright violations (here the people providing the Project Playlist software and search utility).


Honey I’m Homely!!



OH!! And don’t forget Vonda Shepard. That chick could bring teh rocknroll…



There’s no Conway Twitty. That’s not cool at all.


Amanda Marcotte went so crazy about a single comment made on her blog she made an entire post dedicated to a meltdown rant about it.

I bet the person who made the comment in the first place and then got banned for it just thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

*Turns away whistling and shuffling his feet*


Love that young Beck fellow. I was a liittle surprised to see that he’s a second generation scient_logist.



Ha! that’s great.


Shoelimpy, that is yeserday’s news at the Generals. Do try to keep up.




I have no idea what you are talking about Marcotte didn’t even make the post mentioned until today.


You’ve got to feel some sympathy for authoritarian followers at this point,
don’t you, because they get nailed coming and going. First of all, they rely on the
authorities in their lives to provide their opinions. Usually they don’t care much what
the evidence or the logic for a position is, so they run a considerable chance of being
wrong. Then once they have “their� ideas, someone who comes along and says what
authoritarian followers want to hear becomes trustworthy. High RWAs largely ignore
the reasons why someone might have ulterior motives for saying what they want to
hear; it’s enough for them that another person indicates they are right. Welcome to the


It’s easy to see why authoritarian followers would be dogmatic, isn’t it? When
you haven’t figured out your beliefs, but instead absorbed them from other people,
you’re really in no position to defend them from attack. Simply put, you don’t know
why the things you believe are true. Somebody else decided they were, and you’re
taking their word for it. So what do you do when challenged?
Well first of all you avoid challenges by sticking with your own kind as much
as possible, because they’re hardly likely to ask pointed questions about your beliefs.
But if you meet someone who does, you’ll probably defend your ideas as best you can,
parrying thrusts with whatever answers your authorities have pre-loaded into your
head. If these defenses crumble, you may go back to the trusted sources. They
probably don’t have to give you a convincing refutation of the anxiety-producing
argument that breached your defenses, just the assurance that you nonetheless are
right. But if the arguments against you become overwhelming and persistent, you
either concede the point–which may put the whole lot at risk–or you simply insist you
are right and walk away, clutching your beliefs more tightly than ever.

The Authoritarians

For some reason these came to mind.


I didn’t see any meltdown, except maybe on your part FooShrimpy.

Her post WAS actually pretty much on topic; Bionic Man (sublimate much?) asked how she felt about the Malkin Thing (thx mikey!) and she took him seriously enough to post.

The Malkin thing’s status as patriarchal authoritarian apologist is a common one; in other times, they were referred to as Uncle Tom.

But the comment that started it was part of yesterday’s posting. And The General DID go through the basic responses in the OP yesterday, with verve and vigor, if I might add. Although his particular targets probably didn’t appreciate it much. Were you one of his targets Shoo?


I think Billy’s on glue.

I dunno what the general had to do with anything. Did he tell Amanda to put the word “cunt” into bionicman’s mouth?

Michelle Malkin is a woman with a stay at home Husband who takes care of the kids. That to me makes her a feminist who is ruining society. She is DEFINATELY a feminist in my opinion. I didn’t know that feminism was partisan along political lines. What if we ever get a third party? It will be ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually read limpy’s attempted summary of his little brush with attention, and it made me realize there’s a new codicil needed for Godwin’s Law.
The more often you use the word rant to describe your opponent’s work, the more likely it is you’re the one ranting.


“Malkin Thing”? Nice how you rip Michelle Malkin of her gender simply because she is a woman who would dare say something that you disagree with.

The entire Marcotte post was a meltdown. Marcotte is completely unable to take any sort of personal responsibility for the things she has said in the past, plays the role of the “poor woman victim” and a strong woman like Malkin calls her on it. But for Marcotte this so completely skews her vision of reality she must go on a rant about how Malkin is not really a woman.

Marcotte blew any chance she might have had of being anything ever again at a national level with her meltdown which goes beyond this single post but this entire debacle. All she has done is whine and complain rather than really try to make her voice heard and explain what she believes in. She has written articles for Salon, Huffington Post, etc., but all she has done with her 15 minutes of fame is decry the “right wing noise machine” rather than say anything substantive. For someone who had a real agenda it would be a waste, but she really has no agenda outside of whining and complaining.

I mean, really.


No a in definitely, princess.
And to get it out of the way ahead of time, alot is not a word. Two words. A and lot.


Oh come on Brad. Don’t be such a sheep. She went nuts over nothing, and she continued to go nuts, calling bionicman “men like you”, “pigs like you”, etc, with absolutely no provacation or reason other than she was losing it.

It was weird.


I never said I could spell. Thanks for picking on spelling rather than content. It’s so cowardly and stuff. Have a cookie.


Ack, why is limpy talking so much? That creeps me out. Trolls are just supposed to pop in the room, fart and then slink away unnoticed. When they talk a lot, they appear to be human.


Fart and leave, Steve.


C’mon, guys, can’t we just be PIE??



And since I know limpy will have trouble understanding the difference between SN! and his attempts to escape a poor self image, let’s make clear.
You can call something a rant if you follow it up justifying that description.
That requires engaging what they say, limpy. Not just pointing and dancing around like a 5 year old and singsonging “you’re ranting you’re ranting you’re ranting” as the adult tries to get a word in, and eventually gives up.


Oh, you mean like you waiting for someone to make a personal or off color joke for you to label as the way the entire left is responding to the right?
That kind of dodging the point?
When you actually try you can be half amusing, princess, but lately you’ve been phoning it in. I think limpy’s tepid mediocrity is dragging you down.


All this pie talk is making me hungry. Shoelimpy and annie, come join me for some pie. We can fart up the whole damn room. I’ll close the door and everything.

Come on. For the sake of Sadly, No!, let’s go eat some pie.


I assume that by “teh awesome,” you mean “might be awesome if one day it doesn’t suck.”



““Malkin Thingâ€?? Nice how you rip Michelle Malkin of her gender simply because she is a woman who would dare say something that you disagree with.”

Well, if I said something about her gender, you would instantly accuse me of sexism. Since it doesn’t matter how I refer to her, I use the convention that pleases me.

I don’t see where using Bionicman’s post to extrapolate is a rant. It’s not a meltdown just because that’s the word you use to describe it; to the contrary, I found it a much more cogent argument than the one posted on your site.

You and your annie seem to ignore the fact that bloggers quite often use a comment from a previous post to expand on a theme or issue that’s of interest. Not a rant at all, but a tangent, maybe, or a divertissement

Annie, don’t pick on diffbrad and call him a sheep. It’s as cowardly as picking on spelling.


I keep trying to snark back, but that’s just too funny for me to build up any head of steam. I could explain things slowly, but whatev.


steve, what the hell kind of pie do you eat that’s giving you the farts?


Good call on the Mr. Bungle/Gogol Bordello connection, adb. Personally, they reminded me of Babaloo or a way punkier Brave Combo, but I see the Patton vibe you’re talking about.


Well, some sort of bean pie would do the trick, but that’s too obvious. Flatulence is a characteristic of troll physiology. I’m just trying to accomodate Shoe and annie.

Shoelimpy and annie always go into some big treatise on pie whenever they show up. They are obsessed with pie. It’s sad, really.


Gah, dangling anchor tag!

Come home, Previewie. All is forgiven!


Repeating the idea that Malkin is a corporate shill and all her supporters would call her a “cunt” if she were to say something that they disagreed with is hardly a cogent argument. It is about as cogent an argument as calling someone an Uncle Tom simply on the basis they are successful and black.


From the website of the Limp Shoe:

The 1/2 Hour News Hour premieres tonight on FoxNews at 10 PM EST. I know what I am going to be watching tonight.

Here is another preview of the show to let us all know just what a treat we are in for tonight:

I think no further comment is required.


Wow. I am so not touching that.

Shoe, you got issues, kid.


The outrageousness of banning from one’s comments section some redneck loser troll who barely has two brain cells to rub together! It’s shocking, I say, shocking!


Repeating the idea that Malkin is a corporate shill and all her supporters would call her a “cunt� if she were to say something that they disagreed with is hardly a cogent argument.

Which may have been Amanda’s central argument, but she didn’t rely on simple assertion; either. She used her experience being called a ‘cunt’ when she said something that Malkin’s followers disagreed with. I would say Amanda has amassed plenty of firsthand experience on the ugliness of Malkin’s fans lately, which allows her a unique perspective.

It is about as cogent an argument as calling someone an Uncle Tom simply on the basis they are successful and black.

I agree. So I didn’t do it.


Your analogy falls flat, limpy. Calling the malkin thing an uncle tom, while not something I precisely agree with, cause my white ass has no right to call anyone such a thing, is meant to note that, were she an equally shrill lefty, folk like you would be treating her the way you do Cindy Sheehan.
She’s allowed obnoxious opinions not because the right respects the right of women to be people just like guys, but because she’s loyal to the party line above all.


You go to someone’s house, you don’t behave by their rules and you insult the host.

Why pretend to be shocked when you get thrown out? Not everyone has the tolerance of the hosts around here.


annieangel said,
February 19, 2007 at 6:45

I agree, Shoe.

Color me surprised. Who saw THAT one coming?


Folk like me? I have never once said a thing about Cindy Sheehan, so you’re barking up the wrong tree there. And if Malkin were a lefty I would treat her much better than you lefties treat Malkin now.


All namestealers will be banned. I’ve about had it.


According to Marcotte, it is not Malkin’s fans who have said nasty things to her but Donohue’s. Because, to listen to Marcotte, Malkin had practically nothing to do with it whatsoever, she has barely received a mention from Marcotte. And she was saying Bionic Man would call Malkin a cunt if Malkin said something BM disagreed with, not that Malkin supporters would call Marcotte a cunt.


wait till Michelle and the 101st see


Meh. Once the Two of Pie start blathering about name stealing, you know the thread is gone.

Sorry everybody. I should have known better than feed pie to the Bipolar Trolls. Just got into the mood, you know? I’ll do my penance by going home and brushing my feline.


Look, I and the Limp Shoe have nothing serious to add to the discussion here. We are morons who uselessly try to draw attention to our profoundly uninteresting selves. We understand that. If nobody can offer a serious reason why we should be allowed to stay, we’ll ban ourselves. Deal? 🙂


link no work, try again…

wait till Michelle and the 101st see “this,” one can only imagine the outrage.


On an unrelated note:

Despite the odd name, Crab Farm Winery’s cabernet is pretty good.


Shoelimpy, we’re not going to visit your blog. Why would you whore it here, instead of, say, Free Republic?


I would lay odds the reason Limpy doesn’t post at derFreeperland is because he isn’t looking for people to call him “nice names.”


Dammit again, left to post on a dead thread because of my schedule and location. *sigh* I just wanted to thank you kingubu for that wonderful link. My parents had a passion for violin, and especially gypsy violin music when I was growing up. What I wouldn’t give for those records…and a recording of those times. All that aside, I loved it, and am now on a quest to make it into my music library. Modern gypsy fever!


Guys. Stop paying attention to Shoe and Annie. I don’t know how many times I have to explain that they don’t believe what they’re saying and that their entire schtick is performance art.


well, at least one more, Brad.

Some of us never listen.


I like annie. When she/they put the effort in she is/they’re well worth the time, but don’t encourage her/them when she’s/they’re just phoning it in.


She/they? What the fuck, you/him? Care to explain?

And ummm, Brad, what don’t I believe about thinking it’s utterly insane the way Amanda reacted to a commenter saying Malkin is a strong woman? To the way she put words in his mouth and generally lost it??

I mean they even linked her thread on hot air. LOL.


They are unpleasant, loathsome creatures, dumb as a box of hammers and good for nothing but annoyance. I find life to be much better behind the wall of pie ™



…behind the wall of pie.

Great. Now I’ve got the Smithereens bouncing around inside my cranial soundtrack. Which reminds me that I’m still pissed that I missed their show last week up at the Key Club, where they played the “Meet the Beatles” album in its entirety.

Did the fact that I mentioned music somehow help re-hijack this thread back to its original music-centered topic? Or should I just go get me some pecan pie with a nice dollop of whipped cream?


Good. More of the denizens of Hot Air could use a look at how one organizes an argument

Oh Noes!!! A blogger reacted to a commenter!

See what happens wihout the Wall Of Pie.

(I nominate mikey as Official Sadly, No! Designator and Coiner.)


A blogger put lies into the mouth of a commentator. A blogger went INSANE and it’s all there to look at and laugh.

Now of course, Billy Pilgrim would call her a cunt if she were a conservative blogger.

If you answer no to that billy, and say that isn’t true, it’s makes you a fool. 🙂


I wish I were smart like that Althouse broad, instead of just beautiful. Then I could argue with these big meanies at Sadly, No! without looking like some peabrained redneck.


Martika the Namestealer,

Look, mdhatter loves me, ok???? Just get over it, maybe set your sights on that Pilgrim person. He’s more your speed.


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