Wingnuttery Withdrawal

Hey all.

I’m sorry again for being so absent of late, but a miraculous thing has happened to me.

See, when last week’s DOS attack hindered my ability to blog, I actually stopped reading right-wing blogs and websites for a few days. For a while, this felt strange. I had become so used to reading Instapundit, Renew America, Powerline, Malkin, Dan Riehl, WorldNetDaily and Newsmax on a regular basis that spending some time away from them made me feel rather sad, as though there were a gaping hole ripped into my daily routine.

But then funny stuff began happening to me. I started noticing the birds sing. The sky looked a little bluer. Every woman I met became a little bit hotter. I stopped getting the urge to kick random dudes in the balls.

What I’m trying to say is, not reading right-wing blogs made my life a hell of a lot better. The estimable Roy Edroso had a very similar experience recently. This is what he wrote:

I recently apologized for the paucity of my posting, but actually, when I look at the right-wing blogs that usually spur my bloggage, I do so with the horrified incomprehension of an amnesia victim who has just been told by his doctor that, in his forgotten life, he was addicted to dogshit smoothies. […]

How any of them can fart without suffering a brain hemorrhage is beyond me. Refresh my memory: Why did I start writing about them?

This is a sentiment I know all too well. I mean, I take a break for just a teensy-weensy liittle bit, and what happens? Why, the Ole Perfesser starts encouraging our government to fund secret assassination squads in Iran. What the hell, man.

Above: Glenn Reynolds, the plenipotentiary of the wardorks

At some point, trying to keep up with the lunacy, ignorance and mind-numbing shitbaggery of Wingnut Nation becomes overwhelming. You begin to feel like an acid burnout who is perpetually trying to wash hallucinatory insects out of his hair. No matter how many hours you spending shampooing and scrubbing, you know that the minute you turn off the water in the shower, another roach will crawl out from behind your ear and begin nibbling on your eye. Christ, have you read Powerline lately? They’re twisting themselves into preztels trying to defend Doug Feith. It hurts just to think about.

Anyway, I’m not going to quit blogging anytime soon. I’m just giving you an explanation for why I’ve been reluctant to willingly subject myself to mental anguish. I’ll try to ease my way back by posting on some Pastor Swank columns shortly.

UPDATE: Jesus Christ. Why did I have to read Dan Riehl. Why in God’s name did I have to read Dan Riehl:

Seeing the reaction to a post by Instapundit

We should be responding quietly, killing radical mullahs and iranian atomic scientists, supporting the simmering insurgencies within Iran, putting the mullahs’ expat business interests out of business, etc.

is pretty funny given certain facts most weighing in seem to have forgotten. Punditry has the ability to become an echo chamber of your own first thoughts and less the act of observing reality and basing your judgments and conclusions on that.

Feb 5th: A senior nuclear physicist involved in Iran’s nuclear program has died under mysterious circumstances two weeks ago. A report on a US website is saying that he was killed by Israeli’s Mossad

Professor Ardashir Hosseinpour, was a world authority on electromagnetism. He was until recently working in one of the central processing sites in Iran’s nuclear program. Professsor Hosseeinpour was working on enrichment of uranium at the facility in Isfahan.

Governments, like the Lord, perhaps, can move in mysterious ways … or not. The trick is in the not knowing. But since the death of the Iranian nuclear scientist, Hezbollah has not attacked Israel and Iraq has not somehow deteriorated.

See apparently, Hezbollah was entirely dependent on this one scientist for its weapons, and now that he’s dead they’ll never attack Israel again.

Also, Iraq has not deteriorated.

Kill me. Please, please kill me.


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Smiling Mortician

But. But. Brad. See, my understanding is that you read the wingnuts over there so that I don’t have to read them here at home. And now you’re all, like, let’s just cut and run? A few random ball-kickings on the street is not too high a price to pay for the eternal vigilance of . . . um . . . something. Sorry, where was I?


It’s not a cut and run. I’m easing back into this. Really, though, going without reading this shit for a week did me a world of good. Have some sympathy, man.


Mmmmmm, dogshit smoothies….


Wingnut version of the Zerg Rush. Their only weapons are deafening repetition and sheer tenacity.

I think everyone goes thru it eventually. Hell, even just reading ABOUT the articles burns me out after a while, I can’t imagine what crawling into the snake pit is like.

Mental health breaks are allowed and encouraged.

Smiling Mortician

Oh, we’re being serious. My bad.

It’s a tough call, isn’t it? Do you continue to wallow in the depths of sheer shrieking depravity so that you can come out the other side, report what you’ve seen, and therefore do good in the world? Or does the wallowing pose too great a risk to your own capacity for a full and joyful life?

Swear to gawd, I’m just making an honest observation here. I left my snark at the door (for the moment).


Dude, I don’t blame ya. Michelle Malkin alone is enough to make hope the aliens hurry up and come and get me.


Brad. The last thing a fellah on an over-the-fence mission needs to be thinking about is “why”. Line and Leg don’t get these exotic ops. You go over the fence, deep into their comfort z and you listen to the worst of it. But its not like there’s a why. You do it ’cause you’ve trained for it. You do it ’cause you can. You do it ’cause you wouldn’t ask somebody else to go instead. You do it…



Some Guy,

WTF, I said no rush! Don’t you know what nr means?!

Heh, that takes me back…


Whatever it takes Brad. I can’t even keep the sound up on CSpan anymore. Teh stupid, it burns. And totally pisses me off.


Let’s face it, prolonged close contact with Wingnuts dementia is enough to make Gandhi want to start randomly nutsacking strangers. Take all the time you need to detox, Mr. Rocket.


Reading wingnutmedia day in and day out must be exhausting. You guys need to seriously bump up the advertising on this site so that you can at least cash in a little (if only to create a fund to pay for the psychiatric visits you’re going to need to cure the PTSD you’re going to have).


It’s quite alright, Brad. I don’t think I could take any of their shit at ALL without you guys filtering it for me, honestly.


Brad, this Trailer Park Boys episode is guaranteed to clear your head.


You need some time off, Brad. Go spend a week reading those handwritten screeds posted on city lightposts, bus stops and bulletin boards, you know, the ones with the tiny print and exclamation points and pen drawings of whales and stars and demons. It’ll be a refreshing sanity break from covering your beat.


Their only weapons are deafening repetition and sheer tenacity.

You have to admit, their tenacity is impressive. But now they have gone too far and appear to have lost the soft, gooey middle. Things don’t look too good for them in the immediate future. Holding onto the White House in 2008 is about the only chance they have. Just think how stunning that would be: in 2004 they were crowing about permanent majorities and dustbins of history, and now they may lose both houses of Congress AND the White House by 2008.


Just think how stunning that would be: in 2004 they were crowing about permanent majorities and dustbins of history, and now they may lose both houses of Congress AND the White House by 2008.

Something just like that happened back in the 19-forties, JK.

~Perfessor Godwin


May I recommend three very funny movies:

– The Imposters
– The Curse of the Were-rabbit
– Kung Fu Hustle

Watch any of these and I guarantee you’ll feel better.


Dude, you’re channeling Lovecraft.

By Their smell can men sometimes know them near, but of Their semblance can no man know, saving only in the features of those They have begotten on mankind; and of those are there many sorts, differing in likeness from man’s truest eidolon to that shape without sight or substance which is Them.

They walk unseen and foul in lonely places where the Words have been spoken and the Rites howled through at their Seasons. The wind gibbers with Their voices, and the earth mutters with Their consciousness.


fuck you brad you pussy.

now is the time you start whingeing like a little bee-atch? you are a goddamn foot soldier. your commenters are serious people–people with real jobs and lives and families. we don’t have the precious bodily fluids to donate to the job you are doing. though some of us are of going-to-right-wing-website-age, it is important that we sit on the sideline and let you die the death of a thousand stupid dan riehl posts.

i’d do it myself but my family needs me.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Since the death of the Iranian scientist, my whites have been whiter, my colours have been brighter, and random strangers stop me in the street to give me flowers.

Also, the quality of hallucinogens available has skyrocketed, and the street price is waaaay down. This is knowledge available to none but me and Riehl.

Brad, Brad, Brad. You need only think of the skills needed for that ultimate adventure sport, the naked luge: “Lie flat. Try not to die”.

Incontinentia Buttocks

Clearly your not reading the Wingnuts has emboldened them.

Like Abe Lincoln said: “Bloggers who fail to stick with the program are traitors whom I’ll personal torture to death like Wonder Woman would, as soon as I get done with these Cheetos.”



Indeed, we count on you and Edroso, Brad. Seriously. I want to know what these people are saying, but I can’t take it unfiltered. The meanness and hatred are too much for me. But you do need a break from it.


What’s this about good quality hallucinogens?
I haven’t had those since the mid 90s.
No fears for the break, Bradrocket. I need breaks just from coming here sometimes, teh stupid burns so bad. Whatever it takes not to get so angry it’s unhealthy, or unfunny.



Let me reiterate a point I tried to make clear in our brief IM conversation the other night — in this world there are only two kinds of actions — Things You Want To Do, and Things You Have To Do. If you find yourself feeling as if you, y’know, kinda sorta ‘should’ do something that you neither WANT to do nor NEED to do, then, at the very least, take a big step back and re-evaluate.

‘Should’ is the enemy of the human spirit. ‘Should’ is an invaluable part of the vocabulary of every leech and parasite out there, sniveling about what you owe them while trying to work your wallet out of your back pocket. “Should” is a word that is a giant red flag. When someone says ‘should’ to you, back away slowly until you reach cover, and then, run like hell.

Even if you were getting paid for this, well, everyone has a right to quit a job that is driving them insane. And, well, you AREN’T getting paid for this. Everybody here enjoys reading your work and would be sorry to see you go, but nobody here is making out any checks to you. Which gives people absolutely ZERO right to expect you do continue putting out for them if you suddenly reach a point where it ain’t fun any more.

I presume people start doing this sort of thing (Wingnut Patrol) because they enjoy it, or, if not the actual act of continually exposing the idiocies of the far right wing, then they enjoy the concomitant attention and approbation they get in 100+ entry comment threads. If you are finding that isn’t enough for you and you no longer WANT to do this, well, you certainly don’t NEED to do it, and you… eh… shouldn’t.

I gotta go to work.


i’d do it myself but my family needs me.

Now THAT’S funny.


“A report on a US website is saying that he was killed by Israeli’s Mossad.”

Are you sure it was a US website, Dan? Maybe it was Jamil Hussein’s blog.


I’d do it myself, but I can do a lot more good by sitting in my basement writing about you doing it.


What would happen if no one on the left read the sewage of the right? If we stop making fun of them, if we stop paying attention, maybe the weight of their own unchecked stupidity will crush them.

If Powerline is slipping over the abyss into suggestions of assassinations then maybe the rest of them will continue to grow ever the more aggressive until they are calling on circus acrobats to start slaughtering the clowns in an attempt to top each other.

I recently gave up on reading my local wingnuts and showing them for the lying sack of shits they are. I’m not totally off the drink, though, I’m still getting my sips from Crooks and Liars and Sadly, No!. I should go cold turkey, but then the dreams return. Oh, my Dog, not the dreams!


I hate the tendency of activists to try to get people in trouble for the things they say, by Glenn Reynolds is getting more creepy over time. I seriously have to question why someone who is advocating a systematic program of murder and terrorism should be allowed to hold a law license and a publicly funded position as a professor of law. This is a grave ethical violation that brings the profession into disrepute, and the state of Tennessee, and whatever state or federal bars to which he holds membership probably ought to be made aware of this.

But I won’t do it myself, of course – honor among thieves, and so on.


“Kill me. Please, please kill me.”


Oh, don’t worry, Brad. Someone will kill you all right. What with all your leftofascist efforts to humiliate The Decider and unsupport our troops and embolden The Enemy, they’ll be pouring over the French-Canadian border any day now to chop your head off. Then who’ll be laughing, Mr. Smarty Pants?


what are they, Pepsi-Fascists?


I know what you mean.
I gave up reading Andrew Sullivan years ago, and that has made all the difference.
You’re providing a service to the rest of us, but at what price? It’s only a matter of time before they find these wingnut sites are carcinogenic.


Brad R.
I sympathize.
I’ve been travelling a lot lately – much of it out of the country (China, Germany, Ireland). I’ve had little time for news or blogs. I actually started to believe the world made some sort of sense. I met and worked with real people who were not Americans and they were decent kind folks very much like myself. I found myself thinking that if the average Chinese can be this sane and accomodating the 21st century wont be so bad. Then I came home and fell right back into the cess pool.
Fear, loathing and complete feeblemindedness – death squads and doctored intelligence, more war and less peace, Iran has WMD – I just know it – trust me!
Thank you right wing asshats! Thank You!



Don’t go insane. We need you clear headed and snarky. Whatever it takes to make you not go insane, I’m for it.

And Hezbollah hasn’t attacked since an Iranian scientist was killed? Isn’t Hezbollah in Lebanon? And funded by Syria?

“Say what you will, but since I took a big dump yesterday, Hezbollah hasn’t attacked. Clearly we all need to eat more FiberCrunchies(TM), from HalliExoWalmartCo! And go shopping!”


Almost my first thought when I first found this site was, “How do they read those sites without going insane.” I read one article from any one of those places and I’m about to go postal.

Thanks for taking one for the team.


We missed you, Brad.

Perhaps you shouldn’t have jumped right into the deep end of the wingnut pool.

You know, maybe start out with a little Pastor Swank or Marie Jon’ because at least they’re sometimes inadvertently amusing, rather than with Dan Riehl.

I mean, fucking Dan Riehl. It’s, it’s, gaaaaaah! It’s fucking Dan Riehl!

There really are no words.

Also, there really is no preview button.

It disappeared when you did, Brad. I think you should be ashamed of yourself for letting us think that the last time it disappeared, it was in Gary Ruppert’s Dustbin of History, when you obviously had it all the time.

Welcome back. Now hand it over.


Ah, Gentlewoman, keepin’ it real. I loves this place.


We must fund the terrorists in order to defeat the terrorists.


Something just like that happened back in the 19-forties, JK.

~Perfessor Godwin

Where? In Bizarro World?


the undersecretary inbounds the ball… he passes to the undersecretary… undersecretary under the basket… rejected by the undersecretary


Brad, I hope that, for your sake, you have not seen the clips from The Half Hour News Hour.


I find that a good cure for wingnut overdose is a heaping helping of reality. “Coming of Age in the Milky Way” or “Connections” for instance. Sort of an intellectual Alka-Selzer, I suppose.


Dude, your timing is P E R F E C T.

I just got a new job, so I won’t have the time to be a proper dedicated sycophant anyhow.


Brad, I’ve missed you, too, and hope that your break from Travels in Winguttia has done you a world of good, and that you’ll feel strong enough soon to ease back into harness.

Because I don’t want my 17-year-old son to have to read Dan Riehl or Instapundit in Las Vegas.


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