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There’s a Pam Atlas Photoshop contest ramping up over at Marita’s place…


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I’d hit it. With Ann Coulter’s dick, I mean.

Oh shit. Did that comment just bar me from working for a Democratic presidential candidate’s website?


When did Atlas Pam become Pam Atlas?


Please keep us sadistic bastards updated on this remarkable artistic project on autism.


Aw crap! Everything’s gone black! Fetch my smelling salts!


What bothers me the most about her is that her eyes are never really quite… focused… on anything. It’s very unnerving.
Awww, crap, here we go. I’m betting on some serious anti-NYT wingnuttery.

I’m not really sure how this worked, exactly, though. I’m sure more details will surface.


We here at Sadly, No! will not be taking part in the Photoshop contest on our blog. We are hoping that Hillary Clinton calls us up to write for her campaign blog and we don’t want to have anything come back to haunt us.


That’s Shoelimpy posing as Brad again, BTW.

Rule of thumb: If it isn’t minorly funny or clever in any way, it’s Shlimp and Annie!


That last Gavin M. was Shoelimpy. Who else would whine about being namestolen?


I know I’m sick and tired of people stealing my name.


Y’know, I was just thinking. Nobody’s ever stolen my name. Is that how you recognize that you’ve become an internets phenomena? If nobody is stealing your name, you’re a nobody?



There! That’s better!


Waylon who ?


Please give me my name back.


The Republican ‘Dream Ticket’ that Pam is ready to jump into bed, er, onboard with: Rumsfeld/Bolton, 2008.

Says Pam: “Bolton and Rummy. Yummy.”


The fact is, your hatred of Pam exposes you all as anti-Semites.


Actually, Gary, we’re anti-Edomites. They were Baal-loving, potty-mouthed splitters. The Romans did the world a favor.


In my case, I am objectively anti-stalagmite. Fuckers grow up from the ground in defiance of the law of gravity and don’t even get a goddam ticket. They creep me out…



I prefer to think of myself as pro-stalactite.


Further proof that the MSM promotes the Gay Agenda.
This is obviously Ted Turner’s doing.

(Okay, preview’s not working right now. Hope the link works. Forgive the silliness – I don’t even have drink to fall back on as an excuse….I’m just bored tonight).


Maybe you could pay us cats to post under your name? Just hook up to my PayPal acct, and fork some money over, and I’ll name steal ya all over teh internets. I’ll bat your name around like it was a mouse with fleas.


Um, Ms. Althouse? Kitty Cheese didn’t really mean to propose something that might be, um, actionable. Unfortunately, today she ripped open a fresh bag of catnip, and overindulged. She has a problem. She needs help, not lawsuits from New York Law Firms.

Teh Preview Button doesn’t appear to be working. Is it on strike?


You know what I hate? When on Sirius 26 they say, “Great bands existed before…” And then they play Afghan Whigs. I mean, what the fakakta!!!


You know what I hate? When on Sirius 26 they say, “Great bands existed before…� And then they play Afghan Whigs.

Lemme tellya how funny this is. I’m totally cracking up…

…and I have NO IDEA why it’s funny…

…now THAT’S funny.



What’s all this fuss I hear about Afghan Wigs? There are plenty of other countries that make nice wigs. Take Sweden, for example… you can get a pretty wig from Sweden. Italian wigs are very nice, too… I don’t understand why Afghan wigs should get all that attention on Sirius… what? What’s that you say?

Oh… whigs… nevermind….”

I miss Gilda.


Duh, Sirius is the dog star. Afghans don’t have to wear wigs there. Sheesh.


Oh noes, I hadn’t realized that Ann Althouse does Vlogs (I don’t generally read her blog). Have you people seen this?

It’s the damnedest thing – she appears to be looking into the camera, despite the fact that she’s clearly gazing at her navel the entire time. Wow.

What kind of art would you paint on a Frito?


I’m gonna take action against that so-called comedian who’s been namestealing me for years! When I get through with him, he’ll wish he was an Afghani expatriate currently dwelling on Sirius.


Cool photoshopping contest you’ve got going on, Marita. You owe me a keyboard that isn’t tea splattered! 🙂


I clicked on that link, Marita, and I have to say, I think that woman is seriously stoned. She’s also so boring that I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. She could put a tweaker to sleep.

It must be Saturday night…


No kidding, Candy. I’ve posted some pretty pointess stuff on my blog, but I can’t imagine what would inspire someone to put something like that up on YouTube.

I like the part where she discusses how, after her movie is out, she goes into other screens to check out the other films that are showing. Someone should alert the theater. They tend to frown on that sort of thing…


I didn’t get that far. What on earth would make someone think that making a vlog like that would serve any useful purpose whatsoever?

She’s a little vague, to say the least.


Dear god, that video. I can only imagine the torture of living in a mind that banal and featureless. I actually feel sorry for her, now.

As for what kind of art goes on a Frito Frida, that’s obvious: boobies.


kingubu, I now have the pineapple or knife going through my head…

not that that’s a bad thing. It got rid of the song that was stuck in my head for the past three days. Even a song you like tends to suck after three days…


Oh, wow, kingubu, what a freaky coincidence. I was just looking at that kahlo on a tarot card earlier this evening.

It’s a long story…

I think I’ll put my Frida DVD in now.


You have a Frida Kahlo tarot deck? Wait, there’s such a thing as a Frida Kahlo tarot deck?? I.. um… wow.

What card has that painting on it?


No, it’s an online deck by a woman called Lunea. She sells actual decks, and I wish I could afford to order one; the cards are beautiful. They are collage of many different things.

That particular painting is on “Nightmare” … ah, here’s a link:

You’ll dig it!


A Frida Kahlo tarot deck would be teh awesome.


Pineapple or knife?


Herr Doktor Bimler

Bloody oath, you people are getting obscure. Weird and obscure. Sirius 26? Afghan Whigs? this would be enough to drive me to drink, except that Frau Doktorin Penny drove me there already, and then after 6 pintsI caught the bus home .

Now if you were talking about the Sirian Experiments, and The Making of the Representative for Planet 8, I would have a vague idea of what you were talking about. I even saw the Philip Glass operatic version at Sadlers Wells.


Pineapple or knife?
Feathers or lead?


Right, right, stop it. This thread’s got silly. Started off with a nice little idea about photoshopping rightwing harpies attacking young men, but now it’s got silly.

Except for the part about Frida Kahlo’s tarot cards.


Si. Correcto! Schoolbus est mas macho.


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