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Hey everyone, this is Brad. If you think I’ve been pretty quiet of late, you’re right. For some reason, the DOS attack we got hit with on Monday has wiped out my ability to post from home. I am currently looking at the site via a proxy server, but I can’t actually log into it. Gav is posting this message for me. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, or has dealt with something similar before, please let me know how to fix it.

Some random thoughts:

1.) This whole Amanda mess was really awful, and good for John Edwards for sticking with her. Amanda has said some things that I’ve found to be downright wrong and illogical, especially regarding the Duke case, but for God’s sake she shouldn’t have to lose her job for it. And seeing that some of the people leading the charge against her are known to say things like “a douche like Greenwald helps a pussy like Retardo stay fresh” and “after I beat you like a bitch, I will hold you down and smack you across the face repeatedly with my cock“… well that just makes it all the more ridiculous.

2.) The Pelosi plane “scandal.” My gods. Is there nothing our national media won’t pay attention to if the Moonie Times dangles it in front of their face?

That is all. Hopefully, some nice person in the comments will be able to tell me how to fix whatever the hell this DOS attack did to my computer so I can start posting again in short order.


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The Pelosi Plane “Scandal:”

Put yourself in the shoes of soome poor reporter like, say, Wolf Blitzer. On the one hand, you have these hideously complex stories where Jack Abramof delivers suitcases full of cash to Republicans in exchange for their votes on key issues. This whole thing is terribly hard to understand because Republican congressmen are resigning, going to jail, being indicted, being named as targets of grand jury investigations and so on.

On the other hand, you have someone who is No. 2 in line of succession to the President of the United States who simply wants the same ability to fly home non-stop that her predecessor had. THIS story is soooooo much easier for a reporter to understand because the reporter doesn’t have to do any research or even think. Just rip the RNC talking points off the FAX machine, look into the camera, and read. Done! And with plenty of time left for lunch with Ken Mehlmen.


Did you try hitting it?


Bill Scher went to Oberlin with M. Malkin.

Go to liberaloasis.com and read the post from this past Thursday for some MM background.

And, re her CSPAN quote, as always, Block that metaphor.


Hey Brad,

Must you “KEEP” putting up the image (face) of Michelle Malkin?

How about Patrick Frey’s (Patterico) face?

Or better yet, how about both faces (Frey’s and Malkin’s) at the same time?


The OJ Simpson Case

sleazy, scuzzy, unprincipled, & handsome

I guess this is too much work for a reporter, but there are many types of business jets with 3500 mile ranges, enough for Pelosi fly non-stop coast to coast, and we know that the military has all kinds of these jets in their inventory. Why doesn’t someone ask about the disposition of these jets? If the military has a gulfstream flying the mail from dix to rammstein three times a week, wouldn’t it be better used to shuttle west coast congressionals from andrews to SFO?


Am I the only one wondering why it is that whenever S,N! gets into it with the Malkintents, there’s a DoS attack or some other problem?

It just seems so… coincidental.


Oberlin roolz!

Shit, Brad. Nothing worse than bloggy tech issues. I deal with them constantly. If you can log in from one place and not another, then maybe they messed with your .htaccess file? Did you try turning off your firewall at home?

You could also just call up your web host. I use Blue Host, and they have usually been able to help me pinpoint why things aren’t working as they should. Stupid hackers… why are they so mean?


The fact is, you deserved to be shut down, Free speech does not mean no consequence for lies and hate speech, which is what liberals deliver 24×7. Malkin should sue you.


The fact is, you desereved to be shut down, free speech does not mean no consequence for saying things I don’t agree with, which is what liberals do 24×7. Malkin should come over and change your sheets.




The fact is, you deserved to be shut down, Free speech does not mean no consequence for lies and hate speech, which is what liberals deliver 24×7. Malkin should sue you.

Notice how we don’t ban Gary.

-teh mgmt


Mr. Gary Rupport?

Michelle Malkin should “SUE” Brad and Sadly No!? And shut Sadly No! down? I would highly doubt it. Pretty strong words from you Mr. Rupport. Can you back up your words Legally?

The OJ Simpson Case


Why doesn’t someone ask about the disposition of these jets?

Ok, one time slowly.

This plane thingy is the job of the military.

The congress tells them what to do – NOT HOW TO DO IT.

thank you, you may now resume your blissful ignorance on other matters (you handsome devil)


Free speech does not mean no consequence

yes gary, it does mean that.

what free speech does NOT (but should) mean is that you actually bear responsibility for speaking in thoughtful, heartfelt, intellectually consistent statements.

Gary, you have the freedom to speak irresponsibly, and we love you for it.


Look, I think it is clear that the fact that Sadly, No doesn’t have Gary Ruppert writing all of its articles means that you hate free speech and love the terrorists. I mean, think of it, with Gary writing all the posts here, the terrorists would be surrendering on an aircraft carrier in what, two weeks, tops? Instead, all you do is let him pop over here all the time and rant about Katherine Harris winning a landslide or Nancy Pelosi being umm, needed to be protected or something. How can Gary win the war on terror single handedly with you holding his right arm, left leg, and bag of Cheeto’s behind his back?



It could be that the hosting service changed the IP address of the server you were using, and your DNS server hasn’t been updated with that new information yet. When I hit the site, it’s using as the address. What do you get if you put that IP address in instead of using the domain name?


Brad, I would contact your hosting provider. To defeat DOS attacks, providers install packet filters that block the attackers from getting any connections through to the server. If your IP address is near that of any of the attackers, they may have inadvertently blocked you at the same time. So send them your IP address and see if they installed any filters at the router that would block you from posting.

Also, Gary Ruppert is a national treasure. There should be a monument to him in Washington. I’ll leave it to the superior artists of the SadlyNomosphere to design it and choose the precise location. Winner should get a coffee mug or something. Hell, I’ll even buy the damn mug.


That image is so photoshopped!

Everyone knows that the ghostly visage of Malkin that appeared during the bombing of Beirut was much lighter than that. Racists!

And at least she had the decency to appear as a disembodied head. As befits a fellow moderate, no breasteses for Ms. Malkin, thank goodness!


Heh heh heh. Mario slapped Gary down!

Feel free to take on annieangel next, if you’d like, Mario.


“If your IP address is near that of any of the attackers, they may have inadvertently blocked you at the same time. “



Is it wrong that I find Bryan Preston, funnee jaypegs notwithstanding, eminently fuckable?

Yes. Yes it is. I’ll shut up now.


Gary Ruppert is a national fissure.



Okay wait. One more thing:

Bill Scher went to Oberlin with M. Malkin

Can we get Liz Phair to wrestle her in a tub of chocolate pudding? I’d pay to see that.


Hey Marita,

Is this REALLY Ann Althouse posting? I posted a comment on her website last year and then she deleted it. BUT, I do have it saved. Ha, Ha, Ha,………….

Please let me know. I want to ask Ms. Althouse WHY She Deleted my comment.

Who exactly is Annieangel?


The OJ Simpson Case


Hi, Mario! I doubt very much that commenter is really Ann Althouse.

I think she did actually comment over here once, to complain that people were namestealing her.

Naturally, Teh Sadly Nosians reacted to that the way we react to most complaints, and now many versions of Ann Althouse show up in comments here.

I don’t read her, so I don’t know why Ann deleted your comment, Mario, but I hear that she does that a lot.

I don’t know who Annieangel is. All I ever see her say in comments here is that she likes pie, which gets rather tedious.

Other than that, I know nothing about her.


No Mario, that wasn’t the AA you are thinking of.

Generally, when we Sadly, No!sians post under our completely hilarious (or not, depending on the harshness of the critic) assumed names, the urhell will be the give away. (That was Ann Altmouse, I presume).

P.S. My paws are aching, typing is a bitch.


Oh, Mario. She does post here occasionally (but that’s not her.) As a woman, she is weird; as a professor, a frickin’ embarassment.

And annieangel is a purely bizarre wingnut. Her boyfriend is kinda hot in a thick, hirsute way, tho’…


Thanks Gentlewoman,

Oh well, I was hoping I could find out why she deleted me.

Thanks about Annieangel also.


The OJ Simpson Case


Ask Gavin to help; he’s a real computer savvy guy.


teh l4m3,


I have read about someone being Annieangel here on Sadly No! last year. Not sure what to make of though.

I don’t know much about Ann Althouse. Thanks for the Info.

The OJ Simpson Case


Hey Marita,

I posted this on a another thread. The right Link didn’t appear.


On this post of Patterico’s:

“Sadly No! Publishes the Most Clueless Blog Post Ever.”

Comment # 20, Is this someone commenting and Patterico answering he/she, and referring to me?


The OJ Simpson Case


Her boyfriend is kinda hot in a thick, hirsute way, tho’…

OK, teh, you’ve said a few disturbing things here today, but this crosses a line. That guy is stringy-haired and naaaaasty, and barely articulate to boot. I’m quite sure you could do better, and give us all fewer heebie jeebies in the process.


That guy is stringy-haired and naaaaasty, and barely articulate to boot.

Now, now. Be fair, give him his due. In the end, Frodo would never have been able to fling the One Ring into the Fire without him.


Besides, do we REALLY know that pic (which I have never seen) is the limp one? On the internets, nobody knows you’re a dog and all that…



Oh, Mikey, there are YouTubes videos. I refuse to link, as I can’t be held accountable for anyone’s safety.


Jeez, one of these days I’m gonna figure out this hole inter t00bz thang. Thanks for not linking, ma’am..



Ah, good to see Satan isn’t only appearing over Chicago.


Gary Ruppert is a national fissure.


Spelling flames are so trite.



Bah. So much for my embedded blockquote.


teh l4m3, you need a lover, and you need one soon.

Bryan Preston???

Liz Phair and Teh Malkin-Thing wrestling in chocolate pudding???

the Limp One???

Please go out tonight and get well and truly laid, as you are starting to worry me.

Thank you.


I have a friend I could set teh up with in a heartbeat, were he to ever be passing through my neck of the woods. He’s young, adorable, and on the saner side of the political spectrum, as opposed to the loonier side.


DOS spelled backward is ‘sod’.
British slang:


I’m sorry, but I would rather see Bryan wimper inconsolably as my foreskin folds in and out of his anus… Just sayin, I’m not interested in a gig with a Democratic politician’s campaign.


Suggestion for next stage of Beirut photoshop: “Surrender Dorothy”


Simple fix, buy a Mac.



2.) The Pelosi plane “scandal.� My gods. Is there nothing our national media won’t pay attention to if the Moonie Times dangles it in front of their face?

Lessee: The election mess in Florida in 2000, the mess in Ohio 2004, the links between Saudi oil and the Bush family, …


In Re: Florida 2000, I heard Al Gore on NPR the other day and he made a very good point. He said that in our system, there is no level of escalation between the supreme court decision and armed revolt. When you look at it that way, it slides into perspective. Atheist though I am, my thought upon hearing that was along the lines of “this too shall pass”…



Sorry. Couldn’t help it.
Someone should convince dems to invest in upgrading out nation’s rail system. Seems like bad things come of Democrats and planes.


Did you try dumping your cache, Bryan? Sometimes addresses can get corrupted during DoS.


Ann Althouse won’t let me post to her, so I post to Ann Altmouse instead.


The “real” Dan Collins ?


Apparently so.


That’s funny Hattie. Why didn’t I think of that>>>>>>LOL

The OJ Simpson Case


Have your Chief Engineer run a level three diagnostic. Also, look at your hosts file.

You’re welcome.


There has been a nomination for “most incoherent post of 2007:”



18.Marita said,
February 10, 2007 at 19:54
Heh heh heh. Mario slapped Gary down!
Feel free to take on annieangel next, if you’d like, Mario.
etc. ETC. !038!

It’s starting to sound like the ever-lovin’ Avenger’s Mansion ’round here.


Oh, and clear teh cookies. (Only because that’s the only obvious one that hasn’t been mentioned)



Here’s Shoe’s latest youtube.

Watch and drool ladies. And teh.


Annie, i gotta give you some props, that is funny shit.

but – along the points made by Shoe…..

I live in a $350,000+ dollar house, and I’m buying it.

I bought a $ 30,000 car from a lesbian named Deb, twice now.

and my girlfriend is 5 years younger than me and rather easy on the eyes (ask Adorable Girlfriend, they met) – (and we’ve been together for 7 monogamous years).

so, where does that leave Shoe ahead of me, excepting the part that I don’t feel the need to brag and trumpet my superiority over a group of other people so I feel better about me, whereas Show, er, Shoe -apparently- does.

i see that as insecurity, and that is not drool worthy.

I really got no problems with you sniping at individuals for their stated beliefs, mano y mano – but when you claim superiority over a group of people based on a shallow assessment of their worth – and just to make yourself feel good… well.. it’s a darned slippery slope before society can collectively forget that those people – who are easy to pick on – are also human. We form mobs too easily.

also, back me up here, teh – but teh just doesn’t find that sort of B.S. to be hot.

Still, funny stuff.


oh, just shoot me – i never preview my real comments – so my name is always wrong.


Also, ask AG – but i think i could out cute that Motorhead looking piece of Shoe Leather even if he were riding a pony unicorn across a rhinestone rainbow with a bouquet of kittens singing lullabys to babies perched on bunny-rabbit clouds.

just saying.


I think my Unconscious Irony Detector is overheating.


i so heart picking on annie


Brad–1st, try clearing your cache and cookies in your browser, keeping in mind that any sites requiring passwords will be lost to you if you don’t have a written record of the username/password, and if they don’t have a “Forgotten Your Password?” button for e-mailing your PW back to you… as long as your eddress hasn’t changed since you created the account. If that’s the case, sorry, no more pr0n for you!
OK, you didn’t mention which OS you’re using, but I’m going to presume it’s Windoze, so, my condolences.
Did you run a virus scan? Do it now. Do you have a firewall up, if only Windoze XP’s built-in one (a third-party firewall is better, a hardware one is better yet[often built into routers, etc.]).
Next, contacting your service provider’s support staff is probably a good idea.



Run some good antivirus software. When we had a bad case of Da Virus last year, we tried several programs, before we finally settled on Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. It’s worked beautifully for us ever since. You can download their free shareware at http://www.lavasoft.de/products/select_your_product.php .

Beyond that, well, yeah, do all the stuff other people are telling you to do, up to and including buying a Mac. Swear to God, next time I buy a new computer, I’m going MacIntosh. I’m tired of this Microsoft shit. Although I do like my X-Box.


Drool? I guess only if you’re a drooling idiot.



You only pick on me because you have a crush on me. Your posts read like flirting.

Just sayin’.


Just the time spent not watching anti-virus program status bars justifies the extra expense of a mac. I’ve been on Apples only since 3rd grade. I have never had a virus, nor a tech support call (excepting for OpenPPP, once, on my old Quadra, which solved the problem in 30 seconds).

Oh, except at work where I have spent endless hours troubleshooting.. and getting paid for it.

Yeah, those PC’s, real time savers. At least Vista finally looks like OSX.


like pigtails in inkwells


Like squaredancing and handguns.


Geez, middle america, I just don’t see how you get all that out of “I like pie!”

You must be a genius mindreader or something. I hope you have some meclizine handy for when you are reading what passes for AA’s mind.


I think you might be surprised how much you can get out of pie.


Nah, some trolls try harder than other trolls, and that video honestly made me laugh out loud.. so i noticed annie really likes pie. I also noticed I had some spare pie, and she wanted some pie, and i think she deserved some for that excellent video.

Would you prefer BLT? Ruppert? I mean, really.


You don’t need to explain your love for me to anyone, mdhatter. Some people like to try to tell other people who they should and shouldn’t like.

Remember what they did to different brad until he started being mean to me? It’s like that.

But I know how you feel about me. Break my heart though and I’m telling AG.


it’s more of an appreciation…. like for strong licorice.


“Here’s Shoe’s latest youtube.

Watch and drool ladies. And teh.”

Shoolimpy is Jackson Browne!

“I”m gonna be a happy idiot/and struggle for the legal tender”


Would you prefer BLT? Ruppert? I mean, really.

I’m not a big fan of Doc Sammich, mostly because I made the mistake of listening to one of his ‘songs.’ Not the whole thing, of course, just enough to realize that he’s perfectly mad and completely free of any degree of musical talent. I doubt that they even let him play with the toy xylophone in kindergarten.

I usually find Ruppert mildly amusing.

It’s sort of like watching a dog chasing soap bubbles. I mean, that’s sorta fun, isn’t it? If it’s a sunny day in the park and you’re feeling fine and there’s nothing else to do?

You don’t necessarily want to interact with the dog, which is probably drooling bubble slime, but it’s mildly amusing to watch.

Ruppert’s like that.

The Pie Twins? Not so much. That’s why I’ve got them set on ‘Pie.’


Set the controls for the heart of the pie!


Talk about pie more!!!!

Say it every time you see my name!!!

That’ll show me!


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