She wanted her bill 5 minutes ago!

Over at The Rant The New Media Journal, Joan Swirsky decides to play the poor man’s Charles Krauthammer:

I suspect that at the core of liberal “thinking� is the same kind of pathology that characterizes other mental disorders, i.e., a glitch in the brain that produces “feelings� and behavior over which liberals have no control.

From then on it’s pretty much turtles all the way down:

In an unprecedented stellar economy – with the GDP, employment, housing sales, and consumer confidence up, and inflation, the trade deficit, and crude oil down – liberals see only the “threat� of recession. [Emphasis added.]

When even the winguts forget how amazingly great the Reagan Years® are supposed to have been, you know they’re in trouble. As for the trade deficit: I guess if you look at last month’s, sure, otherwise Sadly, No! looks pretty good here. Crude oil? Same thing. Consumer confidence?

US consumer confidence dipped again in November as pessimism about the economy and jobs mounted,  the Conference Board said today.

Housing sales? Not quite. [He lives in a bubble!]

The real estate industry group expects sales of new homes to hit 961,000 units this year and 971,000 in 2008, both below the 1.06 million sold last year. […] NAR is however more cheerful about existing home sales. The group projects sales of previously owned homes to reach 6.44 million units in 2007, down slightly from 6.48 million units in 2006.

Inflation rate? Hmm.


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Clearly, you have missed your appointment with the Looking Glass.


A glitch in the brain prodcues feelings? Give that woman an MD, stat!


Joan also forgot the Dollar vs. the Euro but then Ms.Swirsky and her Superfans would chime in to say all liberals want to do is tell bad news. No pathology on Joan’s part, though.


Well, we all know that empathy and compassion are for chumps


The fact is, liberals are always wrong about our economy. Always. They have doom and gloom predictions, but look around. Life is good for those who work hard.

Herr Doktor Bimler

A “stellar economy”? Is that one which burns up all the fuel and then explodes?


Nice one, fake Gary! That even made me think of one of my favorite Krusty Kwotes:

Everywhere I go I see teachers driving Ferraris, research scientists drinking champagne.


Everywhere I go I see teachers driving Ferraris, research scientists drinking champagne.

Yeah! When are people with REAL jobs like major league baseball player and Video Professor going to get the recognition they deserve? I’m sick of the liberal media painting civil servants as some kind of heroes.


Totally fake Gary. The real Ruppert would’ve trotted out the dusty trope about rich Liberals being jealous of the rich.

Smiling Mortician

Good one, Herr Doktor. I started riffing on your analogy (exploded long ago, not even there anymore, etc.) but I just depressed myself and had to stop.


…but I just depressed myself and had to stop.
Smiling Mortician

Aha! See?

For instance, liberals are uniformly glum, not only in their grim demeanors and persistent anger, but also in their outlooks.


I think “In an unprecedented stellar economy” has replaced “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia”.


I never heard of this nut before but it turns out that she’s a psychotherapist in a liberal neighborhood. No worries, I’m sure that holding the majority of your patients in contempt is no barrier to cooperating with them on successful treatment. Likewise, I’m sure the deep seated anger issues she has are no threat to emerge in the form of transference/counter-transference. In conclusion, I’m quite sure that nobody is emerging from sessions with her in deeper hole than when they started.

Far worse than posting a hateful, terribly written and comically unscholarly treatise on liberals and mental illness was breeding a son who wrote songs for the likes of Taylor Dayne and Michael McDonald.


Methinks we have a case of yet another broken healer.
Dear people with poor mental health,
Please stop becoming mental health professionals.

World Association of Shamans

We don’t want you either, thanks. Bugger off with your ‘wounded healer’ trope.


Yeah, those damn liberals, even when the stock market is up and corporations are making record profits, they continue to whine that all that money is going to a very few people:

Equality of economic opportunity appeals to our sense of fairness, certainly, but it also strengthens our economy. If each person is free to develop and apply his or her talents to the greatest extent possible, then both the individual and the economy benefit.
Although average economic well-being has increased considerably over time, the degree of inequality in economic outcomes has increased as well. […] earnings at the 50th percentile of the distribution (which I will refer to as the median wage) rose about 11-1/2 percent between 1979 and 2006. Over the same period, the wage at the 10th percentile, near the bottom of the wage distribution, rose just 4 percent, while the wage at the 90th percentile, close to the top of the distribution, rose 34 percent.3
The long-term trend toward greater inequality seen in real wages is also evident in broader measures of financial well-being, such as real household income.4 For example, the share of income received by households in the top fifth of the income distribution, after taxes have been paid and government transfers have been received, rose from 42 percent in 1979 to 50 percent in 2004, while the share of income received by those in the bottom fifth of the distribution declined from 7 percent to 5 percent.

Oh, wait…


Someone either hasn’t spent much time in the company of psych students, or doesn’t want to face facts.
I’m not blindly dismissing all psychology or psychotherapy, calm down.
I’m questioning the purity of motive and potential effectiveness of some in the field.
Calling it a trope is just a way of dismissing the underlying criticism, which has validity.


And I have poor englishing skills. The criticism has validity, not calling it a trope.


This is the most insane and demonstrably false rant I’ve ever read, although admittedly I live a sheltered life and have not exposed myself to the work of Ann Coulter.

One example will do:

“So the next time you’re watching or listening to a liberal, observe the symptoms I’ve mentioned. Note the anger, the pessimism, the negativity, the name-calling, the bursts of rage, the gratuitous insults, the desire to present an image of “goodness,â€? the transparent attempt to be liked, the willingness to change an opinion if the old one isn’t polling well, and the eagerness to placate our enemies, the better to avoid a fight so that those enemies will “likeâ€? us.”

In other words: Observe the anger, the rage, the negativity, the pessimism–all part of their diabolical (and transparent) ploy to be liked and to placate.

Those liberal fiends! I denounce them!


We liberals have glitches, the wingnougettes have seizures.

World Association of Shamans

Calm down, ADB, I mean that it’s Joan Swirsky we don’t want.
I blame Jean Houston with her “Wounded Healer” shamanism book for the idea that being a half-way space case is an automatic qualification for treating other space cases.


Sorry. I guess my choice of words gave room for the association. I just meant I’ve known some very messed up people who became therapists without managing to clean their own mess up first. Even was in love with one, which is probably why I was touchy.


To unnecessarily qualify, I don’t mean I think you have to be in perfect mental shape to be able to help others. The problem with the people I’m thinking of isn’t that they’re bad people or too messed up to function, but that the nature of their problems left them in, from my not incredibly educated on this issue perspective, poor position to empathize with others, and that their problems themselves were part of why the field attracted them, making it extra difficult to leave themselves out of the process when engaging in it with others. I’m not trying to demand a perfect state of utter professional detachment, just attempting to recognize a tension.

Smiling Mortician

the desire to present an image of “goodness,� the transparent attempt to be liked

Yes, as a liberal, I’ve found that a particularly vulgar case of Tourette’s coupled with a glowering unibrow, both of which Ms. Swirsky so aptly describes, will typically achieve these nefarious aims. Damn her for her insight!


What sort of Blog are you running that you don’t know how time works?


Just checkin’!


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