This Is Supposed To Be A Happy Occasion! Let’s Not Bicker And Argue Over Who Killed Who…

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House today:

But I cannot leave this subject without examining the role of those of us on the right who flogged this story into the mainstream media and may have cost Marcotte her job. Certainly our motives lacked nobility. I will be the last to argue that anything more than “scalp hunting� animated this effort. And the questions I raised in the quote at the top of this page remains valid: Is this all we are? Is this what we have become?

In the heat of battle, it is easy to lose sight of those questions. This is not an excuse but rather an explanation. And whatever the outcome of this latest blogosphere dustup, it may be well to ask a third question: Is there anything we can do to change this dynamic? The constant back and forth of charge, counter-charge, revelation followed by the inevitable attempt to alter the discussion by pointing to the sins of the other side – all of this has become an all too familiar pattern of behavior that any rational person would have to say cheapens us all on both sides of the aisle and doesn’t solve anything. Instead, it actually breeds resentment so that the next rhubarb will follow exactly the same course with perhaps even more intensity in the use of language and invective.

Well, that seems reasonable. I think we can all agree that… Hey, hold on one second here, bub.

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House yesterday:

[Amanda Marcotte] is a rank bigot, a nauseating, die hard dogmatist whose sickening screeds against people she disagrees with (including most non-emasculated men) have sullied the debate between right and left for far too long.

Unfortunately, Marcotte’s type will always have a home on the left. She will be welcomed back with open arms and continue her unbalanced rants, raging against people whose only transgression is that they fail to fit their beliefs into her own narrow, warped, and cockeyed worldview.

One more try at this particular Jeckyll-and-Hyde stunt, and we might begin to wonder if you guys are entirely on the level.

Whoops, I seem to have spoken too soon


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I’ll ask again, because if there’s been an answer, I’ve missed it: did any liberal Catholic groups complain about what Marcotte wrote? How any liberal religious organizations? How about any liberal groups? How about anyone who wasn’t a frothing, right-wing dinbat like Moran or a mendacious defender of facism like Malkin or a racist, anti-Semetic homobigot like Donahue?

In other words, did any complaints come from people who might actually have voted for Edwards in this universe?


“In the heat of battle, it is easy to lose sight of those questions.”

There ya go.

We lefties are trying to lead and better this nation.
Wingnuts are playing Enders Game.
That explains a lot.


Rick’s short term memory is shot to hell.


Damn! Where did that title come from again?


Is there anything we can do to change this dynamic?

Um, yeah, several things come to mind; you shutting the fuck up being among the first.

and from Jonah:

(in much the same way I dropped most of the Simpsons and French-bashing stuff the moment it threatened to become a catch-phrasey schtick). I did that back when the blogosphere was brand new, I was young, and the Rolling Stones were only on their 33rd comeback tour.

Is this an actual decent use of self-deprecation as humor, or does he really think it’s witty and not catch-phrasey to reference the Stones’ longevity as a temporal reference?


does rick moran realize that the thing he is typing his thoughts on is in fact recording them? and that later, those recorded thoughts are still available for others to read, even as long as 24 HOURS from the time they were typed?

i know, i know, hard to believe, but it’s true, i swear it.


Damn! Where did that title come from again?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’ve used it so, so many times…


Is this all we are? Yes. Is this what we have become? Not exactly “become”. Is there anything we can do… Yes, yes, there is, but you’re not going to like it.


What’s more, the Stones have never really broken up. Brian Jones died, Mick Taylor got delusions of granduer and Bill Wyman got tired of Jagger’s shit. There was that uncomfortable silence between Dirty Work and Steel Wheels of, what, three years or so. I imagine the band’s calling it a day after this current tour (if it’s still going on, which shows how much I’m paying attention) as Charlie Watts is supposed to have some sort of cancer to deal with. Still, the Stones, as far as I know, have never had the need of a “comeback tour”, much less thirty-three of them.

As usual, Jonah is talking right out of his ass.


Jonah: “(in much the same way I dropped most of the Simpsons and French-bashing stuff the moment it threatened to become a catch-phrasey schtick)”

Man alive, given its instant success, I didn’t think it was even possible to claim to have liked The Simpsons “before it was cool”. But there ya go.

Terry C, Pelosi Fan

Are ALL these rat wingers retarded?

Or just hopelessly sociopathic?


Moran is just a fucking liar. Period. He’s not being reflective, nor is he having second thoughts. He’s just plain lying.

But none of that really concerns me. What concerns me is that Edwards wouldn’t show even a hint of sac about this. Screw him. He doesn’t deserve to have Marcotte working for him — she’s too good.


Aw, now there’s a false dichotomy iffin I ever saw one.


Oh wait. I posted too soon, too. Just like a wingnut. Someone take my liberal card away.


Okay, everyone, let’s pick the diagnosis!

* Aging
* Alzheimer’s disease
* Neurodegenerative illness
* Head trauma or injury
* Hysteria often accompanied by confusion
* Seizures
* General anesthetics such as halothane, isoflurane, and fentanyl
* Alcoholism
* Stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)
* Transient global amnesia
* Drugs such as barbiturates or benzodiazepines
* Electroconvulsive therapy (especially if prolonged)
* Temporal lobe brain surgery
* Brain masses (caused by tumors or infection)
* Herpes encephalitis
* Other brain infections
* Depression

I’m going with the Electroconvulsive therapy, myself. Fentanyl is a close second, though!


Moran is just a fucking liar. Period. He’s not being reflective, nor is he having second thoughts. He’s just plain lying.

Bingo. These guys get off on making rational peoples’ heads explode. They lie and contradict themselves because they enjoy being assholes.


did any liberal Catholic groups complain about what Marcotte wrote?

Um, did any groups other than Donohue’s four-person operation run from a Midtown office within a ten-minute cab ride of the nearest cable news studio?

Perhaps Rick’s little brother is a bit pissed off at the grief he got for doing him that favor yesterday.


Isn’t this cute? After six years of absolute power, absolute self-righteousness, and unrestrained name-calling, defaming, and traducing of the left, their every project has proven a catastrophe and their every hero and “leader” has proven inept, if not deranged.

Oh, there’s still the plucky D’Souza, equating liberals with Islamic radicals because Islamic radicals hate liberalism. And there’s Jonah Goldberg with his smiley-face Hitler book equating liberals with Nazis.

But that was yesterday, or last week. Now they’re “bored” with partisanship. They’re above it. They want to be “more than” that. Rick Moran laments the lack of “nobility.” Jonah Goldberg finds it too “easy” and therefore “uninteresting.”

From the operatic hubris of “we’re an empire now, we create our own reality” to the feeling person’s “Is this what we’ve become?”

It’s right on cue: the consolations of philosophy and the concern for civility as the losing team loftily points out that there’s really nothing substantially significant about putting a ball through a hoop “to begin with.”

It’s not that these people have no shame (although they don’t). It’s that they have no substance. All they do is posture. No wonder they love Bush: a moral eunuch and an intellectual child listening to “God” and fending off the truth with both hands. These are his cheerleaders. It would be high comedy and good, nasty fun if people weren’t getting killed while they play-act and pretend to think deeply while pandering to the stupid, the corrupt, and the sadistic.


My own theory about this is that it’s Pavlovian.

They learn debating techniques through practice. The problem is that they have no thinking skills whatever so they can’t tell if they’re winning or losing. So they have to rely on the other person’s facial expression, or general reaction, and on a handful of vague rhetorical clues (i.e. lots of words and links means I’m winning).

Now, sooner or later they come up with something so stupid, hypocritical or evil that it leaves the other guy totally gobsmacked. They interpret the sudden silence as meaning that they have scored a point. So they memorise the thing they just said so they can repeat it later.

The consequence of this is that after a number of years of this kind of practice at “debate” they start to resemble… people like Rick Moran. It becomes natural to them to act like this because they know that it gets a reaction. The problem is that the reaction they get is not what they think it is. And ordinary people who don’t know anything about the issues start to believe that what they say must be at least half true because they just seem so certain.

Or… they’re venal bloodthirsty liars. Your call.


Perhaps Rick’s little brother is a bit pissed off at the grief he got for doing him that favor yesterday.

I hope Terry Moran got some fucking grief.


Wow, see what happens when the Left pushes back on the Right? They start actually thinking…


dan riehl’s wisdom on the issue bears mentioning:

“If you lack the courage to stand up to a few foul-mouthed, unhinged bloggers, clearly you don’t have what it takes to stand up against America’s enemies”

Witness his glorious insight liberal heathens and repent


“Is this what we have become?”

Using different words to the same end is not a change. They were always that lame.


Cokane (Awesome name BTW)

That’s not nearly as precious as Dan’s embarasingly revealing follow up post

Best line on that one from teh Dan?

“As I discovered in college – play a radical feminist just right, and many end up eating out of your hand. I think most of that venom is little more than protection, anyway. ”

Now we know the genisis of that fixation…..


Rick Moran has an update on the statements from the Edwards campaign…

“…[I]ntended as satire, humor, or anything else…â€?? How about deliberately hurtful?

Do these people ever stop to engage their brains? How can someone be “deliberately hurtful” to people that don’t even read their blog? I guess he stopped clutching his pearls for a moment – but only a moment! Now we must return to the party line which says millions of Catholics will cry themselves to sleep tonight because of Amanda Marcotte’s “deliberately hurtful” remarks.

Moran goes on to say:

Malkin: “Meanwhile, the nutroots are waving their guns around in triumph.� Yep. Firing off their weapons in celebratory triumph like all the other primitive peoples of the earth.

Hey, that sort of thing is deliberately hurtful! Stop it!


And “like all the other primitive peoples of the earth.” Classic.

Cue Gilda Radner: GAHD, Todd, yer so IMMA-CHOOR.


I think Jade is onto something. There are points at which I think many wingnut pundits are high functioning retards, in the literal sense. They remind me of a brain damaged former tweaker with a boatload of issues (for example, pedophilia) who I used to let harass me via im for a while a few years back. He thought everyone he found online was his lost teen rentboy, and got in hilarious arguments with me trying to prove to me I was said rentboy. (I should mention he’s deaf, types in the “syntax” of sign language, and has a unique capacity to misspell words in amazingly funny ways.)
My point in bringing this up is he, in arguing with me, would copy me. If I used a half-witty putdown, within 5 minutes he’d try and use it against me. And he really took the arguments to heart, getting so enraged he’d start threatening me. It really reminds me of the wingnuts’ tactics in general, especially with the concept of projection. And they use our ideas about as well as the illiterate tweaker used my insults.
And that is my theory of wingnut pundits as deaf gay middle aged illiterate pedophile tweakers. The only difference is they don’t threaten suicide all the time. Yet.


Also, I gotta note that in Rick’s piece he talks about how he started his ‘real’ education by reading the works of Socrates and Aristotle.
No wonder he acts so self-superior. The guy has access to unknown works by Socrates, works which the liberal elite universities won’t acknowledge the existence of. And here I was taught Socrates left no writings, stupid me.
Tiny point, I know, but sheesh.


Wonderbrain’s idea of the Socratic method is “Are you talkin’ to me?”


Maybe Rick Moran deserves a bit more credit. Maybe he took an existential look in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw. Perhaps. But not likely. I’m sure he’ll go back to this game in a week or two. After all, his brother and friends at ABC News have decided that this is the future of journalism — just ask Halperin.


Spokane Moderate: Talk about a brain fart! I watched that movie repeatedly over Christmas, and I could hear the accent in which the character said it, but I couldn’t pin down the source. Thanks.

Are there any right-wing manias-of-the-day left that can’t be re-read as Monty Python skits? The Michael Ledeen/Ayatollah Khomenei thing reminded people of the Bring Out Your Dead Sequence, and Michelle Malkin did the Dead Parrot sketch a while ago by standing in front of an ex-mosque and claiming that it hadn’t been destroyed…


Is this all we are? Is this what we have become?



If the human sacrifice of these bloggers helps move the blogosphere in that direction, it’ll be a win for the Republic.

This is Goldberg’s path to civility? Human sacrifice?


The fact that Rick Moran claims to have read both Kant and Hegel is perhaps the funniest thing to have passed my retinas in a dog’s age.

Herr Doktor Bimler

The fact that Rick Moran claims to have read both Kant and Hegel
I have read neither, but I can recite the Monty Python Philosophers Song after a few beers, and surely that is nearly as good.


So… that’d be “Bruce” Bimler then, would it?


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