Weekend Waffles, compliments of the Waffler in Chief

These Bush Waffles and Flip Flops relate only to some of the past week’s biggest headlines. The stack from the fraction of time the “war president” has not been on vacation or fundraising would carbo-load one post to danger levels, so let’s see how this introductory stack works out.
First, Bush Lies: Candidate Bush promised he wouldn’t erode women’s reproductive rights, allowing him to campaign disguised as a “moderate” (which was why the election was close enough for to steal.)

Then, Bush Flip Flops: pResident Bush passes legislation banning partial-birth abortion.
First, Bush Lies:: Candidate Bush promised he wouldn’t erode women’s reproductive rights, allowing him to campaign disguised as a “moderate”.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: pResident Bush passes legislation regarding fetuses harmed during the commission of a crime, with vague wording intentionally designed to open the door to challenge a woman’s right to choose.
First, Bush Lies: Candidate Bush promised he wouldn’t erode women’s reproductive rights, allowing him to campaign disguised as a “moderate”.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: Bush cuts funding to family clinics abroad that provide abortion information to patients requesting it, obliterating health care entirely in some regions. Ignoring the advice of his own expert panel, he withdrew long-standing support for the world’s primary multilateral provider of voluntary family planning services including contraceptives, pre- and post- natal care and HIV/AIDS prevention services around the world. As many of these clinics are the only regional medical services available, his extremism has sentenced tens of thousands to sickness and death.
First, Bush Lies: Bush promised that the Clean Air Act would live up to its name.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: An Earth-Day letter from the National Council of Churches reveals that planned changes to power plant regulations will allow major polluters to avoid installing pollution-control equipment when they expand their facilities.
First, Bush Lies: “I have no ambition whatsoever to use [9/11] as a political issue.” (GWB, Jan/2002)

Then, Bush Flip Flops: His first ad lauded his leadership after Sept. 11 and included a brief image of firefighters carrying a flag-draped coffin from the World Trade Center site. White House aides … called the ad including the Sept. 11 images crucial to the story of Bush’s presidency.
The Bush administration recalibrates its standard of delicacy: “Quite frankly, we don’t want the remains of our service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice to be the subject of any kind of attention that is unwarranted or undignified,” said John Molino, a deputy undersecretary of defense.” (Presumably, he includes using them in for Bush campaign propaganda as an example of unwarranted or undignified attention.)

Then, Bush Flip Flops: The Loafer in Chief takes a couple of hours from his week-long vacation of hunting and fishing with big donors to exploit an injured soldier for a purple heart photo-op, even while his campaign deploys a longtime Republican operative to smear Kerry’s military service and one of three purple hearts (among other medals for valor).

Although mainstream media sources don’t bother to mention John O’Neill’s history as a longtime Republican operative, he is a law partner of then-Texas-Governor Bush’s counsel Margaret Wilson, and with ties to current White House counsel Alberto Gonzales and Enron. RNC head Ed Gillespie, prominently on display last week having seizures about Kerry’s military records, had to have known all of this as he was an Enron lobbyist, so his own statements about O’Neill coming forward on his own are complete lies. Kerry has often been asked (unfairly) to explain and the actions of parties outside his own campaign’s. President Bush should at the very least personally explain his campaign’s actions to the American people and the media. To approach the standard the RNC and the media have applied to Kerry, Bush should also explain the actions and statements of parties supporting him but outside his campaign, such as statements by right wing weblogs and conservative action groups.

O’Neill’s history and ties to parties covering up huge gaps and inconsistencies in Bush’s own military service record certainly warrant further investigation.
First, Bush Lies: He tells Tim Russert on Meet the Press that his complete military records are available, which is false, and then promises to release his entire military records. (Huh? If the records are out there, what is he promising to release?)

Then, Bush Flip Flops: His military records still have not been released in their entirety. Notably missing are records crucial to explaining his as-yet unexplained Absence Without Leave, reasons (medical or psychiatric) for failing to maintain his flight status, reasons for a lack of formal, mandatory investigation of this, and an explanation for alterations to the official record. Responses from the Bush administration and campaign have only misdirected enquiries. Statements from, eg, Laura Bush, who wasn’t present during the AWOL period, saying that her husband wouldn’t lie don’t cut it in the face of “President Nice Guy’s” attacks on Kerry’s fully substantiated and legitimately heroic military service.

KOS has researched what the lazy mainstream media couldn’t be bothered to before broadcasting the Bush campaign’s smears of Kerry, posted the distinctions and also provided more sourced details on the Bush campaign’s dirty trickster smearing Kerry’s outstanding service.

The Columbia Journalism Review’s look at the media pile-on to smear Kerry reveals a disturbing double standard: if the 48 hours between Kerry’s promise to release his records and actual release of records constitutes a flip flop, what does over four years of dissembling from George W. Bush over explaining and releasing his records constitute?

Some media enquires (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for one) have been directed to the Pentagon — particularly enquiries relating to Lt. Bush’s fitness to serve, details of his “padded” discharge and mysterious grounding from flight — and turned away. Any media sources that have broadcasted the Bush campaigns attempts to smear Kerry should apply equal time and energy to finding out why taxpayer resources are now being used to obscure still-unanswered questions about the “wartime President’s” own service.

First, Bush Lies: In an attempt to gain support for his illegal invasion of Iraq, he falsely promised the world that the removal of Saddam Hussein would stabilize the region and make Israel safe.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: Now he’s chasing after faith-based WMDs in Iran, shaking his saber and claiming “they will be dealt with, starting through the United Nations” though the public record reveals Bush’s promise to use the UN to “disarm” Saddam Hussein of non-existent WMDs covered up well-advanced plans to invade Iraq regardless. (If this sounds frighteningly familiar, lock up your military-aged sons and daughters, because the swaggering, flag-draped war profiteers sure as hell aren’t sending their own.) If Bush was sincere about a WMD-free region, he wouldn’t have turfed a UN Security Council resolution (introduced by Syria and endorsed by the Arab league) to make the entire region verifiably WMD-free. Bush didn’t like the resolution because it meant Israel would have to get rid of its substantial stockpile of WMDs too.
First, Bush Lies: Preening during his Roadmap to Peace photo-op, the pRez claimed he supported the removal of Jewish settlements from Gaza and the West Bank.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: Bush endorsed Sharon’s intention to keep some settlements (and military) in the West Bank, depriving Palestinians of any real possibility to negotiate a contiguous, independent state.
First, Bush Lies: Bush promised Iraqis and the world that he would “debaathify” the government of all remnants of Saddam’s rulership, so that senior party officials would not return the country to a state of dictatorship.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: The Coalition Provisional Authority is now rehiring the same Baath Party thugs that Bush alleged (after his faith-based WMDs failed to turn up) he had invaded Iraq to remove.

(The shifting “justifications” for invading Iraq comprise several dozen Bush Flip Flops.)
First, Bush Lies: He said he wouldn’t “cut and run” from Iraq before establishing security and an interim government body that was representative and stable.

Then, Bush Flip Flops: Bush keeps saying the June 30th date for turnover is solid but he can’t name “the entity” Iraq is being turned over to. Military and political experts on the region and Iraqis themselves believe that Bush’s turnover date is cosmetic and relates more to his campaign concerns that actually delivering on his promises.

Update: Foolishly, I edited this online and on the fly, so apologies for any disruptions or bad links any visitors may have encountered in the meantime.


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The basic problem is your system of government. You cannot even be sure that the real winner is elected, if the electoral college, decides to ignore the voters, it can do so. I think you should have direct elections for youe presidents, one person, one vote, mark your X and stick it in the box. Perhaps the UN could send observers.


It would be kinda nice, too, if you had more than just the two parties…

PS Did you go to any ‘Bake Back the White House’ bake sales perchance, Peanut?


Perhaps the UN could send observers.
I thought we usually have UN observers anyway, but Bush doesn’t want them this election. Is that true?


Just one note: Bush does not “pass” legislation. He proposes it, he lobbies for it, he signs it, but he does not pass it.



“A Timarchy is a military aristocracy, ambitious of Honour (time in Greek), like Sparta. The ideal city might decay into a timocracy by dissension among the Guardians, if some of them sought private property and wanted to reduce the other classes to slavery; they would neglect education and distrust intelligence. The corresponding ‘timarchic’ individual is competitive, arrogant, dictatorial, harsh to slaves, respectful to those above him, ambitious for promotion — an ‘authoritarian’ personality.”


you and your site sucks


you and your site sucks


This site is just another “Hate America First” site. You can tell it is moron.org motivated and more than likely funded by them from the way pResident is spelled…….one of the Bush-hater’s favorites. Yes, anonymous is absolutely correct. This site really DOES suck.


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