Mulch brawl sullies Earth Day

earth_day_catfight.jpgCan we not have one Earth Day without some ugly, gardening-related incident wrecking total oneness with all living things? This is worse than the Escarola Riots of Aught-Three, when raccoons decimated my early crop of frilly endive.

The wife of Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont) was just accused:

[…] of hitting a woman in a dispute over mulch at a garden center, police said. … Baucus apparently was upset she did not get help loading the mulch into her car while the other woman was being assisted, a police spokesman said. Witnesses told police that Baucus put a bag of mulch behind the woman’s car, preventing her from leaving the store, and that after the exchanging words, allegedly struck the woman several times, police said. … The lawmaker acknowledged in a statement that there was a “situation” involving his wife. “We are trying to sort it out, going through the proper channels,” he said. “I stand by her 110 percent.” (04/21/04 USAT)

What will we tell the seedlings?


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Well, if only Bill Clinton hadn’t let an intern blow him this stuff wouldn’t happen.


Was there a sale on? I bet there was. ‘Cause you know the ladies go a little crazy when there’s a sale on.


The Alliance for Justice has launched a new website urging Justice Scalia to recuse himself from the Cheney energy case! Check it out: Scalia can recuse himself anytime before the Supreme Court renders its decision.

There is a great flash animation that goes with it too. You have to see “Quid Pro Quack” Duck’em!


The National Mulch Board released a statement this morning:

“While the situation involving the wife of Sen. Baucus is certainly unfortunate, it is important to remember that human nature, not mulch, was responsible for this incident. Mulch is a fine organic product that has supported and sustained American gardens for decades. Only when it is used for improper purposes, such as roadblocks, does danger or violence result.

“We express our deepest condolences to the woman attacked by Mrs. Baucus, but we implore the elected officials of the United States not to politicize this incident by blaming mulch, thus making mulch and mulch-related products a political pawn this election year. We can still enjoy the great benefits of mulch even as we stand together in condemning mulch-related violence. This Earth Day, let’s vow to use mulch responsibly ? and keep it safe and legal.”


What this blog needs is more articles about mud wrestling.


You forgot to Photoshop a glittery tear onto the cheek of “Iron Eyes Cody!” I’ve never forgotten his appearance in the famous (and rather shameless) pro-environment commercial in which he wept over a polluted stream. Sadly, the “Indian” actor and t.v. Indian expert was exposed after his death as an Italian from Brooklyn. But he sure made a heck of a statement.


Let he who has never gotten into a mulch fight (or had a spouse who got into one) cast the first stone.


(LOL to several of the above.)

Mave, thanks for providing the name: “Iron Eyes Cody” almost exceeds the maximum coolness one name should have.

Unfortunately, that’s the best picture I have of Cody, but it is an ancient screencap of the original commercial. The tear is there, but it’s so murky it looks like basic morning eye snot and, alas, my PhotoShop skills are still a long way from being able to make stuff glisten. 🙂


Iron Eyes Cody was really Espera DeCorti, who was born in Kaplan, Louisiana, to Sicilian immigrants.

Let’s not confound our urban legends.


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