A copy editor to aisle 3 please, copy editor to aisle 3

So where are they going?



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The overworked editor probably confused the Spanish prime minister with the American president, who after all pulled some huge percentage of American troops out of America.

Hey, the poor guy has to work on Sunday nights, cut him some slack. “Spanish Leader Pulls Spanish Troops,” while grammatically better, is both too short for the space available and a disturbing visual image.


One of the graffiti we used to scrawl on bathroom walls back in my college days:



What has become of Legume Girl and Fecal Planet?


To even publish a story like that proves that Reuters has at least one Enemy of America employed.

For that reason, the person’s actions can be disrupted any way possible.

Just like they do to you, Sadly.


Bush is hopping mad, he’s heard that those troops will be going to the Iberian peninsula. And he keeps calling Condi “Spanish Rice” because she had told him they are going back to Spain.


I’m surprised this still hasn’t been seized upon by of the wingnuts who levelled the “appeaser” accusation against Spain after last month’s elections. “See, what a bunch of wusses! They’re so afraid they don’t even want troops in their own country!”


Damn… took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about. Too damn late, is what it is…


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