More Bush press conferences? Bring ’em on!

A rather strange exchange Friday (4/16/04) on Judy Woodruff’s Inside Politics between Tad Devine, senior adviser to the Kerry campaign and Matthew Dowd, chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney campaign:

WOODRUFF: Very quick last word, because we’ve got to go to the Pentagon for breaking news.

DEVINE: I would just say this. Matt mentioned the [Bush] press conference. We would hope he holds a press conference in prime time every week between now and the election, because a few months of that is going to practically ensure John Kerry will win.

DOWD: That’s something we agree on.

Too good to be true?


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Is it just me, or is Dowd’s quote unclear?

Is he agreeing that they should hold weekly press conferences (unlikely), or is he agreeing thatto do so would hand the election to Kerry (true, but you’d think Bush’s chief strategist would keep mum about this weakness)?


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