In Which Atrios Loses A YouTube Skirmish

Fat Boys video seen and raised.

Seriously though, here’s a black rock artist who never got his due:


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Clearly, when you people say you’re in favor of the Geneva Conventions, you’re lying.


Thank goodness the playing of the dastardly youtubes is optional!


I’ve got a good youtube that I’ll simply describe as “canned evisceration” if this starts to get uppity.

Good song.


I will post a YouTube about a Judith Miller dildo-leavings when I am paid enough.

That should make you liberals dance.



It is, as I believe the children are saying now, “on.”



Does Mickael Jackson have no better idea to make himself interesting ?


I choose to fight this YouTube war not with cheese but brawn.


You went with Thin Lizzy, but not “Jailbreak”? That’s like flying to Amsterdam and spending all your time at the flower market.


Phil Lynott inspired a ton of rockers. He lives on.


man, I don’t care what any of you say, jackson brown has always sucked.

but daryl hannah – my, was she one hot biatch.


to understand that last comment, watch the link provided by ‘anonymous’ above


Well, yeah, Mr. Browne’s unfortunate performance (above) was not exactly his best idea, but did anyone recognize the fellow pretending to play the piano?


I think Holy Joe and W. just found a theme song.


Lieberman in the Jackson Browne role ? and Bush as Clarence Clemons ?

Works for me.


You went with Thin Lizzy, but not “Jailbreak�? That’s like flying to Amsterdam and spending all your time at the flower market.

Yeah, I spent half an hour wading through Thin Lizzy videos, and (you’re right) blew it.

There’s a vid of Lynott in the Greedy Bastards (aka The Greedies) with Cook & Jones of the Sex Pistols. But it’s a Christmas song, alas.


Link, please ?


Save “Jailbreak” for a future UTube war.

The Editors will probably need a salvo to get them to post the Kippie winners.


Meanwhile, as my site stats decline— to the point where many “right-wing� bloggers, for whatever reason find me less relevant these days, (some of them no longer even respond to my emails) —I shall surely soon slip into the ether.

But before I go, there wassomething about my having a cock almost as big as hers.…

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on 01/31 at 08:27 AM

I’m going to work out and then take some time to ponder my future.

(I wonder how John Edwards’ cock stacks up…)

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on 01/31 at 08:45 AM


“Pablo” responds (at the sound of his Master’s voice):

I know, man. If you’re near between the middle to lower end of the middle class, a man, married with children and then divorced. In that case, you’re fucked and broke. But I digress.

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on 01/31 at 09:30 AM


close those tags, biznitches.


Thank you.

For anyone in Los Angeles, …. “Jonesy’s Jukebox.” 103.1 FM. Mr. Jones has the best show in town.


You’ll never get away with this ’cause LL is BAD!.


Phil Lynott was the shit.


“Got To Give It Up” is the best Thin Lizzy song, eva.

Too bad there ain’t a video of it.


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