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I’m really glad you decided to go with the Gizoogler instead of the more obvious wordplay associated with the Gizz-ette.


You know the Gizz-ette rolls on 26s. He wouldn’t have anything less.


Some should tell the Gizz-ette that according to Gizoogle, “Chairmenships” is not a word. izzle.


Yes I’m an Irishman who likes it Greek-style. Fo shizzle.


Thanks for the reminder. Kris Kobach (the new fuh…er, leader of the Ks. Back to the Middle Ages Club, which has staged a coup and taken over the Repub Party) is a loon of the first order; think, um, Tacredo on steroids with a dash of Malkin and an overdose of fundagelical religious mumbo jumbo.



The world is an interesting place full of interesting people.


“Life is strange and the world is bad.” … Thomas Wolfe


So far OT, I can’t even remember the T, but for anyone who ever wondered what had crawled up “Pablo” ‘s ass, here it is:

“My ex married into the Navy. He got orders, I lost my daughter. All in her best interest of course.

“The guy she married was the same guy she was having the affair with that precipitated the divorce. She denied the affair to the very same court that let her move away with him, taking my daughter whom I had joint legal and physical custody of, once they got married.

“Perjury? Pshaw! Mommy knows best.?

Posted by Pablo | permalink
on 01/30 at 05:18 PM

More confessions like Pablo’s in that ‘thread,’ giving a window on the ‘souls’ (such as they are) of ProteinWisdom commenters.


Is that pronounced “Jizz-ette”?

Fucking Republicans.


I don’t get it.

I thought everyone had spell check.

I do.


Ann Althouse said,
January 31, 2007 at 4:57

I don’t get it.

[There … that’s better.]


I thought the second, blank browser window was the improvement over Human (Well, In a Technical Sense) Events.


“My ex married into the Navy. He got orders, I lost my daughter. All in her best interest of course.”

Thank Dog his daughter won’t be exposed to her father’s idiocy for a while…maybe there is hope for her yet.

Eliminationist rhetoric n teh hood

CBS didn’t air tha video on tha nightly news coz it was “too graphic fo` an weed-smokin’ news audience” chillin’ ta a CBS News spokespizzles… There may be an even greata reason fo` CBS not ta have put Logan’s report on tha nightly news . Bow wow wow yippee yo yipee yay.


Of course, this being CBS, I’m not quite so hatin’ ta rizzle out ho-slappin’ malfeasance on tha part of they production n editorial staffs, brotha slyly they may have distanced themselves frizzom potential repercizzles by relegat’n tha report ta they website.


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