I Went to the Nidaa Alah Mosque and All I Got Was This Lousy Hair-Shirt

…Because here’s another thing, while we’re on the subject.

We knew that Brian Preston was going to do this at some point, but we didn’t expect that it would A) be so immediate and so redolent of bedside Jergens lotion, and B) that it would occur in the midst of a post in which (on this of all occasions) he’d start jumping up and down racka-fracking about that bunch of flip-flapping hack-a-frag sack-jabbers at Sadly, No!.

Above: Bryan can’t see that we do it out of love.

Still fresh from his four-day trip to Iraq with Michelle Malkin, Preston makes an early bid for the 2007 Dorothy Parker ‘And That’s When I Shot Myself’ Award for the most dreadedly-anticipated statement in English and related languages (including Grogan). He leans into it by dismissing this Andrew Sullivan post on “a disturbing video showing U.S soldiers watching as their Iraqi Army colleagues — Shia — brutally beat Sunni civilians to near-death, as U.S. soldiers hoop and holler in support”:*

He evidently doesn’t understand that war, including the very war he cheered for so loudly a few years ago, can get ugly at times. People break a nail now and then. They get out of line. They have a bad hair day. They smack a guy around when they probably ought not (though how you scare insurgents straight without physically impressing upon them the error of their ways eludes me at the moment).

True enough. Petty, annoying stuff is just a fact of life. Like sometimes the printer runs out of ink or you beat the crap out of some guys in handcuffs.

But like a steam train down the track, here it comes! Preston continues:

I’m not one to deploy the chickenhawk argument, but there really is something to the notion that unless you’ve seen a thing with your own eyes you may have a hard time understanding it. If you’re writing about a thing as often as Sullivan writes about the war, especially if you spend the bulk of your writings denouncing that thing, it’s irresponsible to stay as far away from that thing as possible. You have to, at some point, examine it for yourself.

To which we can only say: Prost! [shots of vodka downed in unison, simultaneous crossings-off from lists of the item, ‘Bryan Preston, solon of Persia, dispenses weary advice to the home-fronters.’]

Did Preston’s plane even touch down on the tarmac before he started trying to dine out on his epic four-day junket to Iraq? Sully doesn’t know what goes down in the ‘Raq, man, he doesn’t understand war. He doesn’t know! But Bryan was there, man. He was there!

We promised not to make fun of Malkin as a kitchen-table Clausewitz anymore if she actually went on patrol in Iraq. Word is bond, and that goes for Presto too. But dear God, man, don’t test us like this!

Meanwhile, Bradrocket has dealt with Malkin’s ‘debunking’ of our debunking of her ‘debunking’ of all things Jamil Hussein. As for Preston’s ‘rebuttal’ of our rebuttal (etc. etc.)… Fuck, do I really have to? [sighs] Oh, alright then.

See, Bryan, the mistakes that you and Michelle made in your investigation of the AP burning-mosques story were common mistakes. I think the easiest way for me to illustrate this is to reconstruct the process that led so snowballingly to Michelle’s declaration to the AP (and to the world), “hehe we’re in yr base killing yr jameel hoosaynz!!!!1!” — a declaration which portends much discomfort to herself and to yourself before at last God’s trumpet sounds calling all souls to judgement, and also thereupon and subsequently.

(With hanx all around to Doctor Biobrain, g in comments, plus various other commenters, and the Academy and my homie L’il Half-Dead.)

Gavin adds: One Love, yo.

STEP ONE: Be shamed into going to Iraq. Fair enough.

STEP TWO: Actually go to Iraq. This is a creditable advance. None of the WingNet Nancy Drews that came before you ever got past Step One. (Michael Fumento has a different racket going.)

STEP THREE: Go to one of the mosques in the AP story that you’re trying to debunk. Excellent! This is way better than I would have thought, even though the mosque you went to was firebombed and had a hole from an RPG in its dome. But never mind that, let’s keep rollin’ along.

STEP FOUR: Don’t go to any of the other mosques in the AP story. Whoops. This is a bit of a setback. Still, keep moving forward … plenty of time to turn it around.

STEP FIVE: Don’t interview any primary sources about the AP mosque story. Hmm. I won’t lie to you, Bryan. The momentum’s really shifting in this one. It’s looking pretty desperate, but there might still be time to pull it off.

STEP SIX: Do nothing else of any investigative value worth mentioning while in Iraq. To flesh out your story, rely on US Government reports that are available at home via the Internet. Not looking like a winning game here.

STEP SEVEN: Declare victory over the AP and Jamil Hussein for all time, infinity periods, no takebacks. Yowza.

Add it all up, and let’s face the truth: You and Michelle didn’t fail at your task of debunking the AP; you botched the task, because you did almost nothing. Again, among the things you didn’t do:

  • Visit all or most of the mosques to inspect the damage, or lack thereof, first-hand.
  • Speak to any primary sources about the events on the night in question.
  • Check hospital records to corroborate or cast doubt on any casualities on the night in question.
  • Check morgue records to corroborate or cast doubt on any deaths on the night in question.
  • Interview the Iraqi police.
  • Contact AP stringers to corroborate or cast doubt on their alleged ties to sectarianism.
  • Attempt to interview the man himself, Jamil Hussein, about his statements regarding the night in question. (Of course, I shudder to think what this encounter might have been like had it happened. Is Hussein in jail? Did you check on this?)

As it seems from here, your argument has gained a single new point: “I went to Iraq.” Admirable though that may be (and we do sincerely find it admirable), the subsequent events have been kind of rotten: What little evidence you bothered to gather there ended up hurting your case — which is fine and good for any journalist — but in light of your ongoing WOOT!ing and victory dances and high-fiving and claiming to have proven or disproven things that, you know, you actually didn’t, I’m forced at this point to invoke a timeless question by asking whether you were unscrupulous enough to come back intending to fool people about what you’d accomplished, or whether you’re simply foolish or arrogant enough to believe, apropos nothing, that you’ve actually struck some kind of important blow for journalism.

In any case, you and your supporters have now been reduced to quibbling over the word ‘destroyed.’ I would actually recommend that the AP issue a correction for this — a term that appeared in a raw AP feed for approximately 20 minutes, and which was removed before a single story was published — if only to get you to shut the fuck up.

But you know what? It wouldn’t get you to shut the fuck up. Because honestly, this story has become like a drug to you, and no matter how many times it leaves you miserable and defeated and embarrassed, you’ll be back for more. Until, at last, inevitably, you hit bottom.

That day is near at hand. Evidence: You’re being schooled by a comedy blog.

But there are clearly a few layers of denial left to unravel here, as shown by the most recent update to your ginormous, shifting rebuttal, circa while we were writing this (emphasis ours):

[T]hose are the facts that the AP reported that we have definitively refuted.


* This is Sullivan’s description. The video is in fact not as shocking as one is led to expect. Sullivan and any other right-leaning visitors should watch this one for context’s sake. (UK Telegraph article here.)


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Incontinentia Buttocks

Unlike the wingnuts, who wake up every morning knowing everything they have to know about the world then imagining that everything they hear, see, or do confirms it, I am constantly surprised by life.

It now appears, against all odds, that “Jamil Hussein doesn’t exist!!1!eleven!!,” the runaway winner of the coveted Soggy Biscuit in the this year’s Kippies, has a second act and is, as of this writing, the prohibitive favorite for next year’s Soggy Biscuit, too. Who woulda thunkit?


I have a little request (in small font, natch)…could someone take the picture of the Fonz jumping the shark, and photoshop in Michelle and Bryan?


Good grief! I expect a phenomenal explosive comedy blowout here every 5-6 posts or so, allowing us to simmer with a few “shorter”s that cause me only to go “heh. indeed.” Not a constant shock ‘n awe bombardment of hilarity one after another!


We know they’re in full damage control mode no matter how many times they declare victory.


I hope we don’t have to hear anymore from Malkin et. al., about Ambassador Wilson, (who went to Niger armed with his career rolodex of former contacts and his knowledge of uranium production and conducted interviews)

“All Wilson did was drink mint tea with his buddies!”


Curiously, Bri-Bri’s ‘I wuz there, so there!’ argument doesn’t extend in courtesy to, say, the AP’s Baghdad bureau, or to Jamil Hussein, who presumably have been in Iraq for a little longer than he was on his deductible junket.

What a fucking tool.


It’s like they couldn’t even write a checklist on a napkin on the flight to Iraq. They accuse the AP of bad journalism and attempt to debunk it worse journalism.


I am reminded of HHGTTG.

After escaping Iraq, for her next trick, Michelle Malkin will prove that black is white and get herself killed at the next zebra crossing.


“Don’t interview any primary sources about the AP mosque story.”

Just as an aside – and not taking away from your scathingly brilliant takedown of Preston who I wanted to throttle after reading about how expert on Iraq he now considers himself – just who were those “primary sources” interviewed by AP?

I can tell you who they weren’t. They weren’t any of the Islamic clergy associated with those mosques.

You see, I got to thinkin’ about this story – especially after AP went back and “confirmed” what had happened. And if a church in the US were destroyed, where would be the first place any American reporter would go to confirm the facts of what happened? A parishoner who lived a couple of blocks away? Or the minister?

The fact that no clergy were interviewed about either the destroyed mosques or burning Sunnis (they would have presided over the funerals) makes me still wonder about the truth of that story. That, and AP has in fact reluctantly (and almost invisibly) reducted the numbers of mosques destroyed from 4 to 1.


I do so love the debunking of the bombed mosque story. It is a classic. We went to see one of the supposedly bombed mosques and yes there is a big ole hole in the roof therefore that somehow proves that the story that all the mosques were bombed is false.


We showed the hole, goddamn it! We showed the fucking hole!


To which we can only say: Prost!

And whereas “prost” also means stupid in Romanian, the sentence works in many contexts in this particular instance.


I love that Hot Air’s comments are for registered accounts only, and registration is permanently closed! I guess they found all the wingers left in the country! And they still only have the same three posters making comments….very sad state of things over there…but the same could be said for the criminals they support as well.

RWBs = Nero’s fiddle


Oh for the love of…

The malkin thing is an idiot, an ideologue, the worst kind of orwellian propagandist. I realize that the basis for all of this is for teh funny, and we’re just rollin in the aisles here chuckin barbs at the dorks for their idiocy, incompetence and disingenuousness. But let me remind you of something. The original right wing pundit with a mass audience, rush limaugh, had an audience that was not only referred to as, but referred to themselves as “dittoheads”. This is the nature of the echo chamber, and the reason why when you engage it you can never feel a sense of satisfaction. It no longer requires facts, evidence or even a supportable theory. It chooses it’s groupthink leaders, such as the malkin thing, and allows those leaders to define the world and reality. As such, it’s like trying to get a creationist to understand evolution. It cannot work because there is no place in their worldview for that sort of information.

Sure, we know that you can lay a whole lot of ordinace on a building and it will remain standing to some degree, even if it is damaged beyond usefullness and most of us would accept that it is destroyed. But they are going to parse and dance and continue to declare victory and there’s never going to be a moment when they stop, think deeply, and suddenly come to the conclusion “know what? I was completely wrong about that. Sorry”. Never gonna happen…


Oh christ, the preview buttons gone aga…


You know…….

The federal building in OKC that suffered slight burn marks and a little rework on its facade? Well, there were completely useable offices on the other side of the building, vacancies that could have generated rent…. I saw it, too, first hand.

While I did not interview anyone in charge of the building, I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express that night………



Read. Them. In. Their. Entirety. For. Yourselves.

Can. We. Please. Agree. To. Stop. Writing. Sentences. In. This. Annoying. Manner. It’s. Almost. As. Annoying. As. That. Thing. People. Do. With. Their. Fingers. To. Signify. Quotation. Marks. Thank. You.


I would say that you’ve destroyed their case, but upon review I believe that you have merely firebombed it.


These synagogues weren’t destroyed during Kristallnacht! They’re just missing they’re roofs!! They’re perfectly fine. All is well.



He evidently doesn’t understand that war, including the very war he cheered for so loudly a few years ago, can get ugly at times.

Wingnut-to-English translation:

“War is brutal. Therefore, any and all brutality* in war is excusable and must never be questioned.”

*Applies only to brutality by our side. Brutality by vicious crazed Islamo-satanic-communo-nazis is a completely different matter.


To hold that a picture proves the validity of your claim when it plainly and visibly contradicts it is the very definition of stupid. To keep doing this is pathologically stupid, or just insane. For example, Normal People’s Exhibit 1: Malkin posts a picture of Kerry dining with service people to validate the other picture she claimed proved that service people didn’t want to dine with him. Exhibit 2: Malkin posts pictures of visibly burned and bombed mosques as proof that they were not burned and bombed.

How stupid do her followers have to be to buy any of this?


So wait, did Retardo become Aristophanes, Mencken, or both?

Blakunin Krunkpotkin

“You’re being schooled by a comedy blog.”

That’s what this is? That’s all that this means to you? Comedy? Funny? Ha-ha? I bet you think your commenters are funny. You know what will be funny? When I videotape myself jerking off to that photo the doughy pantload leaked of teh blogger formerly known as Retardo Montalban (TBFKARM) with a loaded gun in my mouth and my finger in the shaved trigger. That’ll be fucking HEELARIOUS. Won’t that be funny? Maybe you can post it in your funny fucking blog.

Ah, monday again.


Once again you fail to credit Big Brain for his prescient prognostication.

I turned out to be right about the surge. It helps to see things with your own eyes once in a while, and I saw the surge two days before it was announced.

Two entire days, that’s forty-eight full hours before Dear Leader spoke, my friends! I ask you, can you recall anyone else on the planet who was that foresighted?

All the guy wants is a little credit for being smarter than everyone else, since he has seen the surge with his own eyes, and no one, especially not Jamil, can say that.


Exhibit 2: Malkin posts pictures of visibly burned and bombed mosques as proof that they were not burned and bombed.

More proof of the rose-coloured glasses Malkin wears night and day.


So basically everything they thought was false, was true. And they’re bragging about it? I don’t get it.

Moving on.



is that a self-description? and if you are going to take the time to comment here, can you not leave a coherent thought for us to agree or disagree with? you don’t link your italicized comment, you don’t tell us who “Big Brain” is, and your link takes us to exactly nowhere of relevance. are you a total tool?

Blakunin–comedy is hard. too hard for you. so is snark. so is irony. just say whatever you have to say and leave the comedy to the clever amateurs.


Hmm. That’s the first time I’ve actually seen a picture of Mr. Preston. He looks as stupid as he sounds.

I wouldn’t bother trying to reason with these people. Until recently I commented regularly on Hot Air. I was banned over this issue. I just couldn’t let the opportunity to thank them for basically criminalizing the flow of “unofficial” information out of Irak pass. Fucktard is too kind for this asshole, and his mistress.

Wonder if they took the time to look up Captain Hussein, or his family. They could have donated some of that paypal money they took from their readership to pay for their trip. I’m sure they could use it.


So, next up, Michelle takes a trip to Vietnam, sits on a boat in the Gulf of Tonkin, and declares that attack not faked after finding a piece of scrap metal on the ocean floor?
Strange that, considering how often they use tv show analogies, wingnuts haven’t watched any of the thousands of csi shows to get an idea of the importance of evidence and the proper understanding of how to interpret it. That or they all think they’re… whatshisname… Grissom.


“And yes, those are bullet holes all over that mosque. It was abandoned, so no one was defending it, and the militias like to shoot at things that don’t shoot back.”

That is my favorite piece of the Brain’s argument. An abandoned, bullet riddled mosque right in front of his eyes is no obstacle to pushing the story that things are not all fucked up in Iraq. And the militias like to fire at things that don’t shoot back. Clearly we need to send our troops over there to get between the militias and the inanimate objects they are waging jihad against.


and the militias like to shoot at things that don’t shoot back

Is this buttwipe trying to make some derogatory comment about the courage, determination or fighting skills of the insurgents? Is this some of that demonization people tend to do when getting kicked around in a war? Is he saying that these clowns suck at warfare, and yet they managed to kill or maim upwards of twenty thousand of our guys?

Hmm, I’m thinking, wonder what the reaction would be if John Kerry said this. Wonder how long it would take before somebody accused him of “smearing our troops”?



I’ll go ahead and close that tag now.


rick moran. rick moran. moran. moron.

still the same freaking moronic asshole as always, eh, Rick?

A better question would be: Why didn’t Malkin and Mr. Goatee go ask the clergy or the local residents those questions?

But OF COURSE someone named Moran would still doubt the AP story.

big surprise.


Oh, the smell of wingnuttery. it’s a mix of desperation, regret and cheap boxed wine. Or is it “whine” as in “Bryan and Michelle constantly whine that nobody understands how hard it is do a shitty job trying debunk an AP story that violated the rules of their fantasy land.”

Seriously, MM and Bri shouldn’t be covering a battle in Magik the Gathering let alone a real war with serious consequences.


Lil Ricky banned me several times from his blog, and now just deletes anything I write. All because he’s afraid to admit he loves me. Just because neither of us us gay doesn’t mean he doesn’t want me to test the elasticity of his orifices, but this damn culture of ours makes him think it’s wrong.
In fact, I’m starting to think he does fucking stupid things like making up new lies about the AP right after the SN! boys debunked more carefully crafted versions of those lies as a form of self-punishment for his evil urges for me. He wants to be smacked down, he neeeeeeeeeeeds to be spanked.


digamma, RM is HTML Mencken. DA is Assparrot.


I have a little request (in small font, natch)…could someone take the picture of the Fonz jumping the shark, and photoshop in Michelle and Bryan?

Brrriiinnngg! Your wish is my command.

Malkin and Preston jump the shark.

Julie O., the Photoshop Fairy


Robert Green, dear heart, I realize it’s hard for you to keep up sometimes.

If you haven’t read previous posts here and never watch movies, it’s understandable that some insider references might blow right past you.

Try this next time you’re confused: Often you can click through the link to the person the blog post you’re reading is about to catch a clue on who is being quoted in comments.

(And yes, my nick is a contraction of islamofascist (a vacuous wartime propaganda term created to produce hysteria) and lmfao (the reason I love S,N!)

I don’t mind explaining jokes, really! Two of my sisters are Aggies.


i’m not your “dear heart”, douchebag. i believe you have no relevant points to make, nor the level of sophistication to make you a serious interlocutor. I don’t get into intellectual fights with unarmed men (or women), to paraphrase churchill.

and don’t insult a quality movie by linking it to your extraordinarily stupid bleatings. QT does not suffer right wing morons gladly. let’s check imdb pages to see who more likely knows this, shall we?


I may be late to the party, but has anyone suggested how they think Michelle might react if someone were not to destroy her house, but merely put a huge hole in the roof with an RPG?


great work on the whole story guys

you’d think the desire to debunk the biased liberal msm would ignite some passion for serious investigation, but i guess not

there is a possibility that malkin did all the digging you suggested and hasn’t reported it, but hubris and laziness are more likely


It is funny that Hot Air is completely closed to any comment. Yet, Sadly, No! is completely open, offering all of the Einsteins and Edward R. Murrows and Matthew Bradys of the world to come on in and show exactly why Aristophanes is WRONG …

… spring peepers …

Ms. Malkin and Mssr. Preston are now about 3 notches below Apollo Moon Hoax website owners just in terms of investigatory zeal. I mean, the Apollo Moon Hoax fuckers are crazy as batshit but they do lots of homework. These two are ham and eggers. They’re like Dept. of Public Works guys on the sand and plow truck, ducking in behind a building for a hoodsie.

They’re not even dedicated to their own conspiracy theory.



Oooh, I love your flirting! Do tell me more about your good friend Quentin.

But how do you know him so well if he doesn’t like rightwing morons?


Jeez, islmfaoscist, what did you do to set this looney off? He really doesn’t seem to like you…



related languages (including Grogan).

Dang. I shouldn’ta followed that link. Who knew that MadTV’s Darlene McBride was a real person?


the trouble with liberals is when they fall flat on their face they take a moment to reflect on the experience, a quiet moment. liberals rarely celebrate failure.


and the militias like to shoot at things that don’t shoot back

Is this buttwipe trying to make some derogatory comment about the courage, determination or fighting skills of the insurgents?

No, I think he was making derogatory comments about the courage and determination of the mosque.


mikey, I definitely hit a nerve somewhere… maybe it was my pants on fire crack?


Could you provide a link to that “comedy blog” that’s writing abt Malkin and what’shisname?

Wait, you mean Sadly, No! is a comedy blog? And I’ve been reading it for news analysis. Next you’ll be telling me that Jon Stewart isn’t dead serious abt his news program.

You are extraordinarily kind to a dense right-winger. You must be one of those Liberals, bleeding heart style.


How long before they start arguing that it wasn’t really an “RPG hole” but some sort of tres modern skylight?


That day is near at hand. Evidence: You’re being schooled by a comedy blog.

And how.

Jeebus, DA, remind me never to piss you off.

Robert Green, if you are the same RG I have seen in comments on other lefty blogs, you are a fairly decent guy. So is islmfaoscist, he is not a right wing demented fuckwit, so please stop poking him with a stick.

Now, if I have to stop this car, you are both going to be very sorry.

And if you still do not behave, then I am going to turn the computer over to Ganesh Bengal Cat, and then Mehitabel the Abyssinian and El Gato Negro will probably chime in, and the entire fucking thread will go all to hell.

And it will be your fault.


All right wing pathologies have a common, primordial thread — the creationists.

These crazy loons wrote the encyclopedia on wing-nut logic and dissertation. Poor Michelle, for all her effort, is still just a wee plebe and novice in the dark art.

I am struck by her photos of little kids in a moonscape of a destroyed city. I think, at a certain level, she was too.

This normal human emotional response, of course, put her at odds with 99.99 percent of her readers, who believe it is a big fun joke and laugh riot for all of those little kids to be blown into bloody pieces by U.S. bombs.



and the entire fucking thread will go all to hell.

Mrao? [Rough translation: WTF?]


Hell is other cats.


Now, if I have to stop this car, you are both going to be very sorry.

Gentlewoman, thanks for trying to get the kids to behave. I don’t know why Robert Green and Islmfaoscist have been brawling, because I pretty much think they are on the same team and somehow don’t realize it.

So, guys, let’s not get the cats in here, OK?


Hell, Michelle and Goatee Boy don’t even give SECONDARY Sources!


Mrow. I was having a lovely nap.

And then the handmaiden said I had to type or there would be no slimies for supper, and tonight is chicken hearts and guts night, so here I am, typing.

Because teh guts are the best.

And I’m not too fussy about where they come from, if you get my drift, so don’t be hating on one another.

Click my name and look at my photo. Do I look like I have a sense of humor?

If it weren’t for my being in lust with Mehitabel, I would never even type on this fucking blog, because they never have any photos of cats like the good blogs do, and I don’t understand any of the jokes.

The handmaiden says that’s because I’m a right-wing asshole, but I don’t even know WTF that means.


“i’m not your “dear heartâ€?, douchebag. i believe you have no relevant points to make, nor the level of sophistication to make you a serious interlocutor. I don’t get into intellectual fights with unarmed men (or women), to paraphrase churchill.”

Sounds like Roberts arse is bleeding again, he even forgot his caps. Don’t worry Bob, a bit of ring lardner will sort that right out.


Nice prison pussy on that boy’s face, too. I bet they love him over at the hot hot air.


I will lick your pasta. Again and again. I cannot be dissuaded.


Following G’s lead:

Wait, you want them to do independent research that makes an original contribution to the story? Post-ninelevenist citizen journalism is so beyond that.


Lets not feign surprise. Malkin has too much good company in going to Iraq, seeing a bit of the truth, and returning to lie about it with a straight face. Think Paul Bremer in his unreformed phase, Donald Rumsfeld, who will never reform, and other Con-artists too numerous to name. Like Malkin, they have a career obligation to keep lying. How else are they supposed to make a living? After retirement, some of them will change their tune, in an attempt to salvage their credibility for the benefit of a nonexistent audience that really and truly gives a shit what they say at that point.


How much did the Lincoln Group graft get reimbursed by our tax dollars through USAID channels for their “junket” ????

Catherine the Abbysinian


Qetesh the Abyssinian

Hey, I’m just cleaning between my toes here. Why do you disturb my ablutions, puny humans?


Julie O: I thinks the jetski should be replaced with a row boat as I suspect Bri would think he could gain enough speed with oars to achieve the required lift and heft to make shark crossing possible. As for Milky, she’s on her own. Nice touch with the “That’s some bad hat, Harry.” spectators.

I only regret that Milky must breath my smoke filled air for yet another day.

What a waste.

Just a drive-by, snarky comment from someone who (whom?) cares very little.

Now back to my morning coffee, after I push up the plastic covering the hole in the roof, filled with rain, dripping in my cup.


The most amusing part of the rebuttal is where he apparently expects to be congratulated for not using a deceptive picture that conceals the damage to the mosque.

Uh, Bryan, we’d be a bit more impressed with your honesty if we thought that you were sufficiently in touch with reality to actually realize the extent to which your own photos of the shattered dome demolished your claims.


Guy goes to a foreign country, sees a few sites, takes a few pictures, barely interacts with the locals, comes back talking like an expert – I call that a tourist. Tourism isn’t particularly admirable.

There are civilians who go to war zones to actually do something. Reporting is admirable. Humanitarianism is admirable. Tourism in that context – not so much.


[…] After due consideration, Mr. Yankee, we think you should go to Iraq and shoot him yourself. And while you’re there, you can do some of that research that, you know, Michelle Malkin and Bryan “Presto” Preston forgot to do. […]


ifthethunderdontgetya: Any time.

Kelly Nickell: Darn, why can’t my photoshopping be as delusional as Bryan Preston? There’s only so much suspension of disbelief my liberal mind can take.

church of the revolving shoe

Many thanks to Michelle and Brian for adding the finishing touches to the school painting projects while they were over there, true patriots indeed.



They’re claiming a debunking without checking primary sources?

They’re claiming a debunking without checking primary sources?

They’re claiming a debunking without checking primary sources?

They’re claiming a debunking without checking primary sources?

They visited one mosque, and read the official reports?

Dear lord and lady, what is wrong with these bozos? Don’t they know that the official sources are coming from the military, which can be ordered to lie, to protect “military secrets”?

Are they that stupid? That blinded by hate?


The corollary for this argument that “You had to be there” extends also to the “bad hair” observation and sometimes in war, people get slapped around.
Until someone has had the boots put to him literally, he should not cheer on mobs who are beating the crap out of someone. As a matter of fact, a few broken bones, cracked ribs, concussion, and abrasions and bruises can afford the casual author all sorts of insights otherwise not readily available. There is nothing like lying in a pool of your own blood, unable to move, barely able to breathe due to the sharp ends of your ribs poking your lungs and blood bubbling from your mouth and nose and maybe seeping from your ears.
Yes, indeed, if Brian will choose the time and place I am sure there will be no lack of volunteers to either participate in this exercise in journalistic integrity or to cheer on the participants in the “slap around”.


[…] Usually I don’t go there, but after Kevin mentioned it here earlier – and I’d found his earlier analysis of the situation through various nefarious means of infosearching through the tubes of the internets – I thought I’d show you another side of the equation (courtesy of Sadly, No!: […]


God this blog is such a SCREAM! I laugh out loud while reading it and I look forward to checking it each day. Great work!


That bulding was destroyed!
uh, there is a hole in the roof, the building wasnt destroyed.
SEE! They ADMIT there is a hole in the roof. Stupid wingnut!

Don’t you ever worry about back problems, moving those goalposts all the time?


[…] only it were so. The political establishment never let Dan Quayle live down his fateful misspelling of […]


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