Why Republicans Should Hate Bush

Dr. Atrios points us to this awesome poll:

[T]he state of the Bush administration is at its worst yet, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll. The president’s approval ratings are at their lowest point in the poll’s history—30 percent—and more than half the country (58 percent) say they wish the Bush presidency were simply over, a sentiment that is almost unanimous among Democrats (86 percent), and is shared by a clear majority (59 percent) of independents and even one in five (21 percent) Republicans. Half (49 percent) of all registered voters would rather see a Democrat elected president in 2008, compared to just 28 percent who’d prefer the GOP to remain in the White House.

Now, a lot can happen in two years’ time, but right now it looks as though George W. Bush has done significant, long-lasting damage to the Republic Party’s public image that it will take years to recover from. George W. Bush, it seems, has become this generation’s Jimmy Carter*. Ouch, baby. Very ouch.

*I got nothin’ against the good Mr. Carter, who is by all accounts a stand-up guy. But he was widely seen as a highly ineffective preznit by the American public, albeit on a much smaller scale than Bush is. And for the record, yes, I think Bush is about a katrillion-gajillion times worse.


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I sometimes think that it’s good to keep Bush in there. He is entirely ineffective and bleeds the Republican base with each passing day. If it weren’t for the inevitable attack on Iran, that is.


Bush could find a stable of magical ponies in Iraq (and maybe a unicorn or two in Iran) and then what would we do? A lot can happen in two years, for sure!


within two years, it will be as if Bush and the last six or seven years never existed, and all the problems on Earth are the fault of the Democrats in Washington.

Already my wingnut acquaintances basically are going “la la la! Chappaquiddick! Obama madrassa! Hilary investigation!”


Steve, I’ve had that thought too, but then I think of all the dead people.


Sticking a knife in the heart of the Rethuglican party would be the only good thing to come from the Cheney-puppet regime.

Which is also why it’s important to do whatever we can to make sure the Democratic party, aka the beneficiaries, isn’t dominated by DLC out-republican-the-republicans types like Rahmbo Emanuel and Ellen Tauscher.

Moving on to Jimmy Carter. He got left the entire bag of economic cobaggery dating back to 60’s, when Paul Volcker, who Carter appointed, decided to wring inflation out of the economy by jacking short term rates to 21%.

No one who was president at that time was going to look good, just as anyone coming along after, such as Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) was going to look like an economic genius.


Did I kill the mood with that last? Didn’t mean too, if I did. One of the first times I’ve de-lurked here and I’d hate to be known as “that guy, the mood-killer.”

Tara the anti-social social worker

Since we’re shortening the name of the Greedy Ole Pharisees party, I’d go with “Relic.” (Sorry, can’t remember who I stole that from.)


Actually, dougmore, you brought up a good point, at least for my seque into Ralph Fucking Nader. There were a lot of reasons that Gore did not become president (note I didn’t say win the election), but Ralphie was definitely one of them.

And Ralph’s point, I believe, was that there was no difference between the major parties, so why vote for the lesser of two evils.

Anyone still believe that? Think of all the dead people.


Moving on to Jimmy Carter. He got left the entire bag of economic cobaggery dating back to 60’s, when Paul Volcker, who Carter appointed, decided to wring inflation out of the economy by jacking short term rates to 21%.

Yah, I was just about to say that Carter’s biggest failure was his inability to salvage the incredibly poor economic hand he was dealt. I fear that the next (presumably/hopefully) Democratic president will face the same problem, but with a disastrous war on top of it. And if they can’t do any better than Carter, they’ll take the fall and the Republicans will come back. If the American people could forget Watergate in just 6 years, they can forget just about anything.

On the other hand, if they can somehow turn things around, they can hammer the campaign theme along the lines of, “Republicans wreck America, and Democrats fix it.”


Since we’re shortening the name of the Greedy Ole Pharisees party

I’ve decided to lengthen it to “Banana Republicans”.


With so many qualifications and half-retractions, why leave Jimmy Carter’s name in the post at all?


As always, the Democrats will have to clean up the mess. Iraq’s in flames, there’s a staggering deficit, a weakened military, and government’s been decimated to the point that federal, state, and local governments are all struggling to provide basic public services. It won’t be Happy Fun Time in this country when the taxes get raised and the hard decisions implemented to pull us back from the brink. And Mean Old Mr. Democrat’s going to get blamed for harshing everyone’s mellow.

In 2000, this country elected a maroon like Bush after eight of the best years we’ve ever seen. (Alright, I’m using the term “elected” loosely, but he got a lot of votes in any event.) Then, God help us, he got reelected in 2004 when it was already clear this whole thing was coming apart at the seams.

I’ll bet on the Democrats in 2008. After that? I have absolute confidence that the American public can forget this whole nightmare by 2012 or 2016 and sign on with whatever huckster the Republicans send along then.


Wingnuts can chant “chappaquiddic” all day long. I assure you, MA will vote Kennedy until he says he is done.

and then we’ll send you Joe Kennedy.



One of the reasons I love you guys is for your boundless, youthful optimism. I kind of have to wonder, on the other hand, just what exactly might be left to save in ’08? War with Iran will result in a significant reduction in available oil supplies, and with America a hated rogue state, allocations will be made to peaceful, rational europe and asia. Oil will go zooming past $200 bbl, and due to shortages in the US, gas prices short term will approach $8.00 gallon. Many nations will boycott the US due to it’s policies, and the spreading warfare in the middle east will crash not only trade but equity markets. Only fixed assets, gold, diamonds and strategic metals will rise in value. American unemployment will approach 20% within a year. As the fighting spreads, Israel will have to use nukes to keep from being overrun, and the european capitals will have to take a very stern position at that point. Domestically, riots over food, jobs and a gross imballance of wealth will lead to a level of urban violence unseen in the US ever.

Nope, I love the optimism. But I have to confess – I’m glad I ain’t 30 years old today…


Smiling Mortician

You see that, dougmore? Now that’s how you harsh a mood.


While deserved and desirable, the long-term destruction of the Republic Party isn’t worth the damage of two more years of Unka Dick and the Boy Blunder.

The abstract politico in me cheers the fact every choice Teh Decider makes in the next two years will make it more likely that the Rs will wander in the political wilderness for a generation, but when I look at the growing pile of bodies, the struggling families, the sick kids, the poisoned water, the unstable debt-riddeb paper-driven economy, the irreparable harm to our national character, our standing in the world, and our social contract, I just want them removed from office. Yesterday. Its just not worth it.


Redemption, mikey. There’s always redemption. We can’t go back, but maybe we can learn and go forward.


I think this is a fine thread. My mood was just harshed by reading yet another crappy Fred Hiatt editorial.

In the so-called liberal Washington Post. (Where you can’t use links, or even shift characters like single or double quotes in the comments section.)

QUOTE At 61, Mr. Ortega may understand something that Mr. Chávez, 52, and his would-be followers have yet to learn: Socialist economics are a recipe for impoverishment, while political power grabs tend to boomerang. UNQUOTE Who wrote this pile of dog excrement? If it was not Fred Hiatt, it is certainly his responsibility. Mr. Ortega, so-called former Marxist dictator, took power from Anastazio Somoza, our favorite Nicaraguan brutal thug. Then the Reagan Administration unleashed Iran-contra on Nicaragua. Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Or give Elliott Abrams another government job, in violation of his plea arrangement.

By ifthethunderdontgetya | Jan 27, 2007 1:59:19 PM | Request Removal

Sorry for the o/t but I had to get that off my chest. And now I have to go to the office *sniff*.


Comparing Carter to Bush is insane, dude. As ineffective as Carter may have been perceived to be isn’t the same as criminal, corrupt, sociopathic, evil, dangerous, cruel, etc. etc. etc.

Bush is more comparable to Nixon, but even Nixon smells like a rose next to this piece of shit we have now.


Oh Jeez, I forgot to add a screaming INCOMPETENT, ignorant and uninformed. Bush may be the first president who combines “stupid” and “diabolical” in equal quantities.


Comparing Carter to Bush is insane, dude. As ineffective as Carter may have been perceived to be isn’t the same as criminal, corrupt, sociopathic, evil, dangerous, cruel, etc. etc. etc.

I wasn’t comparing them performance-wise. I was comparing their perception the the public eye. For years now, the GOP has brought up the specter of Jimmy “Inflation!! Iran Hostage crisis!!! MALAISE!!!!!” Carter when referencing Democratic ineptitude. Now we have our very own rebuttal: George W. Bush. Anytime you have a GOP candidate running for president, people will start to wonder, is this man yet another George W. Bush?


True, Mr. Rocket, but the public also hasn’t had “AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE!1!!“, accompanied by images of the president, blaring from its TeeVee screen every night for 400-some days in a row, either.

We’re going to have to work harder to pin our national shame to Der Fratboy.

Smiling Mortician

Agreement with a twist, kingubu: we don’t have to work to pin the shame on Dubya — it’s already firmly affixed. Rather, our task is to get people to actually see it, point at it, gasp in horror, cover their children’s eyes, and cry out “Dear god, what is that thing?”

An actual free press would probably help.


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In the final analysis, his only true ability is the power to destroy. Whether through arrogance, incompetence, ineptitude, or neglect he
can only ruin what he believes he loves or hates. Failure is the desired
result because that brings the succoring grace of denial and the inevitable chimera of future achievement.


mikey, the pessimism is not lost on me, but there’s no use planning for that mess. At that point there’s no half full, there’s just your glass of water – and i just drank it.

At 33 I’m acutely aware that I’m signed up with selective service, and that there are some plans afoot to extend the age for the not-draft that will never ever ever happen to up to 34.


Aw, why all the gloom and doom, party people?

Consider: It’s truly an uncomfortably itchy pants time to be a KoolAid-drinking member of the Republic Party, and it’s only going to get worse in the coming months.

Whoever is selected as the next Anointed One by the conservatards (McCain? Romney? Rudy? youkiddinme?) is either going to have to defend the disastrously failed Bush Jr. presidency and vow to “stay the course” as Congressional hearings slowly drag the sordid bodies into the light, or pile on and risk being labelled a traitor to the cause.

I predict the latter, and whatever passes for “Bush legacy” after both sides get done playing soccer with the carcass ain’t gonna be pretty.


Jimmy Carter is one of the very few Americans who should be happy about the Bush disaster/presidency. Bush makes the Carter administration look soooooo much better by comparison. Nixon too. If Nixon were alive he’d suck on Bush’s toes.

There’s always a silver lining.


Aw, why all the gloom and doom, party people?

No matter what, another 700 days under the uncontrolable “leadership” of a badly wounded, very dangerous political animal with no moral compunction, no requirement to ever stand for office again and a circle of advisors more bloodthirsty than Vlad the Impaler. As the old saying goes, hold on, this ride is gonna get a little bumpy.

At 33 I’m acutely aware that I’m signed up with selective service…

Actually, I was being even more pessimistic than that. When you think about it, in the almost inevitable coming economic collapse, being in the armed forces, even deployed to a war zone, may be the best thing an American can do. Whatever money there is is likely to be spent on the armed forces, as we will have hot wars in several places.

And whatever you want to say abou the conduct and outcomes of their respective presidencies, it seems clear to me that Carter was a truly good and thoughtful man who did the best he could under some truly bad conditions, while bush is an amoral, thoughtless child with a bad temper, a petulant attitude and serious power issues, being controlled by some of the most venal, corporatist, militarist authoritarians seen on any continent in several hundred years. And to me, regardless of outcomes, that is a very big difference…



Actually, dougmore, you brought up a good point, at least for my seque into Ralph Fucking Nader.

Yeah, I love how he was virtually the only non-movement conservative in his own fucking campaign…


I compare Bush more to Nixon rather than Carter. Bush and Nixon ran questionable wars which they escalated. Bush has the leak trial and Nixon had Watergate. Both infringed on the privacy of others. Both did their dirty work by bypassing Congress.

Do I hear ‘Impeachment?’


Nope. You just hear that little mouse that runs the treadmill in your head farting.


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Anyone looks good compared to Bush but let’s not lionize Jimmy Carter. He campaigned as a breath of fresh air but had supported the war in Vietnam to the end. That was in line with his pre 1976 conservative record and once he was elected he basically continued on with the Nixon/Ford agenda. I know he showed up in the oval office to find a giant bag of dicks on the desk in the form of inflation and festering problems abroad but didn’t exactly inspire the country with his approach to solving the issues of the day. He paid lip service to human rights but he went right on supporting the Shah, Somoza, etc. etc. He’s become an entirely different animal since he left office but when he had the power it was business as usual.


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Why is Ann Althouse allowed to leave comments here using other people’s names?


I like pie also. This thread is going exactly where it should.


Perhaps we can all suggest who Annie’s gonna vote for come Republican Primary season? I would say Brownback, but isn’t he against the escalation? Is there anybody other than McCain running for Prez calling for more war in the Middle East?


Lieberman. I wonder if he’s running for Vice President again.


Hold on, this is a trick! If Republicans should hate Bush, then everyone else should love him, right? So now I have to love Bush or become a Republican.

Or I could commit suicide. Take that, Karl Rove!


I would think she would heart Huckabee. As it were.


Huckabee Called Bush’s Iraq Troop Escalation “Decisive…Gutsy…An Important Move…He’s Putting A Lot on The Line.”

Nice gambliing allusion. Hey, you’re chief executive of a company you’ve run into the ground, but somehow the regulators haven’t got around to removing you yet. Why not gamble every remaining asset on a long shot? Heads you win, tails you were losing everything anyways.

Of course, that really sucks, outcome wise, for everyone else with a stake. Which is why management like that needs to be removed quickly. Or impeached, in this case.


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If this shit doesn’t stop, I’m going to shut off comments for the night.

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Me, I’m kinda sick of pie.


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Wow! Fake Shoelimpyâ„¢ had comment #100! This is the only comment thread wherein more than half of the comments are from faked screennames.


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Wow! Fake Shoelimpyâ„¢ had comment #100! This is the only comment thread wherein more than half of the comments are from faked screennames.

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Which ones are the fake comments? Everything look like business as usual to me. Annie and Shoelimpyâ„¢ don’t look any dumber than usual. Maybe a little more self-aware.



Shoelimpy made a new youtube. He’s definately banned now.

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when Paul Volcker, who Carter appointed, decided to wring inflation out of the economy by jacking short term rates to 21%.

Of course, Mr. Volcker wasn’t appointed untill three years into PeanutBrain’s four year tenure- and the massive increase in short-term rates did not occur until after Reagan had taken office…

Otherwise, that was a very “reality-based” comment!


Ultimately when it comes down to it, Bush will be vindicated like Truman was.

Bush will be considered one of the top 5 Presidents in history due to his devotion to Iraqi freedom and freedom against terror.


I consider myself now very adequately terrorized.


“Ultimately when it comes down to it…”




Considering your previous track record of prognostication Gary, I am surprised at how much you hate George.


But he was widely seen as a highly ineffective preznit by the American public

This would be the same American public that made Paris Hilton a celebrity and elected George W. Bush twice, n’est ce pas?


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