Apology to Dan Riehl

In the comments to this thread, Dan Riehl writes:

If you are going to make allegations, you should first get the facts. While I believe nesbusters may offer some sort of plan linked to ad rev or somehting, I’m really not sure, as, to date, I have lected to not participate in any paid manner with NewsBusters. Perhasp youshould try asking them before you try to smear someone that way. I annot you idiots out of love. I don’t need to do it for money.

Let’s leave aside the fact that Dan’s text reads like it was scribbled by a three-year-old on a Steel Reserve bender. Instead, let’s focus on the substance of his remarks.

It’s true that I had no idea whether or not Dan was a wingnut welfare recipient when I wrote my post. I also have no evidence that Dan’s employment status has always been dependent upon conservative think-tanks and/or the Republic Party, or that he has ever, say, accepted payment to write favorable pieces about No Child Left Behind, or ever been hired for a job that he was disastrously unqualified for, or ever gotten a job because he had a famous mother. Thus, it was unfair of me to imply that Dan was a wingnut welfare recipient. I labeled him as such because I am a shitbag fuckstick who is too lazy to conduct even the most basic of Google searches. I pledge to never engage in such benavior again, at least until next week when I do it again to someone else.

Y’see, some wingnuts, such as Dinesh D’Souza and Ben Domenech, are all about C.R.E.A.M. get tha’ money, dolla-dolla bill, y’all. But others are just in the wingnut game because they love the hustle. Dan is clearly one of those cats, and it was wrong for me to assume otherwise. Now, I could be a jerk and call Dan a chump for doing all this work for free while others are getting paid lotsa dough for it. But Mama Bradrocket didn’t raise no h8r, so I gotta give Dan a big ol’ salute and tell him to “Keep it Rieeeeeeeeeeehl!”

Above: The Icy Hot Stuntaz, a.k.a. the Hottest Guys EVAR, hope Dan keeps it Riehl too.


Gavin adds: I ain’t sayin’ he’s a gold digger…


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And I was thinking he did it all for the nookie


where do find these awesome pictures?


where do find these awesome pictures?

I keep a pic of tha’ Stuntaz IN MY PANTS.


Yeah, so you can take that cookie.


Paid shilling for the aristocracy is evil but comprehensible under The Yuppie Nuremberg Defense (“I just need to pay the mortgage.”). Gratis shilling for the aristocracy just makes you a straight-up sphincternaaut.


Brad, haven’t you learned the republican method of apology? It should sound something like this:

“Dan. I’m sorry you are such an incrediby stupid fuck that you were in any way offended by my comments. In the future, I’ll try to address you monosyllabically, so that you might have a better chance of understanding what I’m saying, in spite of the fact that you are clearly an idiot of the first order”…

There. That oughta do it…



mikey- that’s the effect I tried to have, but I went about it slightly more subtley…


Anything more subtle than a cockslap to the face is lost on those guys, Brad.


Hmm. To those old standbys of oxymoronic humor, “Military Intelligence” and “Jumbo Shrimp”, perhaps we should add “Subtle Republican”…



So did you photoshop in the shiny-ness on that there thar bling? Or did it come like that?


I pledge to never engage in such benavior again,

That’s good. You should only be-knave someone who really, really deserves it, like Hugh Hewitt, or Dan Riehl, or…

Oh, wait.


Sphicternaut, bwaha!

Righteous Bubba props.


Calling kids, “hot guys” borders on extremely sick, I know.

Brad is being punished, I can’t ban him, he’s bigger than me, but he is not allowed to watch me shower for one week.


Uh, that was sarcasm. Just to make things, you know, perfectly sparkling clear.


Oh wait. You’re not Gavin. Well played, Miss Annie.


Yo! Thoze boyz got them some phat sponsorhip deal, yo! But where’s my mofo ChillStick?! He must be out getting spinning rims put on his Hyundai.

I sure hope they don’t go cruzin’ out to the pharm and run into any of them H-Prep Kreemers. When that h8’in goes down, thatz war and it’s smelly, nelly.


Brad got pwned by AA!!

Must be on tha Steel Reserve again.

mikey, subtle Republican: bwahahahahahahahaha!


🙂 Brad admits he watches me shower. 🙂


Pay attention to me! Me, me, me!!!


I think Dan had an aneurysm while he was typing that comment. Wait, that would only improve his writing ability.


good one to use for the future: “When keeping it Riehl goes wrong”


You always gotta check the URL link, man.


“You always gotta check the URL link, man.”



where do find these awesome pictures?

I keep a pic of tha’ Stuntaz IN MY PANTS.

DUDE! That makes you, like, the hawtest d00d EVAR!!1!!1!
Stay away from me.
No, really!


The Icy Hot Stuntaz

Crap–when did this become Fark?


Stop picking on Brad. I mean it. If I have to get angry and do IP stuff I’ll probably break the blog!!!


Steel Reserve is for lightweights not man enough to swill Cisco. The peach flavor is especially fine. Or as C. Day Lewis put it:

The bones, the stalwart spine,
The legs like bastions,
The nerves, the heart’s natural combustions,
The head that hives our active thoughts – all pine,
Are quenched or paralyzed
When [Cisco] puts unexpected questions
And makes the heroic body freeze like a beast surprised.


Oh, look! Drag-Gavin! Now this thread is Officially Deadâ„¢.


The funniest thing about that picture is, I’m certain those guys think they look REALLY COOL! I’m glad I wasn’t that much of a clueless geek when I was that age. Um, no, wait, I actually was. But I thought I was way cool at the time, so that’s what counts, I guess.


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