Seriously, Though

Shorter Peggy Noonan:

Above: Wore the grooves off her Jimmy Castor Bunch records to prove it

‘My He’s Got Guts’

  • Principled, anti-war Republicans have ushered in a New Seriousness. In the spirit of the times, I don’t know whether to mock John Kerry or vote for him.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

Bradrocket adds: Instead of running Ned Lamont for Senate, we should have asked the GOP if we could simply trade them Joe Lieberman straight-up for Hagel. Understand that I’m not the world’s biggest Hagel booster, but he’s still a damn sight better than Holy Joe.

Travis adds: Have you been reading all those articles lately about how young people should be careful about what they post on their Bloggers and their Facebooks and their MySpaces? It’s good advice, really, because that stuff stays online forever:

The polls show the American people are growing pessimistic about Iraq, and no wonder. They are being rallied against the cause by such statesmen as [Ted Kennedy and Chuck Hagel]. Six months after they repudiated the insurgency in a historic election, free Iraqis are continuing to make slow but steady political and military gains. Where the terrorists are gaining ground is in Washington, D.C.

Seriously, when is someone going to tell these people you can read their old columns without going to the library and checking out microfiche?

Travis adds, chagrined: Steve in comments has a sharper eye than I. The second excerpt is, in fact, an unsigned editorial. You probably can’t hear it from where you are, but I’m presently whacking myself in the side of the head as I go back and proof the stuff I was working on at the same time for my job. There’s gotta be something wrong with that stuff, too…


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Wow. As my mom used to say, bully for her. It’s at least nice to see a wingnut that isn’t so batshit off-the-deep-end insane that they can’t at least recognize that the people who disagree with them do so out of principle and strongly held personal beliefs. Oh, I know. She’s still a thug and the worst kind of crazy, but these days it takes very little to make me smile and say “right on”…



Peggy Noonan doin’ the Bertha Butt Boogie?


I’d be happy to trade Whinermann for a warm bucket of spit, and it would be a more equitable exchange.


So true about Hagel, though he bugged the hey out of me voting against the mininum wage bill.


Sorry for the link whoring, but of the 1100+ words, only 60% of that crap is actually Noonan’s…


Shorter Peggy Noonan: No, I’ve never heard of Ted Kennedy. Why do you ask?


Screw that.

For once Peg-Pelvis Peggy writes something that doesn’t totally ignore reality and cheers on the one Republican to join a host of Democrats in not totally ignoring reality. Whoopie fucking shit. The basic premise is still that recognition of reality by a member of the Tinkerbell Party suddenly somehow makes dissent respectable. This is “progress” like me shifting from one ass-cheek to the other is “a trip to Cancun”.


Sounds like she’s due for another bout of dolphin-unsafe tuna getting packed in her can, if you know what I mean and I think you don’t.


Man she looks so medicated in that picture.


I think Gavin needs to add some twinkles to her eyes in an animated .gif.


I think it kind of looks like she’s saying, “Yeah, I blew the steely-
eyed rocket man, and I swallowed. Isn’t it great?”


I can’t believe I put up that Hillary Rotten Bulldyke Clinton crap in the sidebar.

But you know, she scares me. I had to do it. She mouthed the name “Vince” at me. What else could I do?

Principal Blackman

Bertha Butt Boogie

Great tune. See also: “Ham Hocks Espanol” (which I’m assuming Nooners would take as some sort of pro-illegal immigration anthem)


Jimmy Castor Bunch

The E-Man! The E stands for Everything, as in “Everything stays online forever.”


I wonder if we are seeing the start of a new seriousness.

I gather from this that the Death of Irony died and has now been reborn.


From that June ’05 column Travis found: So why the Washington panic? A large part of it is political. As Democrats see support for the war falling in the polls, the most cynical smell an opening for election gains in 2006. The Republican Hagels, who voted for the war only reluctantly, see another opening to assail the “neo-cons” and get Donald Rumsfeld fired.

How embarrassing. Bless her heart . . .


Oh my, Chuck Hegel is about to have a stalker. For the Pegster, “guts” is the trigger word for a paroxysm of Lustful Veneration. Here’s just one paragraph of guts-stroking for her now-jilted Rocket Man:

Mr. Bush…relying on his gut sense… wondering if his gut would be up to the job…had to use his gut to make big quick decisions…follow his gut…he went with his gut…he concluded his gut was up to the challenge.

If it turns out he has manly feet, Hegel’s gonna need an unlisted number.


Travis, is that earlier article really by Noonan? It doesn’t say.


This is my first time to this blog and after reading a number of the entries from the past 10 days I looked at the “about” blurb and was amazed to find that this is a HUMOR blog!!! I laughed out loud — I don’t think I’ve ever been to a site with more name-calling, mockery, moral superiority, and profanity. You’re probably a riot in Germany, but it’s very hard for me to imagine any of you or your contributors reading anything you’ve written and actually laughing. High-fives, maybe (‘great one, dude,’ ‘awesome slam, my man’). But laugh? I don’t think so. The posts are like the little dog next door that barks at every big car that goes by — I’m sure he’s name calling and if he could type, I’m guessing he would be a part of your group, posting here. But I can’t imagine him ever laughing about his name calling — how funny is it the thousandth time you call someone an asshole? As I say, I was amazed to find out that you categorize that as “humor.”


Y’know, I wander around the t00bz almost every day, and I find new blogs all the time. Most are stupid, and I don’t bother to return. But I cannot remember a time when I felt compelled to take them to task because I found THEIR work wanting. Jeezus, dood, getcher own blog or something. Sheesh…



how funny is it the thousandth time you call someone an asshole?

Calling an asshole “asshole” is endlessly funny, especially when said asshole is blissfully unaware of his/her level of assholishness.

You asshole.

After the last six years of being compared to mass murderers and violent religious fundamentalists because I don’t think the president should enjoy executive privaleges not unlike royalty, particularly when it involves possibly curbing my Constitutional rights, I think calling someone like Peggy Noonan “asshole” is letting her off easy. There’s plenty of places on the ‘net for well-reasoned, intelligent political commentary. Google Glenn Greenwald or David Niewart for just two. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


“David Neiwert”, rather. Sorry about that, but I’m fully cognizant of both my assholishness and my dumbassness


Heck you want endlessly funny, you go with teh Badgers.


This is my first time to this blog…

Ah, but the trolls here are a beauty to behold.


And the poop jokes. Don’t forget the poop jokes.


True. We don’t need no steeenking badgers, we got poop jokes!


Peculiar that. This also be my first time here (first thread too) and I’ve already found some funny.

Not that I’d ever comment on that except maybe to refute a conflicted timewaster (ten days indeed) who’s proven himself quite the sphinctered trapdoor.

Smiling Mortician

So it takes 26 comments to get from Peggy Noonan being utterly, cravenly, disingenuously atwitter about Brave Sir Chuck standing up and saying what Weeny Mister Kerry said a coupla years ago to the inevitable mention of poop jokes? That’s like some great new riff on a parlor game: 26 degrees of exasperation. What’s not to like, “Brad,” ya party-pooper? Ooh! another poop joke! I crack me up!

Smiling Mortician

Oh, and also . . .

I looked at the “about� blurb and was amazed to find that this is a HUMOR blog!!!

‘Nuff said.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a site with more name-calling, mockery, moral superiority, and profanity.

Right. ‘Cause humor never has any of that stuff.


The TSA took my toothpaste away

ISG did a job on me
Now I only got Cheney


Stay offa my lawn, you posers!

(But Bonzo goes to Bitburg is apropos of the next thread.)

And the Ramones are teh awesome. First saw them at Toad’s Place in 1978 or 79.

Smiling Mortician

I can’t control the congress, I can’t control teevee!
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty-four months to go,
I wanna be mandated!


how funny is it the thousandth time you call someone an asshole?

Good point.

Perhaps Sadly, No! could move on to assbryo or sphincternaut (Google-tested for uniqueness!).


My opinion is that if you want to go for impeaching the bastards, you should sell it with Hagel as Prez, and Gore as veep.

The ‘centrists’ would cream and the wingnut’s heads would explode.


Gee, that photo makes her look young for 100.


Fuck Hagel.

When he was elected to the Senate in 1996, he was the CEO of American Information Systems, Inc. which in 1997 changed its name to ES&S- Electronic Systems and Software, a name intimately familiar to anyone who’s been following the e-voting scandals.

ES&S is the 2nd largest manufacturor of electronic election systems, after Diebold.

During that 1996 election, Hagel illegally failed to disclose his relationship to and major stock ownership of the company that built the machines that Nebraska used to put him in the Senate. The GOP-dominated Senate, and the FEC, refused to investigate him for this obvious conflict of interest.

For more detailed info, read Bev Harris’ book, Black Box Voting, available for free download at the website.

Again- fuck Hagel. Sideways. Unlubricated.


Oh, and ya’ll don’t suppose the fact that Hagel’s up for re-election in ’08 may have a little something to do with his sudden anti-war stance? And, as Elderta pointed out above, he also just voted against the minimum wage increase.

He’s a Republican and his voting record reflects this: anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-freedom, anti-American. He’s only anti-war now because he can read dismal poll numbers as well as anyone else can. He’s about as “centrist” as Lieberman.


Righteous Bubba, I vote sphincternaaut. With the double ‘a’: makes it look Nordic and cool.

was amazed to find that this is a HUMOR blog!!!

Three exclamation marks is the sign of someone in need of sedation.

I laughed out loud – I don’t think I’ve ever been to a site with more name-calling, mockery, moral superiority, and profanity.

Hey, man, I laugh out loud nearly every time I come here. Example one: sphincternaut. Example two:

This is “progress” like me shifting from one ass-cheek to the other is “a trip to Cancun”.

See, this make me laugh until I nearly swallowed my tongue.


I’d just like to point out that at least two out of three Brads (probably, don’t mean to shove words in mouths) agree that that other Brad is an asshole, and that it’s funny to say so.
Kaka peepee.


Hear, Hear, Rob W.

One thing that bugs me endlessly is how erstwhile “progressives” in the blogosphere will fawn over a republican that finally speaks out consistently on a single progressive issue, and then suddenly forget that these people are conservatives about anything else. It just sets people up for endless disappointment.

Remember Lou Dobbs on outsourcing jobs? Arlen Specter on Stem cell research? John McCain? JOHN FUCKING MCCAIN?!?!

Hillay Clinton and Joe Biden are more liberal than these nuts overall, but most progressives would rather chew off their left gonad than vote for them.

Yeah, work with them, let them help push the dialog into mainstream acceptance, but don’t forget that they’re republican for a reason.


Thanks, fox.

Let’s also remember that Pat Buchanan is anti-Iraq-war as well and has been since the beginning. That doesn’t mean that he’s NOT an asshole.

Er, I mean, sphincternaaut.

But I’ll give this to Hagel, Buchanan, et al: at least they are honest enough to actually be Publicans, unlike Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller.


Not Nooners? Bless my heart.


I know tehl4m3 is gonna slap me across the face for this, but, in that pic, Nooners is a dead ringer for Mary Tyler Moore. Ugh – that’s making even my skin crawl!


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