Why, What A Magnificent Idea, Mr. Hewitt

Above: H-to-tha-H on Foxnizzle

Here’s Julia:

I completely support this plan in an enthusiastic and wholehearted way

Hugh Hewitt, who’s looking more and more like a lock for Chickenhawk of the Year, is promoting a pledge for Republicans in which they promise not to donate to the National Republican Senatorial Committee if any NRSC money goes to a Republican who fails to support “the Surge” (h/t Glenn Greenwald)

Bob Geiger has a list of some of the Republican senators who are up in ’08 (specifically those who voted to eliminate the minimum wage).

Quite a few of those senators oppose the “Surge,” because their job security depends on opposing it.

I’m with you, Mr. Hewitt. Cut ’em off at the knees.

What are you waiting for? Go pledge.

This will definitely impose some much-needed discipline on the exploding and catching-on-fire Republican Party, which is too busy yelling about help! and being on fire and oh-no-we’re-about-to-explode to carry out its duty of supporting President George W. Bush at any cost.

If only there were a convenient pool of fake names sitting around somewhere. Oh wait…


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Can we get those R’s on the non-receiving end of this effort to join our fellow D’s in pasing the “Chickenhawk Pundits Must Serve Act of 2007.”


I was going to go sign the pledge as Adolph Hitler, but it’s already been done. It looks like “GOP SUCKS DONKEY BALLS” has already signed on, too, along with “I.P. Freeley.” Clearly, pro-surge sentiment dwells under a big tent.


Heh…you guys are a bit behind the curve, this time. The fine folks over at TBogg’s place have already started on this most excellent prank.


Whattaya know! ‘Painful Rectal Itch’ redirects to michellemalkin.com!


Joe Mamma just signed it.


Hugh Hewitt is desperate to believe any authority figure he is told to.

Don’t believe me. Believe Gen. Patreus.


I am feeling sorry for myself. And for everyone else. Jeezus, will this never end?


[…] So yesterday, I mentioned Hugh Hewitt’s call to purge the nonbelievers.  I did want to say that like others, I am wholeheartedly behind this effort.  I absolutely support the GOP base in their decision to refuse to fund any U.S. Senate candidates in 2008.  Indeed, while Andy Aplikowski yesterday claimed I was jealous of the huge success of this movement ( a huge success that got all of 15,000 signatures in a day and a half–that’s a pathetic number), I myself am hoping that hundreds of thousands–nay, millions of Republican activists make the decision to sit out 2008.  Good luck to you. […]

Innocent Bystander

Hewitt’s going about this the wrong way. He should be encouraging positive rewards. For instance,

if the Republic Congressperson supports perpetual escalation in Iraq – give $50.00
if the Republic Congressperson supports above and thermonuclear war in Iran – throw him/her $250.00
if the Republic Congressperson supports above and overthrowing the Constitution by installing Bush as the Permanent Decider, give him $500.00.

All of the above and putting the 80% who disagree with him in concentration camps, drain the bank account and mortgage the ranch.


Mmmm…. Loyalty oaths…


I posted these in another thread, but they just had to be reposted here:

here’s a good name: Biff Goldstain.

or howsabout

Little Green NoBalls
Quaint Genevist
Extraordinary Renditionist
Preemptive Warmonger
Ass of Spades
The Colonel (of Colonel’s Quarters)
Armchair Wingnut
Anthrax Cuntler
Lefty McLiberal

Marion in Savannah

I signed with no hesitation whatsoever, using my real name and real e-mail address. I neglected to tell them, however, that it would be a cold day in hell before I ever gave a dime to any Publican (they take 2 letters off the name of our party, right back at them…) for anything ever. Oh well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Marion in Savannah

Update — As of noon EST today 17,119 people had signed. I sincerely hope that almost all of them really were Publicans…


I wouldn’t sign such a petition using some silly pseudonym. I used my real name, just as I do with my comments.

Nacht der langen Messer: Ask for it by name!


I just checked out the pledge page, and I must say, I’m disappointed. The ranks of fake/silly names are far smaller than I had been lead to expect. There were a few obviously jokey names (“Dick Wadd,” “Yourafuc Ingmoron,” etc.) but they were few and far between. If I don’t see “Jethro Q. Walrustitty” on that list within the next five minutes, I shall waxed sorely vexed, I shall.


What is it with these retarded loyalty oaths, anyway? Sean Hannity interviewed RFK Jr about his environmental activism and literally* spent five minutes hounding him with variants of, “If you’re such a lover of the environment then you must pledge to never fly on a private jet again.” Whattatwatta. As if making a promise ever stopped any of these weiners from breaking it ten seconds later.


The NSRC Pledge

Your signature was received on Friday, January 26 at 1:44:44 PM

Jeffrey , for your electronic signature to count, we have to verify that you really signed and that someone did not use your email address frauduantly.



The pledge list has been purged of nonbelievers. The names are gone, anyway. Looks like they’ve left the number of “signees” intact.


I’m so glad the Republicans hate Litmus Tests.o


“Sadly, No:” take a breather — Steyn is Canada’s ‘leading asshole;’ HH is a ‘rectal itch;’ his talk is ‘just creepy;’ Noonan is ‘shorter;’ …

Get back on the pills, little man — no need to bluster: they won’t hurt you.


I’ve heard taking “The Pledge” entitles one to clean and shine their furniture for life. Something to do with Proctor and Gamble.


Interesting angle. Take a peek at this!
http://www.PatsyClineRenditionist.com Thats creative thinking!


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