“You Tell Me Whar A Man Gits His Corn Dogs, En I’ll Tell You What His ‘Pinions Is.”

That’s from Mark Twain. This is from Scott at Powerline:

A mighty wind

One of the reasons that the Claremont Review of Books is my favorite magazine is that, consistent with the mission of the Claremont Institute, the CRB wages intellectual battle on behalf of the founding principles of the United States. (Subscribe online here.) I am joined in my admiration for the magazine by a who’s who of stars in the conservative constellation including…

…the usual gang of wingnut-welfare fraudsters, with accolades by current Claremont Review contributor Michael Barone and the gilded kazoo stylings of the Claremont Institute’s own Washington Fellow, William J. Bennett.

Speaking of wholly disinterested testimonials, here’s another unmentioned reason why the Claremont Review of Books might be Scott Johnson’s favorite magazine:

Scott W. Johnson
Scott W. Johnson is an attorney and senior vice president of TCF National Bank in Minneapolis, a fellow of the Claremont Institute, and one of three founders and authors of the weblog, “Power Line.”

Coming up: Michael Vick spontaneously mentions AirTran as a carrier of notable appeal.

Above: They’re buttered on the inside


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An astonishing coincidence!

I seem to recall Johnson pimping Claremont (without mentioning his affiliation) at least once before.


Damn, I’m glad my account’s not with TCF. I’d hate to be having to pay for this guy’s Nardelli Suit.


Corn Dog Kingdom?


I understand that happens a lot in GOP Bizarro World.

OT: I took a gander recently at the nutjobs over at Christian Worldview Network (a usability nightmare, if there ever was one) – specifically, Coach Dave’s archive. Turns out that the spaghetti-pusher has his own radio show. I was brave enough to listen in on an audio clip of his show….OMGWTF!!! He’s even less coherent than Loofah-Boy Bill-O going “librul left…librul left…dah dah dah dah dah!”


All the time the wingers spend talking about “left wing elitists”—George Soros being the current boogieman—and all the time they pretend that being angry over inequality is just class jealousy…

Knowing that at least one of the Powerline bloggers is merely the vice president at TCF kinda puts all that projection into stark relief, doesn’t it?


the CRB wages intellectual battle on behalf of the founding principles of the United States

You mean like separation of religion and government, and giving Congress authority over whether to fight wars, and Habeus Corpus, and. . . ?


Apparently, he gets his corn dogs in Disney’s California Adventure theme park. Unless there was some clever photoshopping involved here…. hmmmm….


“A mighty wind”?

Is that an expression of admiration for America’s enemies’ Greatest Generation?

Or does Scott just receive wingnut welfare of Warner Brothers too…


“Knowing that at least one of the Powerline bloggers is merely the vice president at TCF…”

Shit, I thought everybody who worked in a bank got called vice president – titles being the cheapest form of compensation.


Corn Dog Kingdom?

You’re right to question that. Some people say that corn dogs aren’t capable of democracy, but I don’t hold that view.

When you think about the government of Corn Dog Kingdom, has there ever been a clearer case for regime change? I mean, the Corn Dog King breaded his own people!


What true patriot doesn’t like his Johnsons batter-dipped and deep-fried?


National Corndog Day. The PowerSwine Boys have their own day?


Gavin, you’re just using the wrong mental framing here. Sure, to us Progressive types, finding that someone’s enthusiastically pimping the people who pay him is grounds for suspicion. But in RepubWorld, nobody is so well respected as a whore who’s willing to advertise in public the charms of his latest client! Knowing that a particular Media Whore gives frequent and enthusiatic publicity doesn’t just improve that MW’s saleability, it also elevates him in the eyes of his fellow MWs — they have a great respect for professionalism.

Mr. Twain also wrote of the unending war between the “House Negroes” and the “Field Hands”, both literal and metaphorical. Scott W. Johnson is a proudly self-professed House Negro (although he probably prefers the moniker ‘Mansion-Based Content-of-My-Character Contract Hire’) and the derision of mere Field Hands like us is merely the vinegar spicing his barbeque.


Is that one Scott? Really, you could’ve posted a shot of any of them and nobody would’ve noticed.

Other Scott Johnson facts:

His favorite city is Minneapolis.
His favorite bank is TCF National Bank.
His favorite blog is PowerLine.
His favorite surname is Johnson.
His favorite sponsor is [enter current PowerLine pop-up sponsor here].


You’ve simply grabbed the butt-ugliest tie you could find and plastered it on all of THEM haven’t you?


They hate us for our chocolate chip pancakes and sausage on a stick… don’t they?


I think I have that tie.

Smiling Mortician

Owlbear, I think mdhatter is a little sad now. Perhaps a time-out will help you to make better choices that won’t hurt his feelings.

[/GOP wet-dream liberal sissypants]


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