Uh-oh, Pasty-O!

Jeff Goldstein, Jeff Goldstein, Jeff Goldstein is trying his best to make me famous. I’m touched: Rather than send ‘Pablo’ and ‘Vercingetorix’ to beat me with axe-handles or threaten my toddler or ‘show me where Jimmy Hoffa is buried,’ instead he sent them on a frantic net search so thorough that it gives child-abducting, serial-killing stalkers (or Tacitus, for that matter) a bad name. And geez, just because I googled ‘cock’ and its synonyms with ‘Jeff Goldstein!’

Gah, after suffering such unwanted attention, my only recourse is to see the shrink, reach for the Klonopin I keep in a nifty Richard-Nixon-headed Pez dispenser, and start threatening to slap people with my cock. ‘Look at it! It’s so tiny and puce! Wingnut Scientists tune their instruments to my cock!’

Gavin adds: Oh great, now we’ll get even more Google searches for the terms ‘Jeff Goldstein’ and ‘cock.’ It’s like if there were a bomb made out of Google or something.

Demogenes Aristophanes adds: When Jeff Goldstein was born, he slapped the doctor. …With his cock.

Retardo Montalban Substance Mc Gravitas HTML Mencken adds: While I admit I love this role of being the amateur-who-is-critiqued-by-the-professional (or, actually, by the failed-in-professional-and-academic-circles-‘professional’), with regard to creative writing of awesome atrociousness, I think Almost-Perfesser Pasty is still wounded by this exchange.


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Oh, we tried the whole saying his name three times in a thread thing a week or so ago. It didn’t work, or at least not while I was around.

I think perhaps he’s a little harder to summon than Ann Althouse is. Maybe a tad less self-absorbed. Not much, but a tad…


Who’s this new guy with this perfect name?


This may have been what switched on the lightbulb (albeit a dim one) in Mr. Goldstein’s head:

You talking about the Pound reference? Yeah, I got it—though during my orals I was an Elliot and Yeats guy. I just wanted to point out that you’re posting under various guises, so your anonymity is, let’s say, fluid.

Howsabout you just pick a name and stick with it.

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on 01/23 at 12:45 PM

Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have a workout to finish, a kid to feed, and beetroot on line two, above.

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on 01/23 at 12:47 PM

I have picked one. “Anonymous� seems every bit as meaningful as “Jeff Goldstein� or “Dan Collins� or “Ace� or “Retardo Montalban,� to cite but a few examples.

And lucky for you it was “orals.� Might have been embarrassing to add an extra L to the Possum’s surname. (You did mean T.S. Eliot, didn’t you?)

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on 01/23 at 12:51 PM

[That and what appears to be a failed attempt to revisit the glory days of his alleged victimization by the evil lesbian Phd.]


Wow, he’s still around?…


Around and around … (think of a dog chasing its tail) … but, if our hosts are as clever as they seem to be, maybe this time they’ll frustrate the boy and not give him the attention he is so obviously begging for.


You talking about the Pound reference? Yeah, I got it—though during my orals I was an Elliot and Yeats guy.

Good thing they were oral exams. They might have docked him for not knowing how T.S. Eliot spelled his last name.


Hang on a sec– If I’ve got the chronology here right, Goldstein found Retardo’s MySpace page, Retardo made the page private, Goldstein taunted Retardo for hiding his MySpace page, and then Retardo accused Goldstein of stalking.

Corrections welcome.

What’s puzzling me here is that it seems no-one has mocked Retardo for having a fucking MySpace Page, which seems completely impossible in a slap-fight like this.


what is it about web pseudonyms that makes these guys wig out?

To quote one of the dead white guys they always extol as exemplary of ultimate cultural virtue, “.. a rose by any other name, should smell as sweet..”


This just in:

Jeff Goldstein has unexpectedly announced he is changing his blog’s name from “Protein Wisdom” to “Throat Yogurt”.

No explanation was given for the change.


No, Grampaw, Goldstein found an old messageboard site that I posted on in 2002-3 first. The myspace page has utterly no connection to anything I’ve done elsewhere — no links, no ‘Retardo Montalban’, no nothing. I started to get some creepy messages on there and put it on private. I had no idea Goldstein had it, though I probably should have, what with the efforts and willingness to share my other stalker, Father Nectarios (as I shall call him now, just to yank his chain), puts into plumbing my identity and spreading what he knows.


a rose is a rose is a rose that by any other name would smell as sweet, shortly before withering and dying


Considering the creepy frequency with which outings associated with Jeff Goldstein end up bleeding over into real-life consequential threatening situations involving police and restraining orders, this is more disturbing than anything else.

Here’s hoping none of the vaguely threatening comments already being slung around over in that cesspit end up materializing into anything worse.


Love is a nose but you better not pick it.


Nothing says “I feel inferior” like a long, time-wasting, outing troll through teh internets. If you can’t adequatly respond, threaten.


I just wish the little fucker would go out and find a cock to suck and get it over with. His repressed rantings are getting really tiresome.

Do you think his readers ever notice that they’re reading the same thing over and over or do you suppose they find some comfort in being repeatedly bathed in his tepid spew?


If that’s you in Goldstein’s entry you look way better than “Bucky”.


What’s the deal here?

You are quite amusing, but why do you hate JG? Does he really scare you that much?

Cut the baloney (balogna?). Why are you (and so many others) afraid of JG?

Just wondering…

Lost Dog here…



Jillian, you are a riot. Are you sure you’re not my landlady? If you are, knock on my door and I will give you an Adderol. And if you’re into oral “things”, I will give you TWO Vicodens!


“Sonny’s Bluesâ€? is one of my favorite short stories, just behind “Where are you going, where have you been?â€? and “Perfect Day for a Bananfishâ€?.

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on 01/24 at 05:19 PM

Can someone who can’t even get the title right of a short story he says is one of his “favorite[s]” expect to be taken seriously?


And no, (sadly enough) it was not a ‘typo.’



They aren’t afraid of JG, they just merely suffer from the grandeur of delusions. Since their focus seems to be Jeff’s cock or referencing it, repeatedly, my guess they either want to be slapped or at least want to verify that the option is open to them. Funny how the supposed, accused stalker, JG hasn’t posted about them in months & yet Retardo refers to it in his Jan 17 post about his name change & Brad Altrocket posts a Goldstein photoshop on Jan 23… yet Jeff’s the stalker. Right, you sure have convinced me, Retardo. Maybe Retardo should look up the definition of “projection.�


they just merely suffer from the grandeur of delusions.

Do they suffer from the psoriasis of heartbreak also? How about the rejection of pain? Perhaps the low expecations of soft bigotry?

Maybe Retardo should look up the definition of “projection.�

Maybe you should look up the definition of “cliche”.


OK, so apart from the bit where Jeffy found some other site first, I’ve got it right?

And still, whether or not it’s got anything to do with anything else, Retardo, you ought to be at least a little bit ashamed that you’ve still got a MySpace page at this late date. Yes, I do realize it doesn’t automatically make you a nitwit, and there are several respectable bands with MySpace pages, but dude, come on.

(Note: This is a trick post. If you respond with a defense of MySpace, Jeffy totally wins, no matter how much he creeps you out)


And yet snagglepuss, most cliches are based partly upon truth of they wouldn’t be “cliche.” Nice try



I totally agree about the MYSpace comment. I always thought you had to be 12 to use it or at least trolling for 12 year olds; maybe that explains it.


PMain (if that’s your real name):

Mr. Goldstein is not the type to do his own dirty work. His schtick is to incite the mob and then make a profit providing the torches and pitchforks.

Perhaps the mortgage payments are a bit too much on a blogger’s salary and he thinks that portraying himself again as a victim of the cruel Left will fill the ‘tip jar’ as it did in the heady days of his battle with the good Dr. Frisch.

Note this recent post:



And yet snagglepuss, most cliches are based partly upon truth of they wouldn’t be “cliche.�

Nah, they’re mostly based on idiots who can’t think of anything original.


Kathleen said,

Nothing says “I feel inferior� like a long, time-wasting, outing troll through teh internets. If you can’t adequatly respond, threaten.

Imagine a fat, pasty, snotty-nosed preschooler lurking behind the playground restroom building with a fistful of mud… forever. The Eternal Wingnut!

TRex said,

Do you think his readers ever notice that they’re reading the same thing over and over or do you suppose they find some comfort in being repeatedly bathed in his tepid spew?

Behaviorists assure us that very young children and household pets find sameness comforting. When you read a bedtime story to a three-year-old, they always want the SAME damned story and they want it repeated in EXACTLY the same words… any deviation will be greeted with wails of outrage. What this says about the emotional maturity of Godlstein’s most dedicated followers, I leave history to decipher.


Godlstein couldn’t be funny if his life depended on it. What’s most amusing is he seems to think that photograph is you. Lordy lordy.



I was present throughout the Deb Frisch escapade; from her first post on & she got what she was & is still asking for attention – unfortunately for her, it wasn’t from fellow commentors, but the Colorado & Oregon DA & the Oregon Police. Jeff, nor the commentors at PW were incited & most politely asked Deb to back off. Unless you are suggesting that her blatant attacks on fellow professionals, racist name calling, drunken blurbs, veiled & unveiled threats & overall anti-social behavior was nothing more than a ploy to garner cash, then why would Jeff pull back from posting & not milk it? I realize that deductive reason, logical discourse & personal accountability are just abstractions to some on the left, but as Deb Frisch found out, to some of us on the right, certain things are not acceptable. In fact if you were more familiar the only person that tried to make money off & threatened, repeatedly to sue for money was Deb herself. Jeff was the one that followed up on his stated intentions, so your I’m not sure how he got someone else to do his “dirty work.� So your arguments ring a little hollow & have no bearing on the facts. Unless you can prove otherwise… nope didn’t think so.

Now that a factual argument has been made regarding our conjecture, this is where you either:

A) Change the argument completely, ignoring that you have made no point what-so-ever
B) Call me a name & completely ignoring the argument
C) Ignore the factual points made & ignore the argument


snagglepuss said: Nah, they’re mostly based on idiots who can’t think of anything original.

You mean like calling something cliché as a means of dismissal? Or am I being too nuanced for you?


A) Change the argument completely, ignoring that you have made no point what-so-ever
B) Call me a name & completely ignoring the argument
C) Ignore the factual points made & ignore the argument

What? Who the fuck do you think we are? Ace from Ace of Spades?


Your “argument” is brilliant, PMain. Unfortunately, you are arguing against a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t say.

But I do understand your typical RightWing analysis:

Dr. Deborah Frisch = the sum of all things evil.

Poor Jeffrey Todd Goldstein (ABD) = noble and innocent victim.

Myself, I can hardly tell one from the other. And, from what I saw of the mess, they seemed made for each other.


Call me a name & completely ignoring the argument

I call you a name and completely ignoring the argument and marinating tofu and tv watching.


All you’re saying is “I know you are but what is Jeff?” Dismissal is the proper response.

Since Pmain is writing mean things about me on the internet, I would like everyone to hit up my tip jar.


And yes, PMain, you can get all of these responses to your brilliant defenses of the indefensible on a coffee mug or a ‘baby doll t’ for a small contribution to the tip jar.


[Here are a few samples of our hero recently seeking help from an off-site mob for his continuing campaign against the good demented Dr.

Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

If anyone here can provide me with the contact info for the Judge that presided over Frisch’s Oregon stalking case, please do.

I’m about to enter whirling dervish mode. I will give up my life for the next few months in order to bring this whole affair to a satisfactory close.

You can reach me via email, or just post the info here.

Thanks so much,

Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 7:06 pm

Thanks so much, “Gerbil nation.�

Much appreciated.

I’ll be shutting down my site until I can get my problems resolved. But thanks for your help!

Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 8:14 pm

Anyone who has Judge Carlson’s contact info, or can find it, please either post it here or email it to me.

Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

Also, it appears Frisch is following this thread and has purged her site of her many recent posts concerning my harrassment of her.

Anybody get screen caps?




I did in-fact address you points. You said that Jeff wouldn’t do his dirty work, funny how defending someone’s child is dirty of shtick to you, when in fact he did the filing of restraining order. You then implied his response was used to raise money or a ploy to get money, when it wasn’t. Once again unless you have proof, your response & original point are totally baseless & a lie. Thanks for providing the truth & incorporating responses A through C, instead of applying just 1 at a time. However the follow up argument of denying what you said was in a totally different direction, so I concede a new point D to you.
D) Deny points made originally, ignore argument altogether.

I never said Deb was evil, I said she got what she wanted & that she attacked not only her fellow professionals – the people pressing charges against her in Oregon – & Jeff. So unlike you accusations regarding my response to your comment, you have in fact created something completely false, attributed what I did not say & lied.

I also said that I was there for almost all of Deb’s comments, can you say the same? From your description of it, I would guess not. Once again, supply proof or you are just name calling & lying about not only what happened between Jeff & Deb, but what I said.

As far as the Baby doll T goes, that wouldn’t be using what someone else has said to generate a little income is it?



Far cry from demanding or asking for money, unless you meant information & not money was used to pay his mortgage.


Name-calling? I addressed you as “PMain.” Is that considered “name-calling in WingNutWorld?


All you’re saying is “I know you are but what is Jeff?� Dismissal is the proper response.

No, I was saying that you were attempting to bypass the argument by calling it cliche, that cliche’s has a basis in truth & that your attack was what was actually a boring cliche – attack the person arguing a point & ignore the point altogether. I mean I haven’t encountered that type of response for at least a whole comment here.


Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 8:26 pm

I just grabbed a screenshot of Technorati, which archived the posts she deleted, but I’d be delighted to find that someone here grabbed actual screenshots.

I am no longer willing to stay silent and wait for the courts to act without prodding. I have a bit of media pull, and Frisch has declared war on me one too many times.

I will not let my family suffer anymore.

So I’d appreciate any and all help you can give me.

I will be in touch. Ending this is now my primary goal. Or, I should say, ending it in a way that makes the world a less despicable place.



My favorite Firefox extension (for today) is RefControl: set up access to any site with a referrer of your choice. For example, with a little cutting and pasting, the referrer for any view of proteinwisdom.com has become a Google search for “crazed welfare recipient”. Not the same as a GBomb, but it will show up nicely in the server logs.


Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 8:33 pm

She seems to have pulled every post she’s written since she resumed concerning the whole affair. I suspect it’s because she knows I’m about to go to her Judge personally. If I had those screen caps, that would be super.

Sinner, et al. — email them to me if you happen to have them.

Much obliged.

Comment by proteinwisdom

January 22, 2007 @ 9:03 pm

I don’t know — nor do I care — if the artist formerly known as Dr Frisch reads this site.

What I do know is, thanks to you all, I have a screencap of all the posts she’s just tried to disappear.

And because she decided to escalate things yet again, I’m going to be forced — as much as I’ve tried to avoid it — to once again go on the offensive.

I am quite angry right now. Whether or not that is a good thing or a bad thing for Dr Frisch remains to be seen.



No, I was saying that you were attempting to bypass the argument by calling it cliche, that cliche’s has a basis in truth & that your attack was what was actually a boring cliche – attack the person arguing a point & ignore the point altogether.

I see your mistake. You think “I know you are but what am I,” when dressed up as an accusation of “projection” is an argument that should be engaged rather than dismissed. In point of fact, it is not. Hope that cleared up your confusion.



Since you can’t be bothered to address any of my original points (again), defend your baseless accusations or provide any information that proves your conjecture about Jeff, I guess am not following what it is that you want – other than to waste my time & show your lack of personal integrity.

It is, however, refreshing to see that you are at least consistent in your lack of reading comprehension & that it isn’t limited only to my comments, but you own as well. Way to not address the argument (just like I predicted beforehand) & I’m sure referring to me or my response to your baseless accusations as “typical RightWing” & “WingNutWorld” were meant as compliments & not to belittle. Since you are either not honest enough or able to justify your original statements w/o moving the goal posts/changing the arguments altogether, I can’t see what, if anything I have to gain by interacting w/ you at all.
Prove the validity of your original statements before anything else or you are liar & aren’t worth responding to, now matter how much further the peanut gallery encourages you on.


Same thing, address the point I made about how retardo was the one still posting here about Jeff & in essence the real “stalker� or shut up. You aren’t making any point other then to waste time & show that you cannot argument w/ the chronologically based point I made – other than call them cliché. Show me Jeff’s posts, regarding retardo over the last couple of months. Don’t worry, I already know they don’t exist, you must as well since you couldn’t argue against it & had to resort to calling it “cliché.�

I do want to thank you both for following the exact reactions I predicted, but still have to give anony “props� for adding one more item to my list. You sure showed me.


Bold tag closed. You’re welcome, troll.



You seem to be having no trouble wasting your own oh-so-precious time without any help from me.

And you are correct: you have absolutely nothing to gain by “interacting” with me. So, feel free to stop responding.


And I hope you’re proud of yourself, PMain. You’ve “emboldened” us all now.


PMain, you’re defending Jeff Goldstein, noted failed academic and pretentious hack (among his better qualities). You think you’ve earned any respect here?


Time for the little endlessly turning-in-on-itself box animation thingy. I can’t make heads or tales of what dipshit thinks he’s proving.


PMain proved one thing to me: some people will do anything to curry favor with Mr. Goldstein. I still, of course, have no idea why anyone would want to do such a thing, but there it is.


Retardo refers to Goldstein on Jan. 17 because the post is about pseudonyms and Goldstein has a stick up his ass about people who use pseudonyms (only when they disagree with him, of course). Brad posted about it because the post was about some nut’s ranting about bestiality, and it was an old photoshop of Goldstein fucking a sheep, and therefore appropos. There, your chronologically-based point is refuted. Now hurry back to Goldstein’s and maybe he’ll reward you with a nice cockslapping.

sleazy, scuzzy, unprincipled, & handsome

I think I get what P-toe-Main is trying to say. That since its been awhile since JG has posted here, its bad form for “Sadly, No” to keep slagging him about his cock. I mean to say, to keep slagging JG in reference to his cock, not actually slagging his cock physically. That would be poor sportsmanship indeed, to continue slagging JG’s personal cock rather than the philosophical content of his metaphysical cock. I think JG’s cock is expressed as a metaphor, a semiotic signifier if you will, of the quality of cockishness, instead of an actual face-bludgeoning phallangenous appendage. Thank you, fellow SNers, for not taking the low road in responding to our troll/guests.


Oh, good cripes, now I’ve got one of Goldstein’s boy toys the “BumperStickerist” (“This car climbed Mt. Washington!”) calling me “a lot of a pussy” because I laughed off Jeff’s “challenge.” And I’m still laughing.

Am I the “offended ‘cock slapped’ guy”? Hardly. I’ve never played the victim in this debacle (“Deb Frisch wants to kill me! She’s scarier than Rue McClanahan!”). And am I a “little bitch”? Chalk that one up to projection. I’m not the diminutive whiner who pleads for sympathy from his sub-minions every time he gets a mild ear infection or a common cold.

Sorry, have to go. It’s time for my three-times-a-day, 800-pound bench presses.


address the point I made about how retardo was the one still posting here about Jeff & in essence the real “stalker� or shut up.

You shut up, PRecepticle. We all know who the real stalker is and it’s *Goldstain*.


[For those of you keeping score at home, here’s one of Mr. Goldstein’s “sub-minions” in high dudgeon and full flower:]

I slapped my cock
upon his head
alas, too big
and now, he’s dead…

Dang, Jeff, you get all the best loons. Though I’ve picked up a contenduh. From Canada, though, so therefore listless and weak.

We wingnut bloggers should find out where these assholes live, and then just go on a summer road trip, a caravan, with plenty of drugs and alcohol, and show up at their door and just beat the shit out of them. And then cram an amphetamined gerbil up their ass, Youtube it, and go on to the next one.

Posted by Bane | permalink
on 01/24 at 08:30 PM


Phew. Just let the trolls fight it out and we’ll watch.


Just closing the tag.


Wonder-Twin Tag Closer Power, Activate!


I guess PMain is unconscious in an expanding pool of his own fluids somewhere. I was looking forward to another PW power-meltdown.


Retardo, or the artist formerly known as Retardo, or whatever you’re going as now, don’t be afraid of Goldstein. He’s a paper tiger. Look at the way he whined and cried about that woman saying bad things about him. “I’m going to war. I’m talking to her judge.” What a stud.

Goldstain and Pablo and all those other pussies would just as soon wear woman’s underpants as actually raise a limp wrist against anyone in real life, much less an axe handle. They are beyond pathetic.

Kevin, if I was you, I would’ve given Jeff my IM and called his bluff. That skinny little bitch would never have come to an actual confrontation. Have you ever heard his whiny, nasal voice on the podcasts he’s done? The thought of being threatened by him is laughable. Maybe he would’ve sent his wife.


favortie short stories … “Perfect Day for a Bananfishâ€?.

Posted by Jeff Goldstein

I have a feeling Jeff lurves a good day dream about being Holden C. And not challenge the Ultimate Literature Wingnut on his “own” turf, but….I am not so sure that Jeff is intellectually up to the challenge of Salinger.


You mean Goldstein wasn’t treating people like he wanted to be treated?

Its Like Luntz begging “Not in the face”.


My Space? hahaha


url (file name) at old site comes up only hit searched for as phrase (“..”) or first of a million and a half ‘straight up’

Correct me if i’m wrong but from a (safe?) distance here in Dutch Nether land the key, hingelike, sticky stokery pokery is as follows:

1 JG is a war supporter and his callousness regarding suffering (even while and after being brought face to face with it, even in the face of having your face rubbed in it, being defaced by it) even despite facing it facilitation .. . by way of pics Debs posted.

2 DF tries to teach him hurt but fails to make him see any outside of his front door/page (common ailment in all too partial to patriarchal power trips while blocking therewith conjured climate destruction and alarmingly exponential bloodletting incrementation).

3 JG distracts from (such) casualty figure escalation by keeping it strictly personal, as if he is incapable of anything but cuddly intimacy punctuated with slongslap, dickswing and kwinkslag.

This mechanism is at work all over where ever the faux desire to make a fist in order to have power to rock (rather than the less foolish more foliageous desire for rock to powder (minerals to metabolization, death to life etcetera) rears its ugly centralizing yet obscuring head and the worst kind of people victimize the best navigating this hard to trace tricktrack. Dah Dark era Bob Dylan, Nostradamus et al didn’t know how to warn us about very articulately is finally catching up.

Here’s what i said elsewhere regarding duh Deb (who is into risk analysis lets not forget, sorta like the insurance mathmatician Ulrich von Beckerath i failed to get her to read; see link under name):

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/351663.shtml?discuss (nobody really discussed me there)

and last month:

http://thedrunkablog.blogspot.com/2006/12/cu-ethnic-studies-prof-unmasked-as.html 17th comment:

well well, what wild witchhunt . .. granted, guns ain´t brooms (let alone their original ((peaceful use of metal as in)) ramheaded torque as handled by cernunnos — beating rock to bring their darkness to light and fruition (rather than krampussy style demon domestication, ((such ´shame and shadow shamanism suppressing and subjecting)) santa ((see ´when santa was a shaman´)), etcetera), allowing the proceeds to run on- and into the ground, earning the honours of befriendabled animals thereby ((earning him a ‘lord of’ title)) … but hey you guys are willing and able to do real witch hunts (deb frisch), performed to blot out awareness of and deny legitimacy to her pointing at what american arms are up to .. . collateralize for themselves

overlapseaulutionary piet,
Your attempt at seeming intelligent resulted in making a simple minded statement unreadable. Don’t try to write when you are stoned.
Laurie | 12.30.06 – 10:54 am | #

you a sinful stoneds thrower laurie?


sorry, loose ends; i’ll try again.

1 JG is a war supporter and his callousness regarding suffering (even while and after being brought face to face with it, even in the face of having your face rubbed in it, being defaced by it, even despite facing it facilitation .. . by way of pics Debs posted) persists in step with the heart hardening heavy industries the bash kabul BushCabal thrives on.

1 JG is a war supporter and his callousness (cocksure just deserts allocation) regarding suffering triggered Deb’s failed attempts to bring him face to face with his own (defacing of self through defacement of others) Emission. This charitable reflection aid hold up, bringing what he put out back to him in order to not cash in but help him correct his offer backfired and (in the face of having his face rubbed in it, not by defilement but simply by being illustrated and witnessed by way of pics Debs posted) he steps up prosecution. A blogworldchamp ingrate is out to defeat free facing it facilitation .. . .


You got your attention. Congrats.

I think his larger point is that your “poetry” sucks, and that it seems to reveal its own set of issues that might be worthwhile exploring–such as a cattle fetish. And I observed some typos, there, too.


It’s good to see someone’s keeping Esperanto alive.


I’m not the diminutive whiner who pleads for sympathy from his sub-minions every time he gets a mild ear infection or a common cold.

Hey, ask Marita about her exploding face.

And comparing ‘Tardo’s poetry to Esperanto is vile. Esperanto is much more viable.


Good work, Dan. Now run back to Jeff and report on how you tore those leftard moonbats a new one! Maybe he’ll let you do more guest posts.


They don’t have to ask, Dan! I’ll tell them all about it!

Yeesh. At least my whining comes with good gory pictures and without the wankerish wannabe-academic pretense.


gee, dan – you sure are funny. cattle fetish. ha.

now kindly fuck off and tell mr goldstein to go back to changing people’s comments on his piece of shit blog.


I will not let my family suffer anymore.

So he’ll bid them adieu and enlist to ship off to Iraq?


I find it pretty funny that Goldstein claims his family is suffering. Suffering what? His bullshit excuses to not work and/or finish his phd?

Are they suffering from having to sacrifice for our ‘noble war’ that is saving us from an ‘existential threat’ or somesuch horseshit?




Jeffy G. is an interesting study in passive-aggresive behavior and and projection. He paints a big target on himself, shakes his (insert body part here) at a row of archers, then complains when they shoot at him. Then he does it again, expecting a different outcome.

There’s a PhD there alright, but it’s for someone else studying him for their dissertation on aberrant behavior.


I think his larger point is that your “poetry� sucks

Hey, nobody complains about having to read Goldstain’s addled garbage… wait… no, they do. Long and hard. He should just get a big rubber stamp that says “I’M HEAVILY MEDICATED BECAUSE I’M A BITTER FAILURE” and just write with that. The reader would come away with the same impression, but would save a lot of time.


I see that Jeffy’s ass-monkey Dan Collins is here. This means that the brilliant scholar Pablo will be joining us soon.

Haven’t you two kissed every square millimeter of Jeffy’s ass like eight times over by now?


[Just when I thought he couldn’t embarrass himself any further or whine any louder, he goes from merely ridiculous to pathetic. Here then is Mr. Goldstein running up the white flag:]

I’ve banned “anonymous� for posting a link to the site of a certain former University of Arizona professor. If s/he wishes, s/he can email me and ask to be reinstated, provided s/he promises not to link to that site again, nor mention its proprietor by name.

The post in question essentially says that I am tired of “playing the game,� that Jeralyn Merritt is running scared from the former professor, and that the former professor is in the driver’s seat.

As you know, I’m not really at liberty to comment much on these matters. However, I will say that there is not a single assertion in that entire post that is even remotely true—with the exception of my being tired of the whole thing.

I don’t, however, consider any of this a game, and I have certainly not stopped pursuing the matter.

In fact, in what should not come as a surprise to anyone, the former professor completely misread my post—the one in which I said my family has to come first.

If anything, her re-escalation has renewed my family’s resolve to see this all come to a satisfactory close. However, as certain types of litigation tend to take longer than others, that satisfactory close will not be immediate.

Beyond that, I’m not prepared to say anything else at this time.

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on 01/25 at 02:48 PM


Now be momma’s little soldier & go away, leaving the adults to alone to themselves.

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on 01/25 at 04:25 PM

Thus the priceless and “cunningly [semi-]literate” PMain. With friends like this, Mr. Goldstein … etc.


Wow. Just…wow.

They’re lucky he won’t enlist. He’d make a terrible soldier.

Anyone with that much ignorant irrational homoerotic rage would be completely uncontrollable, cancer to unit morale.

It WOULD be funny to see what his face would look like after he tells the DI he’s gonna smack him with his cock…


Goddammit. How am I supposed to deal with the fact that Pasty appreciates (or at least claims to appreciate) “A Perfect Day for Bananafish,” which truly is one of the finest short stories ever written?

Or maybe he’s talking about something else, maybe there really is a story called “Perfect Day for a Bananfish” and it was written by someone other than J.D. Salinger. You know, sort of like the two Prelutskys?

Well, I suppose even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. But damn…


Hey, is that a part of Jeff’s ass that I forgot to kiss so that he’d let me continue posting?


Nah. I’m pretty sure you’ve got it covered.


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