…And America’s Heart Breaks…

Welp, the Saints are certainly tankin’ it right now. In a way, I’m glad the Bears are beating them now, ’cause if New England had beaten them in the Super Bowl, the Pats would forever be America’s most hated team. Not that they aren’t the most hated team right now, but beating America’s Darlings would have launched them into Benedict Arnold/Julius Rosenberg/Osama bin Laden territory.

Also, you’ll notice that I haven’t talked a lot of smack about any of the teams in the playoffs this year. That’s because:

a.) I’m not really a smack-talker in general.
b.) I know the Patriots have some serious flaws that a smart team can easily expose. (Hint to the Colts: running up the gut is an exercise in futility. Use your stretch play and use it often.)

I think the Pats will take this game because I don’t think Indy’s run defense is nearly as good as it’s played over the past couple of weeks. That said, if Peyton’s on his game, it doesn’t matter how badly the defense sucks- we’re just gonna lose.

We’ll see. I’m about to head out to the bar to watch, but feel free to taunt me in the comments if the Patriots blow it. Really. I’m a big boy. I can take it. RAWK!!!


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Watching the Colts, particularly at home, is almost as distasteful to me as watching a Bush speech. I’ll be doing homework, unless the Pats are ahead toward the end, then I’ll be looking for some vintage Manning Face. Go Pats!!


Drew Brees sucked epic ass in this game, plus he’s a wingnut. Screw the Saints.

I don’t really care either way, since I’m a Raiders fan and our season was over in week one, but the Pats are going to win the Lombardi trophy easily. All that’s in the way are the Colts and the Bears? No problemo for Belichick. The Pats have already beaten their toughest opponent, the Chargers, on the road.

The rest of the season will look like this:
AFC Championship: Patriots 20, Colts 9
Super Bowl: Patriots 31, Bears 10


So much for the Patriots winning that Symbolic American Superbowl Victory in 2001.


JK47- yeah, I think the Pats will win, but Peyton can still single-handedly beat the shit out of any team, so I’m not too confident.

Also, can you imagine how many damn commercials Peyton will be on if he actually wins it all. Shudder.


So much for the Patriots winning that Symbolic American Superbowl Victory in 2001

Well everyone loved ’em back then ’cause they were the scrappy underdogs. Then they became a dynasty. Then they beat the Chargers, everyone’s pick to win it all this year. Oh, and they acted pretty unclassy doing it. Now people are sick of ’em.

Can’t say I blame them, it’s how I felt about the Cowboys in the ’90s. But hey, they’re still my team and Belichick is easily the best coach since Bill Walsh.


I don’t understand all the talk about the Patriots being hated. Maybe it’s because i bleed Maize and Blue and like to see Brady win, but I’ve never heard anybody suggest the Patriots are “hated” until the last couple of weeks. I’ve always thought of them as “respected” and “admired” for their work ethic and building themselves up with a bunch of blue-collar stars. They’re more like the 70’s Steelers in terms of both origins and level of success.


Hmm. I didn’t know it was Monday already.

VV00t there it is

If the Pats were hated there would be no problem– they would garner ratings as villains, a la the Cowboys or the early 80’s Raiders.

No, the problem is that people are just bored sick with them. Methodical Belichickian brilliance only excites when they are the underdogs– otherwise it brings to mind death and taxes.


I was pulling for the Saints, it would have been a good story. But the Colts behind Peyton have made me $550.00 so far, with $300.00 on todays game (hey, I’m playing with the house’s money!). So I’m still riding that mule…



The Patriots now have to make the Super Bowl, primarily so Stephen Colbert can milk a week of America vs. bears stuff out of it.


Fuck y’all. I remember when the Saints played the Giants right after 9/11, the refs called every single play for the “guys whose city got bombed.”


Screw the Saints, their coach is a scab. He played as a replacement player in 1987.


Manning Face!!! We have Manning Face! 21-3


Manning is performing the way we expect him to in January (again), and there is a team on the other side of the ball willing to take advantage of it (for the first time in three weeks).


Sitting pretty at the half. 🙂



The Rosenbergs were framed.






From 21-3 to 28-28? Did the Pats think the game was over or something?


Here’s hoping for you sake that something happens in the next 49 seconds…otherwise, MWAHAHAHA!

Ok, I’m done.


Bears v. Colts Superbowl XLI

Sorry, Mr. Brad. There’s always next year…

*so says the Bills fan *

Incontinentia Buttocks

Guess they play two halves for a reason.


Mmm, taunt? Us, taunt you after your golden boy throws an interception to finish it?

Nah, we wouldn’t do that.


A Chicago fan would never taunt someone from Boston. We’ve got class.


Yay for not having to watch or read any more inane stories about Peyton’s inability to win the big game, or Brady’s inability to LOSE the big game. 2 more myths to toss onto the scrap heap.


The rest of the season will look like this:
AFC Championship: Patriots 20, Colts 9
Super Bowl: Patriots 31, Bears 10




1.) Peyton won the big game tonight. Boy, did his ass EVER win the big game tonight.

2.) You can’t blame Brady for losing this game. That pick at the end of the game was the one big mistake he made all night. And let’s face it that was a desperation play.


-Peyton is a better all-around QB than Brady
-Brady is still amazing and is a first-ballot hall of famer



Damn….I was counting on the Pats to remove Peyton & Co. Shit. Unless Peyton plays like Eli in the Super Bowl (unlikely), the Colts are winning it all. And I thought there were an obnoxious number of Peyton commercials on BEFORE this…


I wasn’t questioning Brady’s awesomeness, Bradrocket. He’s unquestionably a Hall-of-Famer, and one of the best in the playoffs. I just got sick of large swaths of the media worshiping him as perfect; even the best need to lose.


Funny how you never hear stuff along the lines of “yeah, they managed to score from the 40 with 24 seconds left (and a time out to burn?) but but the first one of those three plays there was a desperation play.”

Karatist Preacher

Crazy game Brad,

Until the Colts win 3 rings there really isn’t much to say.

If you ever make your way out to Western Mass the drinks are on me.


Ah, screw N’awlins! They have Brangelina to keep them warm. And, double-screw teh mo-fo Bearz, screw ’em in their mo-foin’ azz!1!

‘cos I’m being a lazy fuck and didn’t read all the comments in this thread (yet)… oh, shut up==most of this sp0rtz stuff goes right over my head–enneyway, since this is a “Da Bearz, Victorious!!1!!” thread, has Guiness Guy showed up yet? If not, where the hell is he?


Sigh. I went down to the French Quarter to watch the game at Good Friends, a gay bar on Dauphine Street that has held afternoon Saints game parties for years. This was a big one, with a grill set up outside for hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken legs, and all the rest for a tailgate party.

PIty it didn’t turn out right. I was sitting in the upstairs bar as the 4th quarter was ringing down the curtain. A lady of the “fag hag” variety – if I may say that without intending an insult – was heard to say, looking at the TV, “Look at that! A bunch of straight boys breaking my heart LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!!”


New Orleans didn’t make the Super Bowl. Does this mean we still have to feel guilty about letting their city drown?

General Woundwort

The funny thing is, when Brady threw his game-losing interception, my first thoght was, “This guy is going to fumble the ball back to then Patriots, who will take it in for the score.” I mean, Brady threw a game-losing interception last week, and it turned out to be one of his better plays of the day. I guess he must have dropped that 4-leaf clover during the 50-yard line taunt in San Diego.

It is obvious who the true force behind the Pats success was, though. In a couple of weeks, Peyton will have his first Super Bowl Ring. Brady and Belichick will still have three.

But Adam Vinateri will have 4 rings. With a lesser kicker, the Pats are 1-2 in Super Bowls, and the Colts never even get a sniff if they still had that chowderhead Vanderjagt. Don’t let a good kicker go – they are harder to find than good QBs.


Aw, come on, themann1086, you’re sick of the worshipful tone with Brady but not PEYTON MANNING?!!



I will be by next year if he wins the Supe. The predominant theme with Manning was the “He’s so awesome… but he can’t win the clutch games, so hah!” It was a slight difference, but enough to make a Manning the underdog [which is insane if you think about it].


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