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Leaving aside the merits (or lack of) of the case, we’ve never seen anyone treat tampering and destroying evidence quite like this. Live from Renew America’s Chip McLean:

The story of Border Patrol agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos is probably known to you by now [link], The agents made a procedural mistake in the aftermath, by gathering and disposing of the spent shell casings. Because they didn’t believe they had injured Aldrete-Davila, they didn’t mention the shooting in their report. [Emphasis added, criminal activity in the original].

A procedural mistake [Interrobang]. Is there anything that isn’t allowed when dealing with a foreigner? [Sadly, No!]


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Did they say oops? Because if you say oops you get a pass.


Maybe it’s just the context, but does anyone else look at Chip McLean’s picture and think of Orson Welles in A Touch of Evil? Okay, the cheesy moustache is more Charleton Heston, but still. . .


When is it procedure to not report discharging your firearm*, even if you don’t hit anything? Maybe I’m just unlearned in this.

*Snoty way to say “make boomstick loud noise.”


I’m shocked. I’d come to firmly believe that Republicans stood for the rule of law!


Lou Dobbs has been beating this story to death. According to his view on CNN, these 2 border patrol agents were just “heroic americans” trying to protect the country against evil drug smugglers. The government gave immunity to the drug smuggler and gave these 2 heros who were innocently trying to protect america, long jail sentences. They barely mention that these border patrol agents knowingly broke rules by 1) firing on an unarmed person who was not a threat and 2) not reporting the incident. It is IMPOSSIBLE to take a stand against these guys without being labeled a terrorist sympathizer or a drug smuggler sympathizer or someone who is against protecting the borders and plain old, working american heros. It is making me sick. We aren’t getting the full story on CNN. On CNN. It’s maddening to me. CNN is not presenting the whole story. Lou Dobbs is a champion spinmeister.


Citizen Conservative writing at The American Daily:

January 17, 2007 should go down in American history, along with December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001, as days on which the United States was brutally attacked.

Although America was not physically attacked on January 17, the devastation to our republic was nearly as grave.

For on January 17, 2007, Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos, former border patrol agents, will be sent to federal prison for defending the United States against an illegal alien from Mexico as that criminal was attempting to smuggle drugs into America.

Let me repeat: On January 17, 2007, American citizens were sent to prison for defending America against invasion by criminals from Mexico.

Even more distressing is the fact that our president, who has taken an oath to defend and protect America against all enemies, refused to intervene on behalf of Compean and Ramos, and on behalf of the American people.

This bitterly sad story promises to get much, much uglier.

With anti-American anarchists in control of the United States Congress, President Bush will be able to complete his fire sale of America to business interests by granting amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens.


It will be abundantly clear that America’s “conservative� president is actually a Mexican mole pretending to be loyal to America.

Anti-immigrant wingnuts have been so bonkers on this case, the U.S. Justice Department felt the need to put out a press release entitled “Myth vs. Reality—The Facts of Why the Government Prosecuted Agents Compean and Ramos” (pdf).


I think the Pubs are willing to cut the guys some slack here because they were law enforcement shooting at an Mexican smuggler. The reason I think these guys are attracting so much attention is because it gives pubs an opportunity to show that they don’t hate Latino-ness per se.

I don’t think Welles had a ‘stash in ToE. You may be thinking of Charleton Heston’s character. Though Chip does look mas authentico compared to Chuck (not to pour too much derision because w/o Chuck, Welles would never have had a chance at the job).


It will be abundantly clear that America’s “conservative� president is actually a Mexican mole [my emphasis] pretending to be loyal to America.

Chimpy is a chocolate sauce? Nah, can’t be — he’d have some actual nutritional value if he was.


J – Don’t forget the the Sate Government ( the state where our current Mole-President is from, no less!) is simply a puppet of the Mexican Imperial Government. You can’t trust ANYTHING they say! Only trust what Fox News tells you! Governments have incentive to lie and spin, for-profit corporations do not!

Christ, this happened two years ago? I would have thought this was a month old, from all the crap it’s getting.

Tara the anti-social social worker

If I forget to tell you when driving off with your car, it’s just a “procedural mistake.”


It’s OK ‘cos they have hispanic-sounding names.


CNN actually made me do a rare thing… actually agree almost completely with President Bush. I caught this story the other day and was floored at all the coverage the agents’ defenders got, not to mention their tearjerking goodbyes with their family. They left it to, of all people, the President to say “Uh, they got convicted by a jury of their peers, and you want me to give ’em a pardon right now before you’ve even started appeals?” The blind squirrel finally found his nut.


Another Genesis ref in the sadly Posts.

Well played, Gentlemen.


From Justice:

“In America, law enforcement officers do not get to shoot unarmed suspects who are running away, lie about it to their supervisors and file official reports that are false. That is a crime and prosecutors cannot look the other way.”

It’s sad that this is a SURPRISE to some folks.


Two things.

Since when do law enforcement officers get away with failing to account for brass(bullets)?

Dobbs take on this is that they have been convicted of doing their job. Since when is shooting unarmed suspects in the back and lying about it part of the job?


[…] Jerome Corsi asks a simple question: What crime is committed when two Border Patrol agents* shoot in the buttocks a fleeing drug smuggler who has abandoned a van containing 743 pounds of marijuana? […]


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