Mike Stark is going to be on Reliable Sources today from 10:30-11 am to debate our old pal Dan Riehl. I expect a smackdown of epic proportions.

Above: Mike Stark will he in ur base. He will be killing ur d00dz.


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I caught the show – it didn’t do KSFO any favors. I was slightly disappointed, though, as I expected more wingnutty goodness from Riehl. ah well…


Dan Riehl looked a little bit like a cracked-out Gary Busey, I think.


Completely off topic.

But sorta kinda not…


The main thing I got out of it:

Hannity sucks ass!


Brownback-Santorum 2008!


> The main thing I got out of it:
> Hannity sucks ass!

The main thing I got out of it was Howie telling Stark to his face on air “You can’t do that.” (i.e., show a sign saying “Hannity sucks ass.”) not 15 seconds after a free-speech lecture about how FS means we all have to endure things we might not like to hear.

So to recap from Howie’s Worldview:

Eliminationist rhetoric :: Suck it Up
“Hannity Sucks Ass” :: You can’t do that


Brownback-Santorum 2008!

That’s just filthy.


Speaking of suckery on FAUX, NY Post, etc., let’s get to the source: Rupert Mudoch and Roger Ailes (the bad one). And furthermore, Richard Mellon-Scaife, Robert Perry, Pete Coors, the alleged Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Olins.

Because these are the people who have financed the wingnut welfare in this country, and with the elimination of the estate tax alone recouped more money than they ever invested in said welfare.

Then there is the Washington Post, where I counted three different Bush suckup pieces today.

Perhaps Donald Graham, billionaire, finds his interests most aligned with the other wingnut queen benefactors, and is not as interested in journalism as his mom Katherine, whom he inherited the newspaper from.


Brownback-Santorum 2008!

You are not well.


I really hope somebody taped this! I set up my VCR but underestimated the amount of time left on the tape I used and it cut off just as the segment was starting.

Karatist Preacher

The best part was after Howie said ‘You can’t do that’ in regards to the ‘Hannity Sucks Ass’ sign Stark says ‘Well, it’s true!’

Good times.


Starcraft was such a horrible game. Good enough story, but sucktastic gameplay. But that’s what cheat codes are for.

Liberals always smack down wingnuts in debates that are not in, well, i guess, “wingnut controlled space.” Hehe.

Anthony Hopkins is a weird Hitler.


Starcraft was such a horrible game.

That is such an uncool thing to say. You are so on my list now.


Wooh, we’ve got a ton of new Dan Riehl screen-captures1!!!


Who else is on this list? Anyone one i know? Cause I don’t want to have to make nice and bring rice crispies squares to all the List Rallies until i make friends.

Riehl sounds and looks like Jabba the Hutt. “The illiustrious Jabba wishes to know why you feel you have the right question what Right Wing Media tells you.”
Jesus Christ! “You had no right to be there.” It was Ned Lamont’s campaign rally!


Certain types of people will always draw partisan attacks from those who would point out the most regrettable truths about unfortunate media figures in the most unhelpful way possible.


Dan Riehl looked a little bit like a cracked-out Gary Busey, I think.

Gary Busey looks like a cracked-out Gary Busey, I know.


“Brownback-Santorum 2008!”

At first read I thought it was:

‘Bareback-Santorum 2008’


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