Wingnut Welfare Queens

Hey kids, I’m trying to compile a list of the Top Ten Wingnut Welfare Queens, and could use some help.

Basically, I define wingnut welfare queens as people who:

a.) Have very little talent.
b.) Work in the right-wing media machine, think-tank circles, or the Republican Party.
c.) Are employed solely on their willingness to act as shills for the GOP or wingnuttery in general.

So far, I think the obvious choices are Jonah Goldberg, Ben Domenech, Atlas Pam (who had multiple orgasms interviews with John Frackin’ Bolton ferchrissakes!) and Mark Noonan*. I thought about nominating Jeff Gannon, but I don’t think he made nearly enough money during his brief time in the spotlight to be considered for the list. Anyway, please place your nominees in the comments with brief explanations of why you think they deserve recognition as wingnut welfare queens. Thanks, brotha!

*Yeah, I know he’s small-time, but the fact remains that he has a book deal. In most countries, people as insane as Noonan are begging for spare pieces of cheese outside the local porno theater. In America they get offered book deals. Something about that jus’ ain’t right.


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Iain Murray at the big-oil-shilling Competitive Enterprise Institute

Dinesh D’Souza at Hoover, the uber-right-wing cesspool at the University of Suck. This article reveals the fortune that DD made from wingnut welfare.

No list could possibly be complete without these two.


Does anyone actually pay AtlasPam to do that? I’ve always just assumed that her “work” was a labor of librium love. And that she lived on alimony and cheap, oaky chardonnay.


D’Souza is quite an amazing case. Thanks fr teh tip.


Well, if you aren’t setting a lower boundary on that “very little talent” requirement, there’s always K-Lo. According to her Wikipedia page (take that for what it’s worth), it doesn’t look like she’s ever held a real job in her life. Reality has never once gotten in the way of her writing or her “thinking”.


Atlas Pam is a member of Pajamas Media, which means she does get some of that wingnut welfare cheese. How much, I have no idea. But still, she got to interview John Bolton. That’s ridiculous.


Well, of course there is Jonah , whose career was basically made by having direct access to the Lewinsky tapes through his mommy. Gah, reading that article now gives me hives.

Karatist Preacher

D’Souza, no doubt. Who is paying this guy?

Good luck to your Pats, Altrocket.


Hey thanks, man. Most people in Amurica hate the Pats right now. And I can’t say I blame ’em.


Coulter, Limbaugh, Malkin, Hannity. I could go on and on. How on earth are you going to keep it down to only ten?


Is there a reason we’re leaving Malkin of the list?


Don’t forget Coulter and Malkin


If I’m not mistaken, none of the major conservative publications actually turn a profit. Rich wingnuts pump money into them to keep the likes of National Review and the American Spectator going in spite of the vaunted market forces telling them that no one has need for the brayings of Bill Kristol or Romesh Pomuru. The same is basically true of wingnut books. The books get bought in bulk by “book clubs” finances by aforementioned rich wingnuts.
So basically anyone still following dear leader off a cliff qualifies as a wingnut welfare queen.


He probably doesn’t qualify monetarily, but someone must say Swank.


Some guys just play for the love of the game.


“Have very little talent.
Are employed solely on their willingness to act as shills for the GOP or wingnuttery in general.”

By your criteria, D’Souza must be at the very top of the list. He would starve to death but for his sinecure.

Coulter and Malkin, on the other hand, could at least turn tricks or do gonzo porn.


If you’re not confining it to spokespeople and “writers,”George W. Bush comes to mind. As does most of his administration.

And everyone at Fox News.


What about that spaghetti-pusher guy? Pound for pound that was some of the most inane wingnuttery evah.


Why create a new list when one already exists?


Surely Hugh Hewitt must be on this list. See his Chapman University Law School page for details:

Professor Hewitt is the host of a nationally syndicated radio show heard in more than 70 markets nationwide. … Professor Hewitt is also the author of a companion work by the same name published by Word. Professor Hewitt is the author of five other books: Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World, (2005, Thomas Nelson), If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat (2004, Thomas Nelson), In, But Not Of (2003, Thomas Nelson), The Embarrassed Believer (1998, Word) and First Principles (1987, Regnery Gateway). Professor Hewitt is also a bi-weekly columnist for The Daily Standard, the online edition of the Weekly Standard. Professor Hewitt served for nearly six years in the Reagan Administration in a variety of posts including Assistant Counsel in the White House and Special Assistant to the Attorney General of the United States. … and was a member of the California Arts Council. [WTF?] Professor Hewitt appears frequently as a political and social commentator on shows including: The O’Reilly Factor, Chris Matthews, The Dennis Miller Show, The Today Show and Larry King Live….

Anyone who can shill for Harriet Fucking Miers and appear on The Dennis Miller show must be elligible for lifetime wingnut welfare — at full pay.


I would argue that Coulter is a wingnut whore. She’s not talentless, insofar as she’s very skilled at playing GOP Controversy Truffle Pig. But she’s there, really, for her looks.

I know, I know, none of us would get anywhere near her. But consider the descriptions of her: “Blonde, leggy pundit” is a favorite. “Young” and “Up and coming”. “Thin” comes up a lot. As does, for some reason, “stylish”. Wears the Little Black Dress to dinner theater and prayer breakfast alike, and it’s practically a part of her personality now, thanks to certain talk show anecdotes. “Brassy” comes up, in reference to her personality more than her hairstyle, and they spend a lot of time going on about how funny and witty she is.

If someone described Coulter to you in very general terms, it’d be easy to picture someone actually attractive. It’s only when you really get a look at her, and I mean looks and personality, that she becomes so repulsive.

If you don’t personally see her as a vicious, hateful, bullying hypocrite (after all, republicans still seem to think Dubya is “charming”), and your view of “attractive” is limited to a subset of the population that includes Lucienne Goldberg and Phyllis Schlafly, she’s practically a knockout. Likewise, if your range of “funny” goes from Dennis Miller to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann Coulter is frickin’ *hilarious*, and if your range of good writing goes all the way from The Virgin Ben to David Brooks, she’s probably a brilliant author. Next to Bill “Shut up! Shut up!” O’Reilly, she’s a fantastic debater, and next to Dubya, she’s Stephen Hawking.

It could, then, be argued she got where she is on her merits, benefiting merely from an incredibly low bar. She’s really just a Wingnut Affirmative Action hire, a quota queen at best. Wingnut welfare queen? Jonah Goldberg tops the list. But Ann Coulter doesn’t make it, and I’m not sure Michelle Malkin does, either.


Malkin, who, I assume, doesn’t get a subsidy from the Ping Pong Ball industry. And she makes Annthrax COulter look talented by comparison.


You have a daunting and actually pointless task, because, in this country, chances are every conservative right-winger is a welfare recipient of some sort, talentless or not. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single conservative entity that isn’t funded predominantly by grants from right-wing foundations. Think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, the Hoover Institute, groups like the Federalist Society, Young America’s Foundation, Media Research Center, media like the National Review, the American Spectator, schools like Patrick Henry, etc., it’s all one enormous wingnut welfare scheme. Even D’Souza’s infamous “student newspaper,” Dartmouth Review, was founded and supported with right-wing foundation money. Without these relatively few foundations as funders, I doubt there would even be a “conservative movement.”

At some atmospheric point, extreme wealth stops being money and becomes simply power. These foundations allow wealthy families to hide enormous fortunes from probate and the IRS and wield their enormous power almost in perpetuity, with endowments so large that interest and dividends alone are worth hundreds of millions annually. What’s depressing is how much influence so few of these families have. It’s pretty much a given every $25,000 and $50,000 speaking fee garnered by wingnuts like Coulter or Bennett, or every dollar that c-stringers like a Ward Connorly or David Horowitz ($350,000 from the Bradley foundation alone in 1998) have to their names, comes from one or more of the major wingnut foundations.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all serious but this is a huge problem that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.


Bill Bennett, for conspicuous consumption.


What keeps Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter off this list? All three of them have made entire careers off of generating hate speech and tapping into the disconent of blue-collar, angry white guys who feel shafted by the system. These three have made their livelihoods off of deflecting the blame for the economic plight of the middle class off of failed republican policy, and instead, created angry mobs of people who demonize gays, feminists, racial minorities and intellectuals.


Limbaugh and Hannity made their fortunes in the world of entertainment, not from handouts.


Yeah, Limblow and, to a lesser extent, Hannity blazed their own trail.

Malkin is a definite possibility, though. She got her big brak at the Moonie Times, didn’t she? Anyone who starts out there is a bonafide wingnut welfare case.


Tucker Carlson.
Jonah Goldberg
Cokie Roberts
Mark Halperin

Karatist Preacher

Carlson, Goldberg and Roberts all got over by their parents – Halperin, I don’t know about.


What personally pisses me off isn’t that there’s a Wingnut patronage system, its that there’s no corresponding system for Liberals and Leftists.

D’Souzamaphone (just to pick a current example making the rounds) gets a book deal backed by enough media and bulk purchases to keep him on the farm, but Jane Hamsher (someone who has arguably much more practical influence) has to pass the plate among the faithful when she gets sick just to keep her machine going. It ain’t right, McGee.

Connecting this to the DFH conversation from earlier in the week, if I could make one vestigial trope from the Old New Left go away, it would be the notion that money in itself is dirty and that advocates should be inspired only by an abundance of virtue. The requirement that lefty advocates should have to go it alone while adopting the poor-but-noble-academic pose is false piety and its killing us.


Did somebody say Dinesh? (Note the comments…the Dangeral Professor was impressed by teh General’s success in getting under D’Souza’s skin.)


Dan Riehl and Mark Steyn? I honestly don’t know enough about them to say they qualify as welfare queens, but their material is certainly brain-dead, at best.

And I’ll go out on a limb and preemptively nominate Rick Santorum. You just know there’s going to be some heady, smelly stuff coming down the pike from that nozzle.


Oh, and don’t forget that Tom DeLay has a blog now. (snicker!)

Karatist Preacher

Jeez, Mark Halperin’s father is Mort – my bad.

Make that four for four Phredd.


Ramesh Ponnuru, the D’Souza Kids Edition.


What about Marie Jon – is she subsidized?


i can’t see anyone in this thread that tops Jonah and D’Souza.

Maybe the Virgin Ben? He’s not only making a living off the welfare teat, he’s going to HARVARD on it, plus he’s got the lifetime earnings award pretty much sewn up because he’s so young.


How can I get in on this racket? I’d spend one year being an insane wingnut and get outta debt. But the idea smacks of my stoner youth dreams of finding a huge bag of pot. “Dude, we’ll sell half & smoke the rest. It’s totally foolproof!” In the end, my ethics would keep me from performing such an act though…


Joe Lieberman?

…but seriously, folks…

Rick Santorum?


Mary Katharine Ham, I rest my case


Pam. Pam. Pam. Pam. Pam.

It’s all the more satisfying that although she clearly has no job, she’d shit a fire engine if she knew someone suggested that she was a welfare case.


You know, R.Porrofatto may be right. How about a top 100?

Did anyone mention Peggy Noonan?

I keep thinking of Brock’s “Blinded by the Right” when he revealed how easy it is for conservatives to get a book published, devoid of facts or even substantiated subject matter in general.

Where are the left’s millions for frivilous propoganda?


Noonan!….Nooooonan!…..ahhhh NOONAN!

Peggy, that is…

Smiling Mortician

kingubu, thanks (!!) for the link to the Regnery list. Nauseating and predictable, except . . . am I the only one who didn’t know that Charlie Daniels is in their stable?


The Washington Times.

VV00t there it is

“‘Young’ and ‘Up and coming.’ ‘Thin’ comes up a lot.”

I worry that Coulter remains “thin” by having “up and coming” meals.


Glenn Beck

Fred Barnes


ever since monday night football, dennis miller.



Oh, how quickly we all have forgotten John Podhoretz. Son of Norm and Midge. Contributor to both the National Review and the Weekly Standard, employed by the Washington Times. Consulting editor at ReganBooks, contributor to The Corner…

Also, don’t forget the joy of “podenfreude”.


Isn’t there one pundit, this black woman, who actually was on welfare and now argues against it? Her name slips my mind at the moment.

Principal Blackman

Do you mean LaShawn Barber, HW?


I remember now, thanks to Wikipedia. It’s Star Parker (not to be confused with Star Jones).


The little ‘culture of death’ grunion. What’s-his-name.


Daniel Pipes. We don’t hear so much of him these days, but think about it – his career is entirely down to the fact his dad (Richard Pipes of “B Team” fame) was a wingnut of the first water, and he reached the supreme wingnut goal – his bullshit started a war.

Michael Ledeen should be in there too, but he’s worked for his wingnuttiness.


Ahhhh- Dennis Miller is such a special welfare case. Since he had a viable career at one point, then it tanked; in somewhat obvious desperation, he turned to wingnut shill to keep afloat.

And Dolphin Lady Pegg-ster Noonan deserves a special lifetime award for Rightwing Preznit knob polishing.

Has no one mentioned Tucker “I’ll Fucking Destroy You” Carlson the Orange? Destroyed by Jon Stewart, his current slot is such an obvious sinecure.


Malkin is a definite possibility, though. She got her big break at the Moonie Times, didn’t she?

I think I read at Orcinus that she spent some time writing for some fishwrap out on the left coast, but she was never an actual reporter, she started right in punditing, I think Dave said. She may have gone to the Moonie Times from there. But she did, at one point, have gainful employment; so unless Jesse got her the job, she didn’t start out as a WW Queen, although she certainly is one now.


I’ll second No Man’s nomination of Hairy Podhoretz.

P.S. Looking up podenfreude led to this old article, which documents the wingnut welfare Hairy has received over the years.


Let’s not forget the pro-torture (because it happens) set – Krautjammer and Jerkowitz.


Hold onto your hats, friends. The Might Wingnut Conspiracy Machine is winding up for another Adventure in Kerning!:

They’re freeze-framing Hillary Clintons announcement video and examining the background through the window to determine whether there’s some deviltry going on!

Between this, and pretending to talk into a cellphone and having a fellow Senator fake illness, there are no depths to which she will not stoop!


And now Ezra informs us that Sully is moving from Time to The Atlantic.
How could a list of Queens not include Sully?


Grover Norquist is more of a lobbyist for wingnut welfare. The guy who keeps the perks coming. Or, if you wanna go that way with it, a pimp.


That dried up hag Kate O’Beirne. Jonah is the undisputed champ, though.


Tucker “Clementine” Carlson.

he also doesn’t know how to dance, how to bully people, or how find a good self tanning product.


Brad, Michelle got her start at the Seattle Times. Also fairly conservative, but as far as I know not Moonie-related.

Really, maybe you should consider Jesse as even more of a welfare queen than Michelle.


Don’t forget Brent Bozell. Bernie Goldberg and Michael Medved would be completely at a loss for words without the crapola they borrow from Bozo Bozell.

Another nomination for the list that no one has mentioned yet, Bill Sammon. He’s one of Moon’s people and he pumps out idiotic books at Regnery while playing a “reporter” on Fox and in the Moonie Times.

You could do a list of just the neocon wingnut wefare queens (hmm, yes, queens is definitely the word) who brought us the Iraqmire: Ledeen, Kristol [who just got a new welfare check from Time for being so right about Iraq!], Cliff May, “cakewalk” Adleman, etc., etc. I don’t think any of them have ever done an honest day’s work.

Or how about a list of the top 10 fake liberal wingnut/corporate welfare queens? Top of that list has to be Tom Friedman — can you believe that they actually make college kids buy his moronic globaloney books for class?! My honorable mention for that list, Jeff Greenfield. Back in Fall 2000 when Jeffy Boy had a shortlived, cure-for-insomia show of his own on CNN, he did a whole show on the question, “Is competence [in a president] overrated?” Yeah, he wasn’t pulling for Dubya, no way, he’s a “liberal.” And it’s only because he’s such a huge ratings draw that he still has a job now at CNN, of course. Sure, the viewers just demand to hear his mis-informed and consistently wrong political prognostications.


Cliff beat me to Iain Murray who has Exxon’s hand stuffed up his ass, pulling the strings. So I will go with Michael Fumento, Monsanto’s cabin boy.


Who in the hell calls Ann Coulter “young and up-and-coming”? She’s like 46 or so, right? I’m not saying she’s ancient, ’cause I’ll be 32 before too long and 40-something don’t look near as old as it once did, but come on. Someone actually calls her that? Huh.

Does anyone pay Kaye Grogan? Cause if so, I’m pissed off. I’ve washed my hands of the journalism bidness forevermore, but before I quit, I kicked around the idea of trying my hand at professional punditry. I never could mesh the in-your-face attitude required for punditry with my easy-going nature, but the idea that someone who does the horrible things she does to the English language gets money for it just does not sit well with me.


How could you forget Debbie Schussel?!


I would argue that Coulter is a wingnut whore. She’s not talentless, insofar as she’s very skilled at playing GOP Controversy Truffle Pig. But she’s there, really, for her looks.

and that ain’t saying much. Being blonde can only take you so far when you have horsey features and zombie eyes.


Michael Ledeen comes to mind.


Plenty of neocons: Kristol, Perle, Wolfowitz for starters.
Some of the lamer columnists like Victor Davis Hanson, Brooks, Cal Thomas…


The thing about coulter’s and the malkin thing’s looks is not that, as standalone foxes they’re stone hot, but it is true their relatively attractive female looks juxtaposed against their vile hatred and eliminationist rhetoric certainly does rachet up the shock value. Some jowly white dude says it, ho hum, but when a babe says it, it’s much more of a punch in the gutz….



Honestly, it looks like the opposite question is the better and easier one to ask.
Who among the wingnuts has a public voice strictly on merit, if any of them?
Much as it pains me, Rush is no welfare queen. Sure, he probably auditioned for a role he didn’t create, but the asshole is good at the horrible things he does.


The beneficiaries of Richard Mellon Scaife’s largess, which includes (at the least) the Heritage Foundation and NewsMax, not to mention the infamous Arkansas Project; even though its time has come and gone, it gave a lot of careers one hell of a boost over very little of substance.


Michael Ledeen should be in there too, but he’s worked for his wingnuttiness.

How ’bout his daughter, Simone? She got her job “leading” the other Reichtard WW larvae at PRC in the Emerald City due solely to nepotism — as she proudly bragged at the time. And depending on how much of the “missing” NINE BILLION DOLLARS of our tax money stuck to her fingers on its way down the memory hole, she may well be the single best-compensated Wingnut Welfare Queen evah!


Um…I’d have to say “Fox News” as the top wingnut welfare queen.

George W. Bush is the top “oil corporatocracy and nepotism” welfare queen, but I don’t know that it’s fair to call him “wingnut welfare”. He was on welfare long before wingnuts had any money to give.


Ben Domenech–as far as I know he’s never had a real job.

And what about Scooter Libby? I have no idea if he has any intelligence, skills, or experience, but he sure is benefiting from the wingnut welfare system, what with the think tank gig and the defense fund. Somebody is determined to keep him very, very happy and very, very quiet.


Chalabi. Anyone mention that rat bastard yet?


If you’re going to mention Michael Ledeen, mention also his fellow CIA-funded friends, Claire Sterling and Arnaud deBorchgrave, for theiir work demonizing all non-aligned Third Worlders as “Soviet clients” back in Reagantime.

Also, you’d have a hard time convincing me John Stossel got his job due to his journalistic chops–hell, Bill O’Reilly is a better journalist than Stossel.

Whatever Olin/Scaife money Limbaugh may have taken, he really does have talent–he actually can be funny, and is a deft showman–on the radio; he’s hopeless on TV. Michael Savage, while insane, also has a real gift for radio theatre. Ken Hamblin, not so much; I think he got where he is by being a two-headed calf, a la Alan Keyes, who is brilliant but knows who his employers are. Melanie Morgan is a mere buffoon, a Mancow for the politically inclined.

I think you need two lists: one for wingnut welfare queens, first generation, like Lucianne Goldberg, and one for second-generation nepots like her boy Jonah. The second list will necessarily be shorter than the first, but not by much.


Mikey forfeits one cool point for referring to Coulter as “relatively attractive”. The fact is she has about as much sex appeal as a Vogon.
Don’t worry, man. Drop in the bucket.

Speaking of, if y’all done see her thingy on C&L, I would just like to state for the record that she is SERIOUSLY underselling our Democratic racism. The walking and talking thing is old hat: went out with Zippy the Pinhead. Me? I’m simply amazed that there’s one out there who can understand written forms of communication and use rudimentary hand tools. It’s like, who taught them THAT?!


Can’t forget Michael Ledeen’s daughter, though I have forgotten her first name. In fact, most of the Green Zone personnel ….


How about Ann Coulter or Paris Hilton?


Mikey forfeits one cool point for referring to Coulter as “relatively attractive�. The fact is she has about as much sex appeal as a Vogon

Now c’mon. I was refering to how she seems to be percieved, not how I perceive her. Me, I like lots of piercings and a couple more bright colors in her hair. I’m not chasing the cool point as much as I’m just trying to make sure nobody thinks I think AC’s hot. Or you know.

Hey. See that pony?



OT, but something to twit the “Liberalism Left *Me*” brigade about. Former Congersscritter George Smathers is dead, age 93:

When Mr. Smathers ran for the Senate in 1950, the race turned out to be among the most contentious in Florida’s history. Mr. Smathers badgered incumbent Sen. Claude Pepper (D) on his support of civil rights and accused Pepper of being a communist sympathizer. Both sides issued scurrilous statements, but the most famous remarks may never have been uttered.

“Do you know that Claude Pepper is known all over Washington as a shameless extrovert?” Mr. Smathers was quoted as saying. “Not only that, but this man is reliably reported to practice nepotism with his sister-in-law and he has a sister who was once a thespian in wicked New York. Worst of all, it is an established fact that Mr. Pepper, before his marriage, habitually practiced celibacy.”

The comments appeared in Time magazine and were forever etched into public memory, but Mr. Smathers denied ever having made them. Pepper’s backers called Mr. Smathers a fearmonger and a bigot, but Mr. Smathers prevailed.

(As they say, the good die young.)

It could be argued that “Gorgeous George” Smathers was the original Southern-Democrat-in-Name-Only…


Here’s your one-stop source for wingmut welfare recipients

Elliott Abrams…A book he wrote was underwritten by the Bradley foundation via the Hudson Institute.
Abrams was formerly (2000) the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.
Abrams is/was on the advisory board of the Media Research Center, an organization that opposes any traces of liberalism on TV or in films. Chairman L. Brent Bozell III publishes the newsletter TV, ETC., with an advisory board that includes Abrams, Mona Charen, Pete DuPont, and Rush Limbaugh.

Anne Applebaum is a foreign affairs columnist for The Daily Telegraph of London. She has written for the American Spectator, National Review, Weekly Standard and other conservative organs. In 2000 she received a grant from the Olin foundation to write a book, officially indoctrinating her into the sponsored conservative movement.

Fred Barnes is the executive editor of the Murdoch-subsidized Weekly Standard. He also sits on the Board of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

William J. Bennett … is a “Distinguished Fellow” at the Heritage Foundation,
William J. Bennett …was one of the creators of Empower America, an organization whose main function seems to be to give its co-directors, which include Vin Weber, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Jack Kemp, access to the nation’s news media, talk shows and highest levels of government.

Elaine Chao …From August of 1996 until she joined the Department of Labor, Chao had been a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Linda Chavez …President of the Center for Equal Opportunity, which is funded by the Equal Opportunity Foundation. Abigail Thernstrom and Ron Unz (author of the anti-bilingual Proposition 227 in California) are on the board of the Center …Chavez was a research fellow at the Manhattan Institute during 1993 and 1994, which was funded by the Olin Foundation.

Ward Connerly…founded an organization called the American Civil Rights Institute, funded in large part by the ultra-conservative Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee…recently written a book, called “Creating Equal: My Fight Against Race Preferences,â€? which is both an autobiography and an argument for the elimination of affirmative action. The book is published by San Francisco-based Encounter Books, a new conservative publisher also funded by the Bradley Foundation.

Frank Gaffney…While CSP boasts an impressive advisory list of hawkish luminaries, its star is Frank Gaffney, its founder, president and CEO…Not only are makers of the Osprey (Boeing) well represented on the CSP’s board of advisers but so too is Lockheed Martin (by vice president for space and strategic missiles Charles Kupperman and director of defense systems Douglas Graham). Former TRW executive Amoretta Hoeber is also a CSP adviser, as is former Congressman and Raytheon lobbyist Robert Livingston. Ball Aerospace & Technologies–a major manufacturer of NASA and Pentagon satellites–is represented by former Navy Secretary John Lehman, while missile-defense computer systems maker Hewlett-Packard is represented by George Keyworth, who is on its board of directors. And the Congressional Missile Defense Caucus and Osprey (or “tilt rotor”) caucus are represented by Representative Curt Weldon and Senator Jon Kyl.

David Horowitz…He is the president and founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (formerly Center for the Study of Popular Culture – CSPC), which is a well-funded ($350,000 + from the Bradley foundation alone in 1998)…50 percent of the CSPC’s budget in 1992 came from three foundations: Olin, Bradley and Sarah Scaife (joint contributions totaling $482,500). COMINT itself was begun with $125,000 in start-up funds from the Sarah Scaife Foundation in 1988.

Cliff Kincaid…He has received significant support for his work from foundations controlled by right-wing financier Richard Mellon Scaife, who has funded AIM as as well as Kincaid’s own organization, America’s Survival.

Mara Liasson … sits on the board of the Freedom House, a Scaife, Bradley and Smith Richardson foundation funded outfit.

Gale Norton worked for four years for the James Watt-created Mountain States Legal Foundation, another tax-exempt entity subsidized by the conservative philanthropies.

Christina Hoff Sommers has written two major books, both subsidized by the conservative movement.

Thomas Sowell is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution…the Bradley Foundation has also begun awarding “Bradley Prizes” of $250,000 to individuals who advance ideas congruent with the Foundation’s conservative Christian and free market principles. Recipients so far include Thomas Sowell , an economist, journalist and author affiliated with the conservative Hoover Institution, and Washington Post and Weekly Standard neoconservative Charles Krauthammer [and recently George Will].

Shelby Steele now serves as a resident scholar at the Hoover Institution.

John Stossel…$50,000 Grant from Olin foundation to subsidize the selling of Stossel’s “reports” to schools…In an ethically questionable arrangement with ABC News, the Palmer R.Chitester Fund, a right wing foundation, has taken the network’s specials that are anchored by conservative reporter John Stossel and turned them into classroom study guides.

Ben Wattenberg makes the PBS television show called Think Tank that issues many players of the new right wing movement, which is probably why the Bradley, Olin, and Smith Richardson foundations lavishly fund it…See grants to the American Enterprise Institute, where Wattenberg is a Senior Fellow.

Those are my personal favorites. I skipped over a bunch of others.


Jesus General, Brad R, and all of us here at Sadly, No are moswst deserving of the welfare queen title. Republicans try to steal EVERYTHING from us.

Ok, so maybe we’re just pissed that we don’t have book deals or get on tv. But hey, I mean it’s not like we have any talent, or do anything other than be shrill. But since we are liberal wingnuts, it goes without saying that we are on welfare, at least until we finish school, if we ever finish school. I hope we never finish school, cuz then we’ll have to get jobs, and jobs are like below us and stuff.

You know what I mean. MORE DAYCARE!!!!!


NRO’s Sally Satel, whose palpable and very public hatred of humanity is summed up neatly in the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research publication: Drug Treatment, The Case for Coercion. Presumably the lead advisor for the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health and referred to in print as “the White House psychiatrist”, which makes perfect sense.


The thing about Simone Ledeen and pals is that…well…look at that woman from the International Democratic Institute who got killed last week. Ex-Air America intern. I don’t see any of the Heritage Foundation knobbers still out there in Iraq. Nope, they got out in good time to dine out on the stories, cash the cheques and write crappy op-eds about it.

They staged a platoon-sized ambush for her – 30 men with RPGs and crew served machine guns. Presumably they didn’t realise she was just some passing do-gooder.


for consideration: bobo brooks? high profile shill that he is…


[…] on the other hand, are beautiful, non-threatening white women (mostly) who collect wingnut welfare and have made hefty money putting bitches in their place. Intellectually, feminists win hands down, […]


You just can’t stand it when an African-American has an idea that’s different than yours and decides to get off of Uncle Sam’s Plantation (a title of one of Star Parker’s books, btw).


Different is fine; Star Parker’s stupid.


Up above JR mentioned David Brock’s “Blinded by the Right”.

Any list of this sort should include Brock as a former member, cast out becaue he was gay and stopped playing ball. Details are in hs book.


[…] magnum opus was ghostwritten by Jessica Gavora, wingnut welfare recipient, who had distinguished herself prior to Scorpions by contributing a wingnutty essay about […]


[…] magnum opus was ghostwritten by Jessica Gavora, wingnut welfare recipient, who had distinguished herself prior to Scorpions by contributing a wingnutty essay about […]


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